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German Craftsmanship,

Chinese Ingenuity

TALLSEN originated from Germany and fully inherited the German precision manufacturing style. When it was introduced to China, it perfectly matched China’s advanced manufacturing principles. TALLSEN has explored the international market and won worldwide recognition and fame through our continuous pursuit of innovation, professional research and development, and strict quality control.
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Why Choose us?

Tallsen is a home hardware enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Tallsen has a 13,000㎡modern industrial area, a 200㎡marketing center, a 200㎡product testing center, a 500㎡ experience exhibition hall, a 1,000 ㎡logistics center. Tallsen is always committed to creating the industry's superior quality household hardware products.

Meanwhile, Tallsen has established a professional marketing team of more than 80 staff in the combination of ERP, CRM management system and the e-commerce platform O2O marketing model, providing purchasers and users from 87 countries and regions around the world with a full range of home hardware solutions.

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Skírteini okkar
Tallsen Hardware fylgir alþjóðlegri háþróaðri framleiðslutækni, viðurkennd af ISO9001 gæðastjórnunarkerfi, svissneskum SGS gæðaprófum og CE vottun.
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Attracting Investment Globally

For excellent agents who achieve turnover standards and above, the headquarters will give a stepwise rebate bonus.
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