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TALLSEN is a reputable supplier and manufacturer of furniture hardware accessories, offering high-quality and cost-effective products. With trusted products and advanced production facilities, TALLSEN aims to be a leading global provider of furniture hardware solutions through cutting-edge technology and a superior supply chain.
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About Tallen Hardware Accessory
TALLSEN is a professional supplier and manufacturer of furniture accessories hardware products, renowned for providing high-quality services and cost-effective products. Our extensive range of hardware accessories, including push openers, tatami lifts, furniture legs, and more, cater to the diverse needs of the furniture manufacturing industry. Our hardware products are trusted by many famous furniture manufacturers, furniture design studios, building material suppliers, and other customers, both domestically and overseas. We take pride in our several automated production workshops and product testing laboratories, which ensure that our hardware is manufactured to German standards and in strict compliance with the European standard EN1935.

Since our inception, TALLSEN has aimed to become a global professional supplier of furniture hardware products, providing ideal hardware solutions to customers worldwide. In the future, we plan to leverage international advanced technology and our first-class supply chain to establish a world-class furniture hardware platform.
All what you need to know about us
For each of our customers, we deliver 100% individual services and products. We pour all our experience and creativity into the process.
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Latest News
Here are the latest news about our company and industry. Read these posts to get more information about the Metal Drawer System products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
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