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TALLSEN is a leading hinge supplier and hinge manufacturer that offers high-quality service and cost-effective products. Hidden Door Hinges are a popular category of hardware products with a wide range of application prospects in furniture manufacturing. Since the launch of TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges, they have received high praise from customers both domestically and overseas, and have been rated as the most professional Hidden Door Hinges manufacturer. TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges, designed by senior designers, are superior in quality, functionality, and are preferred by furniture design and manufacturing companies.

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About Tallsen Hidden Door Hinges Supplier
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Tallsen Hidden Door Hinges Manufacturer
Tallsen, as a door Hinge Supplier and hinges manufacturer, has several advantages. First and foremost, the company has a proven track record of producing high-quality products. Secondly, their products are competitively priced, making them an affordable option for businesses and individuals alike.
Door hinges manufacturers may use a variety of manufacturing processes to produce their hinges, including stamping, casting, forging, and machining. They may also use different materials such as steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel to create hinges with different strengths, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic properties.
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Hidden Door Hinges Manufacturer
with High-Quality Products and Services

TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, ensuring stability and durability. With a wide range of categories and functions, TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges include not only traditional one-way and two-way hinges with built-in dampers for gentle and quiet cabinet door closing, but also various types of hinges with different angles, such as 165 degree, 135 degree, 90 degree, 45 degree, and other products, meeting the needs of customers both domestically and abroad, and providing perfect hinge solutions.

TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges Supplier has several automated hinge production workshops to automate the assembly and production of hinges. "Product quality is enterprise quality" is TALLSEN's corporate philosophy, and the company strictly follows German manufacturing standards and the European standard EN1935 inspection. TALLSEN hinge products undergo strict testing processes, such as load testing and salt spray testing, and are inspected and qualified before delivery to customers.

TALLSEN is committed to becoming the most professional hinge supplier in the world, and providing perfect hinge solutions for customers both domestically and overseas. In the future, TALLSEN will collaborate with other door hinge manufacturers and cabinet hinge manufacturers to create a world-class hinge supply and production platform."

Latest News
Here are the latest news about our Hidden Door Hinges Manufacturer and Hinge Supplier. Read these posts to get more information about the Hidden Door Hinges products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
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FAQ about Hidden Door Hinges
What are hidden door hinges?
Hidden door hinges, also known as concealed door hinges or invisible door hinges, are designed to be hidden behind the door and the frame, making them virtually invisible when the door is closed.
What are the benefits of hidden door hinges?
The main benefit of hidden door hinges is that they create a seamless appearance for your door, with no visible hinges or screws. They also offer improved security, as the hinge pins are completely hidden, making it harder for intruders to remove the door.
How do hidden door hinges work?
Hidden door hinges are installed inside the door and the frame, with one part attached to the door and the other to the frame. The two parts interlock when the door is closed, allowing it to pivot smoothly.
Can hidden door hinges be installed on any type of door?
Hidden door hinges can be installed on most types of doors, including wood, metal, and glass doors. However, the door and frame may need to be modified to accommodate the hinges.
Are hidden door hinges difficult to install?
Installing hidden door hinges can be a bit more complicated than installing standard hinges, especially if you are not familiar with carpentry or DIY tasks. If you are not confident in your abilities, it may be best to hire a professional.
Can hidden door hinges support heavy doors?
Yes, hidden door hinges can support heavy doors, as long as they are properly installed and rated for the weight of the door.
Are hidden door hinges more expensive than standard hinges?
Hidden door hinges are typically more expensive than standard hinges, but the added aesthetic and security benefits may make it worth the investment.
Can hidden door hinges be used on exterior doors?
Yes, hidden door hinges can be used on exterior doors, provided they are made of sturdy materials and rated for outdoor use.
Where can I buy hidden door hinges?
Hidden door hinges can be purchased at most hardware stores or online retailers specializing in door hardware. It's important to choose a reputable brand and ensure that the hinges are the correct size and weight capacity for your door.
Does every door require hidden door hinges?
No, not every door requires hidden door hinges. It's a matter of personal preference, and depending on the design of the door, visible hinges may be a desirable feature.
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