Hidden Door Hinges

TALLSEN is a renowned hinge supplier that excels in providing exceptional service and affordable products. Our Hidden Door Hinges, a popular hardware category widely utilized in furniture manufacturing, have garnered immense acclaim from customers worldwide. Being recognized as the foremost manufacturer of Hidden Door Hinges, we offer the utmost professionalism in design and manufacturing. Crafted by our experienced senior designers, our Hidden Door Hinges boast unmatched quality and functionality, making them the preferred choice for furniture design and manufacturing companies.

Model:sh3830 Opening angle:180 degree Color:Black/Silver
Model:sh3830 Opening angle:180 degree Color:Black/Silver
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About Tallsen Hidden Door Hinges Supplier

Choose Tallsen Hinge and we guarantee to take all necessary steps to ensure a successful and fulfilling business relationship. Here are 4 reasons why we have the advantage:
Our hinges can be installed with screws to save both time and effort.
TALLSEN's cabinet hinges exhibit durability with use of premium-grade cold-rolled steel.
Our built-in damping technology ensures quiet and gentle door closure, reducing disruption in the vicinity.
Tallsen is trusted by customers worldwide for our exceptional durability and performance.
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Tallsen Hidden Door Hinges Manufacturer

Tallsen, as a door Hinge Supplier and hinges manufacturer, has several advantages. First and foremost, the company has a proven track record of producing high-quality products. Secondly, their products are competitively priced, making them an affordable option for businesses and individuals alike.
Door hinges manufacturers may use a variety of manufacturing processes to produce their hinges, including stamping, casting, forging, and machining. They may also use different materials such as steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel to create hinges with different strengths, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic properties.
Our extensive industry experience affords us a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and industry-specific requirements, positioning us ahead of most manufacturers.
We have accumulated extensive knowledge about the quality standards as well as market needs of these countries.
Our workforce comprises of a highly qualified and skilled team of R&D experts, designers, and QC professionals, thereby bolstering our core competencies.
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Hidden Door Hinges Manufacturer

with High-Quality Products and Services

TALLSEN Hidden Door Hinges are crafted from premium cold-rolled steel plates for exceptional durability and stability. Our range of hinges includes traditional one-way and two-way hinges with integrated shock absorbers for smooth and quiet cabinet door closing, along with a multitude of hinges with varying angles, such as 165, 135, 90 and 45 degrees, which can cater to customers worldwide and provide optimal hinge solutions for all.

TALLSEN has multiple automated production workshops to streamline the assembly and production processes. The company prioritizes product quality and adheres to German manufacturing standards and European standard EN1935 inspection. And we conduct rigorous testing, including load testing and salt spray testing, to ensure the hinges meet the required standards before delivering them to customers.

TALLSEN is dedicated to becoming the leading hinge supplier worldwide, delivering optimal hinge solutions to customers globally. Our goal is to develop a world-class hinge supply and production platform by partnering with other top-rated door hinge and cabinet hinge manufacturers.

FAQ about Hidden Door Hinges

What are hidden door hinges?

Hidden door hinges, also known as concealed door hinges or invisible door hinges, are designed to be hidden behind the door and the frame, making them virtually invisible when the door is closed.

What are the benefits of hidden door hinges?
The main benefit of hidden door hinges is that they create a seamless appearance for your door, with no visible hinges or screws. They also offer improved security, as the hinge pins are completely hidden, making it harder for intruders to remove the door.
How do hidden door hinges work?
Hidden door hinges are installed inside the door and the frame, with one part attached to the door and the other to the frame. The two parts interlock when the door is closed, allowing it to pivot smoothly.
Can hidden door hinges be installed on any type of door?
Hidden door hinges can be installed on most types of doors, including wood, metal, and glass doors. However, the door and frame may need to be modified to accommodate the hinges.
Are hidden door hinges difficult to install?
Installing hidden door hinges can be a bit more complicated than installing standard hinges, especially if you are not familiar with carpentry or DIY tasks. If you are not confident in your abilities, it may be best to hire a professional.
Can hidden door hinges support heavy doors?
Yes, hidden door hinges can support heavy doors, as long as they are properly installed and rated for the weight of the door.
Are hidden door hinges more expensive than standard hinges?
Hidden door hinges are typically more expensive than standard hinges, but the added aesthetic and security benefits may make it worth the investment.
Can hidden door hinges be used on exterior doors?
Yes, hidden door hinges can be used on exterior doors, provided they are made of sturdy materials and rated for outdoor use.
Where can I buy hidden door hinges?
Hidden door hinges can be purchased at most hardware stores or online retailers specializing in door hardware. It's important to choose a reputable brand and ensure that the hinges are the correct size and weight capacity for your door.
Does every door require hidden door hinges?
No, not every door requires hidden door hinges. It's a matter of personal preference, and depending on the design of the door, visible hinges may be a desirable feature.
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