TALLSEN 90 DEGREE CLIP-ON CABINET HINGE, 90°opening and closing angle, clip-on design, easy installation and disassembly, just gently press can be removed from the base, avoid multiple disassembly damage cabinet door, easy to use.
TALLSEN 45 DEGREE CLIP-ON HINGE, quick-installation base design, and the base can be disengaged with gentle press, easy to install and disassemble, avoiding multiple disassembly and removal to damage the cabinet door, and the operation is simple and convenient.
This video shows TH3329 Clip-On Hydraulic Damping Hinge Two holes With European Base. These hinges are totally hidden when installed and originally designed in Europe for frameless cabinets. And it has been through 50000 times cycle test and 48 hours salt-spray test. This product achieves quick disassembly, simple and convenient.
TALLSEN TH1659 clip-on 3D ADJUSTABLE HINGE combines the humanized design concept of the Tallsen brand. The designer has further upgraded the 165-degree hinge. The base adds a three-dimensional adjustable function to make the cabinet door seamlessly fit the cabinet. It is one of the most popular among the Tallsen large-angle hinges.
TALLSEN TH1649 HINGE is the upgraded 165 degree hinge, combined with Tallsen's people-oriented design concept, the arm body is equipped with a detachable base, So we can disassemble it in one second. Combined with the built-in buffer, gently self close the cabinet door, creating a quiet environment for our home life.
This video shows Tallen TH1619 165 Degree Cabinet Hinge. There are 2pc Soft close, full overlay, clip-on 165 degree multi pivot concealed hinges for perfect use with face frame corner cabinets, closets and pantry cabinets.
The new Tallsen product - reverse small-angle soft-closing hinge.Tallsen hinges offer quality, convenience, and comfort for your home.
TALLSEN TH3309 CLIP-ON 3-DIMENSIONAL FURNITURE HINGE is sublimated on the basis of TH3329 buffer hinge, increase the three-dimensional adjustable function, more convenient for us to adjust the six directions of the door panel, so that the door panel perfectly fit with the cabinet body.
This switch door hinge, with its outstanding performance and exquisite craftsmanship, has become a beautiful landscape in home life. Made of high-quality materials, it ensures excellent durability and stability, maintaining smooth operation even under frequent use.
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