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Good reasons for working with us

Different areas of habitation have different requirements for the form and function of the furniture. And our furniture accessories product collection offers the perfect solution for every housing and working environment.


Kitchen storage solutions

As a professional household hardware manufacturer, Tallsen strikes to provide consumers with high-quality and high-grade kitchen functional hardware products through the innovation of technology and design. And a series of new products is introduced to meet the increasingly youthful market demands, such as kitchen storage accessories, kitchen sinks, faucets, etc. Tallsen will always work to meet the increasingly upgraded product needs of customers, so as to bring healthy and happy kitchen life to consumers.


Cloakroom storage solutions

Tallsen cloakroom storage solutions offer a variety of storage solutions for closets, clothes, shoes, and more for you. And the product line covers the star brown series and galaxy grey series, which feature items such as closet organization systems, trouser racks, clothes racks, shoe racks, and clothing hooks. What's more, our cloakroom storage systems can help young people keep their clothing and accessories organized, which can make it easier to find what they need to reduce clutter and stress.


Livingroom hardware solutions

Tallsen's Livingroom hardware provides exceptional value as it offers a complete range of basic hardware solutions for metal drawer systems, such as drawer slides, door hinges, gas spring handles, and more. And our products are designed with convenience in high quality and affordability,  making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces. So in Tallsen, customers can trust that they are getting top-quality hardware at a competitive price.

Tallsen's technology support

Proven manufacturing & service technology is used for proactive improvement.

Superior product and service design.

To improve technology through the extent of cooperation.

For any questions, you can contact us by mail and telephone, our super engineer in the technology department will deal with your problem within 24 hours in working days.

We are continually striving only for achieving the customers' value
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