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Sustainable Development 
TALLSEN is united in its commitment to sustainable development and we recognise that all companies and individuals have an important role to play in reducing negative environmental impacts and combating climate change.

Concern for the environment and the promotion of a broader sustainability agenda is an integral part of the company's management of the organisation and the setting of strategic development goals.


We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practices, to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to ask and help our customers and partners to do the same.

Eco-Sustainable Development Policy

At Tallsen we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly, sustainable home hardware that has a big impact on the décor, but a small impact on the environment.

But what does sustainability really mean?

In short, a product is considered sustainable if it does not deplete natural, non-renewable resources, does not directly harm the environment and is made in a socially responsible manner.

As a company, we recognise the importance of sustainability and are therefore firmly committed to expanding our use of sustainable materials because of their positive impact on the planet.

Durable Home Hardware For The Toughest Environments

We consider the economic use of resources when designing and developing products, including transport packaging, in order to consume as little raw material and packaging material as possible and to recycle as much material as possible.

In addition to the recyclable materials put into production, our products have a longer lifespan, which reduces our carbon footprint from ongoing production and frees our customers from having to constantly replace hardware and reduce resource waste.

We are also proud to be able to combine our sustainability strategy with our internal efforts and practise it in our production processes and office work, for example by recycling materials generated in the production process, which are carefully sorted and sent for recycling.

This includes aluminium scraps, sheet metal perforations and cut-outs, paper, cardboard and plastic are also recycled.

Setting sustainability standards for partnerships

With our products and services we want to continuously create value and benefits for our partners, customers and users.

At the same time, we take our responsibilities seriously and fulfil them by paying close attention to environmental and energy issues throughout the value chain and in our region.

Together with our partners, we hope to identify and take action or measures to further protect the environment and resources through face-to-face and equal communication.

Career Sustainability
In order to promote Tallsen's solid and long-term development, improving the company's performance management, as well as further increasing the motivation and responsibility of our staff and providing them with a platform for long-term and stable development are our key concerns.
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TALLSEN Commitment

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We are continually striving
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