Galaxy Grey Series

The four seasons of the year, like the Milky Way

The art of living in your wardrobe

Abandon the complicated carving, leave an unforgettable mark in the minimalist space, record the colorful life, and embrace the ordinary and extraordinary passion for life.

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Wardrobe Hardware Galaxy grey series
In this pursuit of an elegant lifestyle, our products provide you with a space that blends wardrobes and dressing rooms. Our products are built to last, with high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy frames, adhering to health and environmental protection principles for an eco-friendly space. 

Our meticulously designed Trouser Rack For Wardrobes, Multi-Function Leather Accessories Box, and Leather Storage Box bring you convenience and elegance, tailored to your style.

Wardrobes and dressing rooms showcase personal charisma and are an integral part of home living. Let us work together to create a unique and exquisite wardrobe and dressing room that radiates endless charm for your clothing and accessories.

 Our Cloakroom Storage Solutions and high-quality Wardrobe Storage Accessories provide flawless support for your furniture upgrade plans.
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High-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy frame, healthy and environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable

Our products feature a high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy frame, providing excellent quality and durability for your wardrobe and dressing room. Made from eco-friendly materials, our products are safe and toxin-free, ensuring a healthy living space. Relax in the sure knowledge that our products bring both strength and tranquility to your home.

Meticulous 45-degree cutting and connection for a perfect frame assembly

Our products are meticulously crafted with precise 45-degree cutting and connection techniques, ensuring a flawless frame assembly. Each connection point is carefully designed and manufactured, resulting in a stable and reliable structure. Not only does this attention to detail enhance product stability, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wardrobe and dressing room.

Italian minimalist design style and fashionable iron gray appearance

Our products incorporate the Italian minimalist design style with an iron gray color scheme, showcasing a blend of fashion and taste. The simple yet refined design seamlessly integrates with various home decor styles. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, our products will add a unique charm and modern touch to your wardrobe and dressing room.

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