Complete management system

TALLSEN Hardware now has a 13,000 m² modern ISO industrial area, a 200 m² professional marketing centre, a 500 m² experience exhibition hall, a 200 m² EN1935 European standard testing centre and a 1,000 m² logistics centre.

Tallsen has established a professional marketing team of more than 80 staff in the combination of ERP, CRM management system and the e-commerce platform O2O marketing model, providing purchasers and users from 87 countries and regions around the world with a full range of home hardware solutions.

Robust ERP system management

It is well known that companies want to perform well in the market, to be able to ensure that all orders are delivered on time and accurately, and to be able to maintain a good and lasting relationship with their customers, and to be able to react quickly to ensure that nothing goes wrong when problems arise. This is a result of strong corporate management skills.

In the sales process, Tallsen starts from order generation, billing and collection all the way to contract printing and uploading, and finally to the sales statistics report and customer statement profit statistics, all these are handed over to the ERP management system software to ensure that the whole sales process will not be wrong.
Production management, including production orders. Production planning. BOM management. R & D design, production processing orders, production processing. Production monitoring and a series of advanced production management issues, in addition to production, our ERP management software will also be costing. Production statistics and other more issues into the system, the maximum degree of professionalism to reflect the system.
Financial management, installation of ERP management system software, sales ledger, purchase ledger, input invoices, sales invoices, cash bank, financial statements, and account balance sheet, etc. all accounts will be clear at a glance, accounts more accurate, more clear.
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Humanized CRM system management
To enhance its core competitiveness, Tallsen uses  CRM system to coordinate our relationships with customers in sales, marketing and service, thereby enhancing the way it manages the process of providing innovative and personalised customer interaction and service to its customers.

The system records detailed customer data, including each customer's buying preferences and specific needs. Not only does it maximise the efficiency and motivation of sales staff, but it also gives customers a strong guarantee.

Powerful sales prediction and analysis capabilities allow you to predict future market demand and analyse current business anomalies based on current sales data at any time. Based on this data, managers can make the next sales decision, which helps to make more reasonable production decisions and effectively reduce operating costs.
Storage And Logistics Management

Tallsen Hardware now has a modern 13,000 square metre ISO industrial area. In order to ensure that all kinds of goods in the process of operation, storage and delivery to achieve the right time, the right quality, the right amount and no loss and deterioration, so that the in and out of the operation can be carried out smoothly, warehouse management personnel must take the goods as the centre of good goods acceptance, shipping, inventory. Preservation and other work, and in the relevant documents and information on the strict implementation of procedures.

Precise planning of warehouse locations to ensure certain stock levels and controlled delivery times.
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The warehouse is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance and is carefully zoned to ensure the safety and integrity of your products.
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For high requirements, we have a large stock of products to ensure that your order is delivered on time.
Tallsen relies on a powerful CRM system to accurately analyse product requirements and control production to maximise your order requirements and reduce product stock holding.
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We are continually striving only for achieving the customers' value
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