TallsenHardware has built a professional R&D team to continuously and independently research and develop new functional products.Tallsen haswon a number of national invention patents,utility model patents, recognition and trust from do
2021 11 01
With a 1,000-square-meter logistics center, a 400-square-meter product experience hall, and a 100-square-meter product research and development laboratory, Tallsen hardware focuses on providing high-quality hardware accessories for the
2021 02 03
Tallsen hardware product system covers various furniture accessories such as hinge, drawer slide,handle, gas spring, buffer, sofa leg, table leg and clothes hook. Among them, monthly production capacity,hinge:6000000pcs, drawer slide:2
2021 02 03
Professional R&D team, advanced production equipment, integration of quality, good appearance, and special functional to meet the needs of varies markets locally and overseas. Attentive after-sales service, exquisite product technology
2021 02 03
Goods news is coming!Customers who cooperate for the first time with an order of more than 10,000 USD will be enjoying material support: hinges demonstration boards or products display boards. Any qualified customers can get3-6 pcs exq
2021 07 14
TALLSEN Modern Furniture Hardware Production Center in ChinaClick the link to view our Panorama VR Scenehttps://www.linked-reality.com/company/15348/enPremium Quality & Price AdvantageJust Contact Stephanie Tallsen to get more detailsW
2021 07 19
Tallsen Hardware Celebrate 72nd Anniversary of Foundation of People's Republic of China!Happy China's National Day! Wish you all happy, healthy and successful!Tallsen is still online, just feel free to leave your message about hardware
2021 10 01
China celebrated a record gold medal haul as the Beijing Winter Olympics concluded Sunday, narrowly beating out the United States to rank third in the medal count.Traditionally much stronger in the Summer Games, China earned an unprece
2022 02 20
What up guys!How are you Everyone! We are going to have Chinese New Year!恭喜发财!Kung Hei Fat Choy ! May you be prosperous! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐! We will have our holiday from Jan 22 to Feb 9, 2022. However, just freely leave your
2022 01 19
TALLSEN is currently cooperating with several decorating companies.This is how customers approve of the quality of TALLSEN products
2022 06 09
Tallen Hardware wish you all中秋节快乐 Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn FestivalThis is one of important Chinese Traditional Fesitvalwhen family, relations, or friends will gather together to wear Chinese Tradional Clothes #Hanfu#汉服,savour the #moo
2021 09 20
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We are continually striving only for achieving the customers' value
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