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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Tallsen offers a range of kitchen storage accessories, such as the kitchen magic corners, versatile kitchen pantry units, tall unit baskets, pull down baskets, and multi-functional three-side, four-side, and condiment baskets. Additionally, we provide high-quality kitchen sink faucets to complete your ideal kitchen experience.


For today's modern homes, the kitchen has become one of the most important activity centers in the household. Therefore it is important to have a clean and aesthetically pleasing storage space in the kitchen. To provide an ideal kitchen and bath experience, we offer personalized product design and technological innovation to furniture enterprises, creating the best storage solutions for our customers. We never compromise on design or quality to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality kitchen storage products.

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Tallsen Kitchen Storage Accessories Solutions

As a leading Kitchen Storage Manufacturer, we provide a range of high-quality solutions for Kitchen Storage Accessories and Modular Kitchen Accessories to meet the needs of B2B furniture manufacturing clients for healthy living experiences and personalized solutions.

Our technological and design innovations continuously lead the industry development. We focus not only on product quality and service, but also on the  increasingly upgraded product requirements of our users. We are committed to providing outstanding kitchen storage accessory solutions to make what you need come true. If you need high-quality kitchen storage solutions, please contact us for the most professional service.

Why choose Tallsen's Kitchen Storage hardware?

Tallsen is a trusted German brand that provides high-quality kitchen storage hardware solutions for modern users. Combining traditional and innovative elements, our products are specially designed to offer an elegant and comfortable kitchen life experience to meet the spiritual needs of our customers.

Our kitchen storage solutions blend traditional and modern technology for a sleek, user-friendly design. And we have always stuck to provide our customers with a beautiful and practical kitchen storage hardware solution that enhances their daily lives.

Our brand advantage has enabled us to harness the latest modern technologies and cutting-edge designs to create the perfect combination of quality, beauty, and function. Our products are not just designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to meet to the needs of modern users.


Our kitchen storage hardware solutions are built to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. We are committed to delivering excellent service and support to our customers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.


The two installation modes of tallsen's pull basket are suitable for different cabinet doors

This type of pull basket can be installed regardless of the door-opening or drawer-type cabinets with convenient and uncomplicated installation.

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How to choose Kitchen Storage Accessories' size
Tips on How to Choose the Right Size for Your Kitchen Storage Accessories
When it comes to kitchen storage, size matters. Choosing the right size for your kitchen storage accessories can help maximize space in your kitchen while keeping everything organized and easy to access. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size for your kitchen storage accessories:
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Assess your storage needs - Before pruchasing kitchen storage accessories, you need to assess your storage needs. Take a look at what you have in your kitchen and determine what needs to be stored, which will help you determine how much storage space you need.

Consider the size of your kitchen - The size of your kitchen will also play a role in determining the size of your kitchen storage accessories. If you have a small kitchen, accessories that are compact and don't take up too much space may be better. While for a larger one, you can choose accessories that are larger and more spacious.

Think about the items you need to store - Different kitchen accessories are designed to store different items. For example, if you have a lot of spices, you may want to choose a spice rack that can hold multiple jars. If you have a lot of pots and pans, you may want to choose a Kitchen Magic Corner that can hold a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Don't forget about accessibility - When choosing the size of your kitchen storage accessories, you'll also need to think about accessibility. Make sure that the items you need to access frequently are easily accessible.
By taking these factors into consideration, we are sure you can choose the right size for your kitchen storage accessories and create an organized and functional kitchen space.
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