Tallsen Hardware European Standard Testing Center

It covers 200 square meters and contains more than 10 units of high-precision experimental testing instruments, including hinge salt spray tester, hinge cycling tester , slide rails overload cycling tester, digital display force gauge, universal mechanics tester and Rockwell hardness tester, etc.

The experiment center complies with the ISO international standard and the European standard EN1935 for finished products.

1st The roughness of surface treatment is less than or equal to 6.3UM;

2nd The hinge reaches 80,000 times opening and closing with the weight of 7.5kg;

3rd Iron hinges reach 9th grade in 48 hour neutral salt spray test while Stainless steel hinges reach 10th grade in 72 hour acid salt spray test;

4th Slide Rails reach 80,000 times opening and closing with the weight of 35 kg.

Each of our production links is strictly controlled and produced in accordance with German quality standards. So that 's why Tallsen quickly access to the international market and get the widespread recognition.

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