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TALLSEN agents around the world

TALLSEN has many brand agents in different countries around the world. This is one of the exclusive agents from Uzbekistan. One successful agency cooperation case after another proves that TALLSEN is a strong international hardware brand and its products are more competitive in the market.
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In June, 2023, Our CEO, marketing manager and engineer went to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to visit MOBAKS, the agent of Tallsen. We had close contact and face-to-face communication, and conducted in-depth analysis and research on the local hardware market and users' demand for hardware. MOBAKS expressed firm confidence and we will also work hard to make TALLSEN the first and most recognized brand in Uzbekistan.



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In 2023, Tallsen reached an agency cooperation with Uzbekistan MOBAKS. 

MOBAKS becomes the exclusive agent of Tallsen in Uzbekistan. 

Every TALLSEN agent is very professional, focused on the home hardware accessories industry, and loves and believes in the TALLSEN brand.

TALLSEN shares common goals and dreams with all strategic partners. For brands, market protection is particularly important, and quality standards are also one of the important factors. This is our commitment and service spirit to every brand agent.

Why choose Tallsen?

Tallsen products have high performance and stability and can provide consumers with a better experience. This makes agents more competitive when selling Tallsen products.

Tallsen has established a good cooperative relationship with MOBAKS, and they can obtain better technical support and after-sales service to better meet customer needs.

Tallsen provides to MOBAKS with Tallsen brand material support, customer support, market protection, decoration support and rebate support etc.

Introduction to MOBAKS

MOBAKS is a company in Uzbekistan, which is specialize in selling home hardware products. With many years of industry experience and good service, MOBAKS are committed to providing customers with high-quality hardware products and professional solutions. 

With cooperation with MOBAKS, Tallsen products currently account for 40% of the market in Uzbekistan, and will achieve the first goal by the end of 2024, with a market share of more than 80%, covering the entire Uzbekistan.

 Uzbekistan Agent Team

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