Clothes Hanging Rod
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TALLSEN 's LED clothes rack is a fashionable storage item in modern cloakrooms. The LED clothes hanging pole adopts an aluminum alloy base and infrared human body sensing, making it very convenient to pick up and use clothes. This product adopts three color temperatures to meet the needs of different scenarios. For those who hope for beautiful and convenient storage in the cloakroom, LED hanging poles are a worthwhile option.
Tallsen's top-mounted clothes hanger is mainly composed of a high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy frame and a fully pulled silent damping guide rail,providing a fashionable and modern appearance that is very suitable for any indoor environment. The overall hanger is tightly embedded, with a stable structure and easy installation. The top mounted damping hanger is an essential product for storing hardware in the cloakroom.
Tallsen’s lifting hanger is a fashionable item in modern home furnishings. Pulling the handle and hanger will lower it, making it very convenient to use. With a gentle push, it can automatically return to its original position, making it more practical and convenient. This product adopts a high-quality buffer device to prevent speed drop, gentle rebound, and easy pushing and pulling. For those who want to increase storage space and convenience in the cloakroom, the lifting hanger is an innovative solution.
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