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The innovative application of the minimalist design concept of "less is more" makes the home fashionable and simple, and also improves the utilization of space.

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Tallsen Starlink Series products include Magic Corner, Pantry Unit, Tall Unit Basket, Pull Down Basket, Three-Side Dish Basket, Waste Bin, etc. Costs are involved at all stages of a product’s life cycle, and Tallsen is designed to take into account the costs from delivery to eventual conversion into marketable goods. By formulating the “baseline” principle, we expect to keep the baseline, reduce the additional cost, and achieve a more accurate understanding of the supplier’s cost performance through the analysis of the additional costs. This will ensure better cost-effectiveness in the case of combined operations with other businesses.
What Factors Will Affect The Kitchen Hardware Market In The Future?
There are a number of factors that could potentially affect the kitchen hardware market in the future. Some of the main factors to consider include:

Home renovation trends: The popularity of home renovation projects can also have a significant impact on the kitchen hardware market. As more people opt to renovate their kitchens, the demand for kitchen hardware will likely increase.

Demand for home storage: The demand of the new generation of post-90s young people for home storage is increasing, as more and more people are interested in home storage, the demand for how to make the kitchen look tidier can help you make full use of space and keep the kitchen orderly and efficient may increase. These solutions include pull-out shelves, spice racks, and finishers for pots and pans.

Technology advances: As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see new kitchen hardware products that incorporate these advances, such as voice-controlled devices, smart appliances, and other types of connected devices. This will continue to drive growth in the market.

Environmental awareness: Increasing environmental awareness among consumers can lead to more demand for energy-efficient and sustainable kitchen hardware products.

Consumer preferences: Changing consumer preferences and lifestyles can also impact the demand for certain types of kitchen hardware products. For example, with more people working from home, kitchen spaces have become more important than ever and therefore more attention is being paid to the functionality of the hardware.

Government regulations and certifications: Government regulations and certifications can play a role in the kitchen hardware market, as manufacturers will need to ensure that their products meet certain standards for safety, energy efficiency, and other factors. Tallsen has an outstanding performance in this field, has a 2500m² ISO standard modern industrial area, a 200m² professional marketing center, a 500m² product experience hall, a 200m² EN1935 European standard testing center, and a 1000m² logistics center. Which fully inherits German standards, with excellent quality, complete categories, and high-cost performance.

What Installation Sizes are available for Kitchen Baskets?

Cabinet (Door Panel Width)

Basket Size

Cabinet Net Width Requirements

Special Cabinet

900 Cabinet

Width 790 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


850 Cabinet

Width 740 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


800 Cabinet

Width 690 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


750 Cabinet

Width 640 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


720 Cabinet

Width 610 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


700 Cabinet

Width 590 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


Special Cabinet

650 Cabinet

Width 540 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


600 Cabinet

Width 490 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


Special Cabinet

500 Cabinet

Width 390 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


The inner diameter and depth of the cabinet must be greater than 470mm, and the height of the inner diameter of the cabinet must be greater than 550mm

No matter how good a product is, it needs maintenance!
Why does the pull basket rust?
During the decoration of a new house, there will be a lot of moist dust and rust water in the kitchen cabinets. When these impurities stick to the surface of the basket and are not cleaned in time, rust spots will appear. Long-term contact with iron substances (such as iron spoons) is easy to cause rust. Alkaline water and lime splashing on the wall cabinets for decoration and painting are likely to cause local corrosion.
What to do if the basket is rusted?
Because of improper decoration of the house and cabinets, the spot rust stains on the pull basket:
A. Scrub with toothpaste
B. Rinse with cold water and dry with cotton cloth

Blocky rust spots caused by not washing in time after sticking acid and alkali substances, or not washing cleanly:
A. Rinse with water immediately
B. Immerse with ammonia solution or neutral carbon soda solution, stainless steel treatment agent, etc.
C, wash with neutral detergent or warm water. Mineral deposits, water spots, use a low concentration vinegar solution or cleaning powder and then rinse with water.
How to maintain the pull basket?
When using the pull basket for the first time after the decoration of the new house, use a rag to wipe off the dust and grease on the surface of the pull basket, and try not to let the food with salt drop and stay on the pull basket for a long time.

Try to avoid long-term contact with strong bleaching powder and household chemicals to clean the basket. Avoid using steel wool or rough brushes to avoid scratching the surface of the basket
Simplified installation

We have pre installed the cumbersome extraction guide rail, so our customers only need to fix the basket on the guide rail and find a compatible place in the cabinet, food cabinet or bathroom.

Smooth and flexible rails

Upgrade the entire shelf with heavy-duty steel construction, matching industrial-grade ball sliding system, so our pull-out organizer can be pulled out smoothly and easily, and can even load heavy kitchen equipment.

get rid of mess

The pull out shelf design is suitable for many places in your home, in addition to the kitchen under the cabinet, it is also very suitable for the pantry, bathroom, not only for organizing pots and pans, but also for baking utensils, cutlery, Teapots, mugs, bath towels or other kitchen/bathroom accessories etc. Keep your home neat and tidy, easy access to what you need, and keep the clutter out of the way.

easy to assemble

The sliding cabinet basket set includes assembly tools for easy assembly. Sturdy and durable metal square tube construction with silver finish; PET non-slip pads prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces

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