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The innovative application of the minimalist design concept of "less is more" makes the home fashionable and simple, and also improves the utilization of space.

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kitchen storage baskets Starlink Series

As a company specializing in providing kitchen storage hardware solutions, our products cover various storage hardware, including Magic Corner, Pantry Unit,Tall Unit Basket, Pull Down Basket, Three-side Dish Basket, Waste Bin, all of which are made of high-quality materials with excellent durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Tallsen' Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is a fundamental part of family life, serving not only as a hub for preparing delectable cuisine but also as a gathering place for loved ones. However, the increasing complexity and functionality of modern kitchens have also caused many storage problems. To solve these problems, we provide efficient kitchen storage solutions.


Our innovative kitchen storage solutions cater to various requirements and available space, ensuring optimum utilization of your kitchen area. And our products are easy to install, allowing you to promptly address any storage issues to create a cleaner, more organized, efficient, and convenient kitchen environment.


We believe that providing efficient and comprehensive Furniture Accessories solutions to B2B furniture manufacturing companies can not only improve production efficiency and quality, but also add value to your products, thereby enhancing your market competitiveness and commercial profits.


If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with the highest quality kitchen storage solutions to  upgrade your furniture game.

What factors will affect the kitchen storage basket hardware market in the future?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concept, Kitchen storage accessory has become a hot product in today's market. However, future market competition will be even more fierce, and the following factors are believed to affect the future kitchen storage hardware market:


Manufacturing cost: Manufacturing cost will directly affect the product price and market competitiveness. With the rise in the cost of raw materials, labor, and transportation, manufacturing costs will increase with it. Only by reducing costs while maintaining high quality can enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Technological innovation: With the development of technology, the introduction of new materials and manufacturing technologies will bring new changes to the market. For the kitchen storage hardware industry, technological innovation can improve product quality and design to enhance user experience, thus gaining more market share.

Environmental awareness: Environmental protection has become a hot topic in today's society, and consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental performance of products. For the kitchen storage hardware industry, launching environmentally friendly and sustainable products will attract more environmentally conscious consumers.


Market demand: Market demand is an important factor in determining product development direction. Kitchen storage hardware enterprises need to constantly pay attention to market demand and launch new products to meet consumer needs.


In summary, in the future kitchen storage hardware market will be affected by various factors such as manufacturing cost, technological innovation, environmental awareness, and market demand. Only by keeping up with market changes, meeting consumer demand, and constantly improving product quality and performance can enterprises remain invincible in future market competition.

What Installation Sizes are available for kitchen storage basket?

Cabinet (Door Panel Width)

Basket Size

Cabinet Net Width Requirements

Special Cabinet

900 Cabinet

Width 790 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


850 Cabinet

Width 740 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


800 Cabinet

Width 690 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


750 Cabinet

Width 640 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


720 Cabinet

Width 610 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


700 Cabinet

Width 590 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


Special Cabinet

650 Cabinet

Width 540 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


600 Cabinet

Width 490 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


Special Cabinet

500 Cabinet

Width 390 × Depth 460 × Height 140mm


The inner diameter and depth of the cabinet must be greater than 470mm, and the height of the inner diameter of the cabinet must be greater than 550mm

Big Science Popularization Of Basket Pulling Knowledge

No matter how good a product is, it needs maintenance!

What is a pull-out basket?

A pull-out basket is a common type of hardware used for kitchen storage and organization, such as storing utensils, condiments, and other kitchen items, which is typically made of metal material and has functions like extendable, extractable, and rotatable.

Why do pull-out baskets rust easily? 

Most pull-out baskets are made of metal material, which is prone to oxidation and rusting, especially in a damp environment. Improper use or maintenance can also lead to rusting of pull-out baskets.

How to prevent pull-out baskets from rusting?

First, keep the pull-out basket dry to prevent dampness. Secondly, avoid using cleaning agents containing corrosive substances like acid and alkali, and use neutral detergent instead. Finally, regularly maintain and clean the pull-out basket, such as applying rust-proof oil.

What should be noted for the installation and maintenance of pull-out baskets?

When installing the pull-out basket, pay attention to the size and matching of the basket and drawer to avoid instability during installation. During normal use, avoid overloading or over-pulling the pull-out basket to prevent damage to the basket's track. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of the pull-out basket is also crucial to prevent rusting and other issues.

Simplified installation

We have pre installed the cumbersome extraction guide rail, so our customers only need to fix the basket on the guide rail and find a compatible place in the cabinet, food cabinet or bathroom.

Smooth and flexible rails

Upgrade the entire shelf with heavy-duty steel construction, matching industrial-grade ball sliding system, so our pull-out organizer can be pulled out smoothly and easily, and can even load heavy kitchen equipment.

get rid of mess

The pull out shelf design is suitable for many places in your home, in addition to the kitchen under the cabinet, it is also very suitable for the pantry, bathroom, not only for organizing pots and pans, but also for baking utensils, cutlery, Teapots, mugs, bath towels or other kitchen/bathroom accessories etc. Keep your home neat and tidy, easy access to what you need, and keep the clutter out of the way.

easy to assemble

The sliding cabinet basket set includes assembly tools for easy assembly. Sturdy and durable metal square tube construction with silver finish; PET non-slip pads prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces

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