Aluminum hinge manufacturer (which is the best among the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and

Which is the best among the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Aluminum hinge manufacturer (which is the best among the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and  1

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous progress of the times, we have higher requirements for all aspects of our lives. Especially now that people have more and more new houses and offices, so decoration is an essential step. And choose a good The high-quality doors and windows can not only have a very good anti-theft effect, but also have a very good decorative effect. Among the many doors and windows, the most popular ones are aluminum alloy doors and windows. Next, I will give you a brief introduction Top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China.


Paiya doors and windows

Paiya doors and windows was established in 1993. After 25 years of development, it now has 4 major production bases with a plant area of more than 150,000 square meters. It has introduced advanced production equipment, first-class technology, mature craftsmanship, and innovative products from Europe and Taiwan Concept, complete supporting facilities, etc., enable the enterprise to develop systematically and scientifically, and become the vanguard of the domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows industry. The products are not only sold well in major cities in China, but also exported to Europe and the United States and other countries.


Yibo doors and windows

Aluminum hinge manufacturer (which is the best among the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and  2

Yibo doors and windows is a brand from Germany. It has a history of ten years. The company has developed rapidly. In the past five years, its performance has steadily increased by 25%, and its development momentum is very strong.

In terms of aluminum materials, aerospace aluminum titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy raw materials are used. The material has low density and high strength. It has good corrosion resistance, and the processing technology is very difficult. technology, successfully solved this problem, and became the first door and window manufacturer in the industry to use aerospace aluminum materials; in terms of accessories, Yibo has always insisted on its own research and development of accessories to ensure that the wear resistance of accessories and the durability of hinges meet the requirements, so that Aluminum alloy doors and windows have decades of service life; in terms of glass, the national 3C certified tempered glass is used, and its strength is more than 5 times that of ordinary glass, which better protects the safety of users.


Zhishang doors and windows

Zhishang is positioned in high-end fashion doors and windows. It has a history of more than ten years. It has the industry's largest factory building of 120,000 square meters and a full set of heroic production equipment imported from Germany.

In terms of products, Zhishang took the lead in introducing the most advanced and best-sealed Italian Rocco door and window system in the industry, so the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of the products are excellent. In terms of accessories, most of them are independently developed by the company, and have 20 national patents have been obtained, and the wear resistance and durability of the product are more than 5 times that of the industry average; in terms of surface treatment, it is the first in the industry to introduce Italian thermal transfer technology, and three layers of primer are applied during the treatment. Primer (generally manufacturers use thermal transfer printing technology to save cost and only apply one layer of primer), the entire thermal transfer is carried out in a 250 high temperature furnace, so the pattern on the aluminum material is clearer, high temperature resistance, exposure, and it can be used for ten years as ever.

Fuxuan doors and windows

Fuxuan doors and windows are positioned as luxury door and window products. It has a history of more than ten years and has developed rapidly. The scale of the factory has been expanded and expanded. At present, the size of the factory has ranked among the top three in the industry. At the same time, the company also invited Zeng Zhiwei, the first person in cross-border entertainment in China The endorsement by Mr. is able to perform outstandingly in both hardware and software.

In order to better control the quality of products as a whole, Fuxuan Doors and Windows also established its own toughened glass factory and researched and developed product accessories, so the repair rate of products has always been at the lowest level in the industry;

It is worth mentioning that Fuxuan Doors and Windows understands that many franchisees and consumers are very concerned about the delivery time of products, so based on their many years of industry experience, they created their own unique product control system, coupled with good hardware strength, the entire The product delivery time will be 35 days faster than the industry average.



Fusi has advanced production equipment, professional team members, has the strength of R&D, production and sales of aluminum door products, can quickly execute and complete large quantities of orders, and is a well-known modern aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing enterprise in China. Fusi We pay great attention to product quality, and can strictly implement the relevant international quality system. At the same time, we rely on the perfect production management system and perfect after-sales policy to ensure the company's competitive advantage in the industry.


Kenggu doors and windows

As the first enterprise in the country to adopt European quality standards for doors and windows, Kenggu has introduced advanced German production equipment and world-leading production lines. It not only has a solid hardware scale, but also Kenggu products are well-known, and materials and accessories are strictly selected. It is energy-saving, safe, The performance in terms of durability is outstanding. At the same time, in order to ensure that each product is the crystallization of hard work and inspiration, Kenggu also spends a lot of money to build the most European designer team in the industry and a research and development team composed of industry technical elites. In terms of market , Kenggu Doors and Windows has firmly occupied the top position in the domestic high-end European-style doors and windows, and has more than 1,000 brand experience stores across the country. It is highly sought after by franchisees, and its sales volume is also in the leading position in the industry.



As one of the earliest aluminum alloy door and window enterprises in China, Paled has become a modern enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing after years of development. The company's products include swing doors, folding doors, hanging doors, sliding doors A series of products, such as doors, are well received by the market and sold at home and abroad. At the same time, the company has a large scale factory, foreign advanced production equipment and automated production lines. In the production quality inspection process, the company implements the details of each product Carry out strict inspections, and strive to provide consumers with more high-quality door and window products.



Hennessy doors and windows, independent research and development of "Hennessy" bathroom door, aluminum door, wardrobe door three series of products and successfully launched the market, and strive to seize the door and window market at the fastest speed, its doors and windows have become well-known brand products in the industry. Hennessy has always insisted on The market concept of "Si Li Ji Ren" keeps trying and innovating. The company keeps advancing with the times, focusing on product research and development, and is always in a competitive position in the industry. After going through wind and rain, Hennessy is honored and honored, "Guangdong Top Ten Aluminum Doors Brand", "Guangdong Door Industry Association Vice President Unit" and other honors have come one after another.


sao paulo

St. Paul doors and windows has the industry's advanced dust-free steel column glass production workshop, foreign first-class production equipment, and enterprise central laboratory. The craftsmanship and technology of St. Paul's doors and windows are well-known in the industry. Rapid response to market conditions, continuous improvement and innovation of products It is the principle that St. Paul has always adhered to. Therefore, the company has won many awards and won the award of "Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise". St. Paul's doors and windows also strive for perfection in product accessories and glass material selection, and are unique in appearance design, creating an elegant and noble products, giving users a better product experience.


Xinhaoxuan doors and windows

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, Xinhaoxuan has R&D technicians who keep pace with the times, are full of innovative spirit, and have a keen sense of technology, a perfect design team, and advanced production equipment. Therefore, the company's products perform well in terms of technology, design, and product quality. Excellent, the sales volume has been in the forefront of the industry for many years. Xinhaoxuan has imported advanced production equipment from Germany, adopted world-class spraying technology, and the products have excellent surface treatment technology, with atmospheric and beautiful glass decoration and unique engraving. Is a leader in the industry.

Looking around, the main components of the doors and windows in the current high-rise buildings are aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do have many unique advantages and are loved by the masses. As the focus of decoration, it is very important to choose a trustworthy door and window brand. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good texture and high plasticity. The most important thing is that aluminum alloy doors and windows are low in cost, suitable for mass consumers, and they also have a good shape design. I hope the aluminum alloy doors and windows brands introduced above can help everyone.

Where is the manufacturer of Purixing Art Door Aluminum Hinge sold on Eleventh Road, Linyi, Shandong?

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Door and window accessories

Door and window hardware accessories can not only submit the high-grade home life of modern people, but also can play the role of decoration and beautification of the home environment, and can also play the role of safety protection. The owners who are about to decorate the house need to pay attention Pay attention.

1. Window opener

The window opener can open the ventilation window with a higher position through a certain device. The window opening actuator determines the width of the window opening, the weight of the window opener and whether it has a locking function. The corner connector is a transmission part, and its deformation It determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating part can be in the form of a handle or a rocker. There are also manual window openers, as long as the manual window opener is suitable for the inner-hung and upper-hung outer windows.

2. Door closer

Door closers can be divided into three types: door bottom springs, door top door closers and floor springs. The main feature of door closers is that they are slow when closing, and there is no collision sound after closing. It is suitable for the doors of high-end hotel rooms. , The door closer is divided into two types: horizontal type and straight type, which are equivalent to double spring hinges, which can automatically close the doors and windows after they are opened.

3. Hinge

There are two kinds of materials for hinges: copper and stainless steel. When choosing a hinge, in order to open it easily and without noise, it is better to choose a hinge with a ball bearing in the middle shaft. When choosing a hinge, the brightness of the exterior paint and electroplating, the load-bearing wheel The gap and strength determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and the wear-resistant and uniformly rotating load-bearing wheels should be selected.


4. Handle

The shapes and colors of the handles are various, and the materials of the handles include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, etc. The handles after electroplating and electrostatic spraying are wear-resistant and anti-corrosion. It should be able to bear a large pulling force and play a protective role to keep the home in a safe state.

5. Plug

The so-called latch is a set of pins used to fix the workpiece on the fixture or mold. It is a simple component that prevents opening, and is an anti-theft component that prevents doors and windows from being opened from the outside. It is much simpler than the structure of the lock. Outside the door, the latch is inside the door.


Window Hardware Overview

The current status of the window hardware. At this time, the window type should be flat or flipped.

Window fittings include shafts or hinges that allow the window to be opened and devices that close the window such as latches. In order to improve the wind resistance of the window, outward-opening windows are widely used. However, the hinges of outward-opening windows must be exposed outside. The wind and rain erosion resistance of the page becomes a problem. Now on some old buildings in Europe that are more than a hundred years old, you can also see metal hinges that are 10 times larger than the current ordinary hinges. This large hinge is similar in style to the ancient European style. The building is also coordinated. Another problem with outward-opening windows is to prevent the open sash from moving freely and violently under the action of the wind, so there is a so-called stopper, and the stopper is an accessory that is prone to failure in many ways.

Window hardware use

Perhaps after the aluminum alloy was used in the manufacture of windows,

People have developed sliding windows. Sliding windows have no problem with stoppers at all, because the sash of sliding windows has basically the same fixed state when they are opened and closed.

A disadvantage of sliding windows is that there must be at least one fixed leaf,

Greatly reduced window opening area: Another fatal weakness is that it cannot meet the requirements of airtightness and watertightness at all.

The sash fixing points of sliding windows are the upper and lower guide rails.

Therefore, its wind pressure resistance is also very limited. Modern buildings have higher and higher requirements for energy saving and other functions. The sealing and heat insulation of windows, air tightness and water tightness, sound insulation and wind resistance, and even the level of anti-theft are all important. There are strict requirements. In order to meet various comprehensive requirements, inward-tilted casement windows, or European-style windows, are produced.

The window type on the modern glass curtain wall building is related to the fixing method of the window frame on the curtain wall.

Since the glass curtain wall has high requirements on air tightness, water tightness and wind resistance strength, the accessories of the window on the curtain wall are developed relatively independently according to the needs.

The windows of modern buildings are no longer limited to the level that can be reached by human hands.

Starting from the requirements of ventilation and heat removal, the height of the window is an important factor in determining the efficiency of ventilation and heat removal, so people have invented various window openers.



1. Production process

High-quality door hardware with smooth surface,

Smoothness, no pores, burrs, defects, etc., the fine craftsmanship is especially seen in the details. This is not unrelated to the fact that high-quality hardware products are mostly forged by large-scale forging presses. High-strength mechanical force makes the density of the material become It is extremely high, and after dozens of precision machine polishing and grinding processes, the product achieves an extraordinary effect of being as bright as a mirror.

In contrast,

Inferior door hardware products are produced by small die-casting machines and simple lathes. Generally, the structure is loose. Visual inspection can find air holes, silk lines, cracks, etc. on the surface, as well as uneven phenomena.

2. Electroplating process

The electroplating layer of high-quality door hardware products is often bright and even.

The color is natural, the density is good, and the coating has a thick feeling by visual inspection. The luster of the coating of inferior door hardware products is dim, and the coating is thin and easy to rust, wear, peel, and blister in a short period of time.

Recognize the brand and choose the product

1. When buying home hardware, you should go to a professional home hardware store to buy it.

Most of the low-end hardware in the market is OEM and commissioned. The brand owner and the manufacturer are in a commissioned relationship; professional home hardware manufacturers are both brand owners and manufacturers, and product quality, supply and after-sales are more guaranteed.

2. The lock material is mixed,

Please recognize the brand and professional production. In the same brand, locks of several materials may appear at the same time. Consumers should distinguish carefully to avoid buying by mistake.

The above is my introduction, I hope it can help you!

Aluminum alloy toilet door bearing and hinge which is better

Gaoyao Jinli Town Quanlang Hardware Products Factory is located opposite the Public Security Bureau of Jinfeng Industrial Zone, Gaoyao City, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. It was established on 2014-05-07. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the production and production of bathroom door disassembly hinges. Operation and sales. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel who can ensure the needs of the majority of demand groups and supply high-quality bathroom door disassembly hinges on the market. Contact number: 13827525338 Hinge hinge, Foshan bathroom door disassembly hinge, flag hinge, Stainless steel hinge, bearing hinge, please continue to pay attention to more basic information Bathroom door disassembly hinge Brand: Quanlang Model: QL-302 Weight: 0.001KG Manufacturer: Quanlang Hardware Products Factory, Jinli Town, Gaoyao City Production Address: Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province Opposite to Public Security Bureau, Jinfeng Industrial Zone, Gaoyao City

The construction unit processes aluminum alloy doors and windows on siteJijiji

The construction site cannot be processed. You must have a special site for making doors and windows. The inspection report is issued by the quality inspection department. You can make a sample window and send it to the quality inspection station for inspection. You can let the industrial production license Provided by aluminum production enterprises. The country has not canceled the production license of industrial products, so you must provide it. When filing with the Construction Committee, you can use your company's registered location as the processing site, which can be faked

Where does Sichuan produce ladder accessories, aluminum alloy ladder accessories, insulated ladder accessories, such as guide teeth, herringbone hinges, ladder feet, direct manufacturers

Henan Dahai Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of aluminum alloy ladder accessories and insulated ladder accessories. Several of my friends who made ladders bought them from there, such as the hinges of the ladder, the feet of the ladder, the head, the pull rod, and the guide teeth of the lifting ladder. , flat ties, oblique ties, big feet, wax flag ropes, non-slip belts, these things are all there, you can contact them

Broken bridge aluminum door and window hardware which brand to choose

Broken bridge aluminum hardware is the heart of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. A good set of broken bridge aluminum hardware can make the service life of broken bridge aluminum longer. There are many domestic and international brands of broken bridge aluminum hardware, not just one A handle and a hinge are as simple as that. HOPO's broken bridge aluminum hardware is guaranteed in terms of smooth operation, standardization, and load-bearing performance.

Top ten aluminum alloy doors and windows brand list, which brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows is good

The top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows have relatively strong comprehensive strength. Take Deji Youpin doors and windows as an example. Only those whose factory scale, number of employees, and annual sales can rank among the top ten in the industry can be regarded as the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows. .

Tallsen always sticks to our tenet of "quality comes first" by focusing on the quality control, service improvement, and fast response.

Tallsen focuses on integrating the design, production, sales and service of .Our cooperate tenet is .


is widely applicable to various performing venues and cultural venues, such as multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, dance halls, etc.

At Tallsen, it is our skilled workers, advanced technology, and systematic management system that contribute to sustainable growth.

1. Production technology: With years of accumulation, we have enough capabilities to improve the production process. Advanced technology including welding, chemical etching, surface blasting, and polishing contributes to the superior performance of the products.

Tallsen introduces advanced design concepts and uses consummate manufacturing technology to produce . They have features including attractive appearance, smooth line and reasonable structure. They are relatively effective to protect against rain and sunlight. Compared with other products in the same category, they can be used for a longer time.Founded in , Tallsen has a development history of years. Over the past few years, we have focused on industry-academy-research development. Our independent R&D platform enables us to build a skilled R&D team and to closely partner with many domestic universities and research institutes.We do not accept merchandise for return unless it is defective, in which case they will be replaced, subject to availability, or refunded at buyers discretion.

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