Application of Stamping Die CAD/CAM Green Manufacturing Technology in Automobile Door Hinge Producti

Green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing model that takes into account environmental impact and resource efficiency while ensuring product function, quality, and cost. It aims to have the least impact on the environment, the highest utilization rate of resources and energy, and the least harm to human health and society. It is a manufacturing method that seeks to optimize both economic and social benefits for enterprises.

In the early stages of China's reform and opening up, the focus was primarily on industrial development, with little attention paid to environmental protection. As a result, the country is now facing serious environmental pollution. However, with the continuous development of the economy, people's awareness of ecological environment protection has been increasing. Energy saving, low-carbon, and environmental protection have become the new standards for various industries in society.

The traditional equipment manufacturing industry, including the die manufacturing industry, has inherent characteristics of high investment, high consumption, and high pollution, which greatly restrict the development of society. Therefore, the introduction of green manufacturing in the mold manufacturing industry is more in line with the demands of the current times.

Application of Stamping Die CAD/CAM Green Manufacturing Technology in Automobile Door Hinge Producti 1

For automobile mold companies that have entered a new era of manufacturing, it is not enough to solely rely on advanced CAD/CAM processing and manufacturing technologies. They need to adopt digital, modern, and non-graphical production to meet the requirements of low energy consumption, high efficiency, and high output of the new era. The green manufacturing model, which is a closed-loop system that considers the environmental impact and resource utilization throughout the product life cycle, is the solution. It allows for the consideration of environmental attributes from the design stage to the end-of-life stage of the product, ensuring that the product meets environmental targets while still maintaining its basic performance, service life, and quality.

In my country, resources, energy, and environmental issues have increasingly become factors that hinder the development of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the formulation of a sustainable development strategy that prioritizes energy conservation is crucial. The introduction of green processing technology by mold enterprises can not only protect the environment and save resources, but also receive support from national policies and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises.

The concept of green manufacturing in mold design and manufacturing involves five key technologies: green design, green material selection, green technology, green packaging, and green processing. When it comes to stamping die CAD/CAM green manufacturing technology, the focus is on combining these green manufacturing concepts with advanced manufacturing technology. This ensures that mold manufacturing has the least negative impact on the environment while still maintaining optimal performance, durability, and quality.

Taking the example of a car door hinge stamping die, which is a crucial structural part of a car, the application of CAD/CAM green manufacturing technology can be seen. By selecting environmentally friendly materials, optimizing mold design, improving mold processing, simplifying packaging, and increasing mold recycling, resources are rationally allocated and the negative impact on the environment is reduced.

In the green design of the mold, considerations are given to the selection of mold materials and the design of the mold structure. By choosing materials that are less polluting, easy to recycle, and easy to process, the environmental impact of the mold can be reduced. The design of the mold structure aims to improve the durability of the mold, reduce material waste, and simplify the mold design process through standardization and easy-to-change structures.

Green processing technology in mold manufacturing involves selecting the manufacturing process with the least material waste and the lowest energy consumption. By using CAD/CAM integrated manufacturing technology, the mold parts can be manufactured conveniently and quickly, reducing energy consumption and improving processing efficiency.

Green packaging of the mold is achieved by choosing environmentally friendly materials, such as double degradable plastic film and honeycomb paper

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