Are all the hinges on the market universal? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen


The phenomenon of people going to the market to buy hinges even when they don't actually need them is quite intriguing. Many individuals find themselves compelled to purchase hinges without a specific purpose in mind, only to return them later when they realize they do not fit their intended use. This raises the question of whether the hinges being sold as "universal" in the market are truly suitable for all applications. The unfortunate reality is that the answer is negative.

Determining the suitability of a hinge should involve considering the thickness of the side panel and the distance of the drilled hole. While it is true that the universal hinges available in the market typically cover an 18cm panel, their adaptability can be adjusted through screw adjustments within this range. However, it is important to note that a 15cm board, despite being covered by the hinge, is not an ideal fit. Attempting to use an 18cm hinge on a 15cm board will result in visible seams. Similarly, using a 15cm board hinge to cover an 18cm board would render the cover inadequate. This means that despite appearances, not all hinges are alike, and their specific uses can vary significantly.

Are all the hinges on the market universal? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

Hence, when purchasing hinges, it is crucial to pay attention to the thickness of the cover. Investing time in selecting hinges that match the specific requirements of the project at hand can save both time and money. It is essential to remember that compatibility between the hinge and the side panel's thickness plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome.

One company that has earned a reputation for its superior hinge production capabilities is Tallsen. They have managed to impress customers with their state-of-the-art production line and instill confidence in the quality of their hinges. Tallsen hinges are not only well-designed but also offer great flexibility and strength. Moreover, they prioritize eco-friendliness, safety, wear-resistance, anti-oxidation, and protection against ultraviolet radiation. These hinges are built to last, making them both reusable and durable.

In conclusion, the trend of people purchasing hinges without a specific need and subsequently exchanging them showcases the lack of understanding about the uniqueness of each hinge. The misconception that universal hinges can effortlessly fit any application is debunked by the importance of considering side panel thickness and drill hole distance. By carefully evaluating these factors and selecting hinges specifically tailored to meet the project requirements, individuals can avoid unnecessary returns and ensure a successful outcome. Brands like Tallsen have excelled in providing hinges of exceptional quality and design, further emphasizing the significance of making informed purchases. So, next time you venture into the market to buy hinges, remember to prioritize compatibility and choose a reliable brand like Tallsen to uphold the integrity of your projects.

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