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What is a hydraulic hinge?

Hydraulic hinges, also known as damping hinges, are hinges that utilize the cushioning properties of liquids to dampen noise. Their most notable feature is the ability to close doors softly and silently. These hinges are commonly used in furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases, floor cabinets, TV cabinets, wine cabinets, lockers, and more.

Working Principle:

Basic knowledge of hydraulic hinge_Hinge knowledge_Tallsen

A hydraulic hinge is composed of a set of sleeve telescopic rods, a spring, and a hydraulic chamber. The hydraulic chamber is divided into two chambers by a piston. One chamber is filled with high-quality damping oil, which possesses better viscosity and fluidity. The other chamber contains compressed air. The piston features a liquid flow channel. The spring is responsible for the extension of the hinge, while the contraction is buffered by the hydraulic chamber to bear external load.

Types of Hydraulic Hinges:

1. Full cover (straight bend): These hinges cover the full length of the door, providing a seamless appearance when the door is closed.

2. Half cover (middle bend): These hinges partially cover the door, allowing for a visible bend in the middle.

3. No cover (big bend or built-in): These hinges do not have a cover and are commonly used for doors with a noticeable bend or those that are built into the frame.

Basic knowledge of hydraulic hinge_Hinge knowledge_Tallsen


When purchasing hydraulic hinges, it is important to be cautious as many products in the market are substandard and prone to oil leakage. Some hinges may explode if closed with excessive force, rendering the hydraulic system ineffective in providing buffering and cushioning. It is advisable to choose hinges produced by reputable and well-known manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability.

Our Company:

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of hinges, including hydraulic hinges. Currently, our hydraulic hinges are designed with a door opening angle of 110 degrees. Additionally, we offer customizable door opening and closing speeds to meet specific customer requirements. For more details, please consult 13969324170.

At Tallsen, we prioritize the principle of continuous improvement in product quality and conduct extensive research and development before production. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the most successful development and production companies in the field. We focus on providing the finest hinges and the most professional service.

Our hinges feature a novel design, exquisite workmanship, and a beautiful appearance, contributing to a good decoration effect. They are widely used in various fields and industries.

Tallsen places great emphasis on technical innovation, flexible management, and continuous upgrading of processing equipment to improve production efficiency.

Production Technology:

With years of accumulation and experience, we possess the capabilities to enhance the production process. Advanced technologies such as welding, chemical etching, surface blasting, and polishing are employed to ensure the superior performance of our products.

Furthermore, our hinges are equipped with the latest generation of spare parts and processed using cutting-edge technology. This enhances the overall performance and functionality of our products, earning the love and trust of our customers.

Tallsen Journey:

Tallsen was founded in (insert year) and has since gained significant understanding of the jewelry business. Over the years, we have continuously improved our design, production, and service levels. This has enabled us to achieve significant growth and provide exceptional products to our customers.

For return instructions or any further assistance, please feel free to contact our after-sales service team."

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