Cabinet basket slides (what brand of cabinet basket slides is good?

What brand of cabinet pull basket slide rail is good

Cabinet basket slides (what brand of cabinet basket slides is good?

Do you know dunk baskets? Pull baskets are a kind of hardware. They are generally used in cabinets and wardrobes. Loulan is divided into iron chrome-plated pull baskets, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, etc. according to the material. Of course, there are different pull baskets. The function of the cabinet is different, everyone knows the cabinet! The cabinet also needs to be dunked. The dunks generally used in the cabinet are seasoning baskets, dish baskets, pot baskets, corner baskets, monster baskets, deep baskets, etc., which are now on the market. There are so many cabinet dunk brands in China, the following editor will recommend a few brands in detail for you!


Which brand of cabinet pull basket is good?

Top ten brands of cabinet baskets

Cabinet pull basket brand 1: ClosetMaid

Cabinet basket slides (what brand of cabinet basket slides is good?

Emerson Junkang Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric Company, a Fortune 500 company in the world. It is a member of Emerson's storage technology group, focusing on kitchen hardware and kitchen cabinet related products, wardrobe and cloakroom hardware Enterprises that develop and manufacture products.

Emerson Junkang has a good sales channel in China, is good at product innovation and deeply understands the needs of users, and has advanced e-commerce, marketing creativity, product display, category management, etc. The perfect combination of experience. Geshimei is the world's leading manufacturer and seller of storage products, providing consumers with storage products that effectively use home storage space and make life easier and more comfortable. Founded in 1965, it is the founder of the home network cable storage system People, headquartered in Ocala, Florida, USA, have manufacturing bases in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.


Cupboard basket brand 2: Weiwanshi

Since its establishment in 1995, Guangzhou Weiwanshi Hardware Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development, design, production and sales of decorative hardware products such as kitchen, bathroom, living room hangers, and basket series. It has its own product development system and R&D production base. It is one of the largest enterprises in the same industry in China. It is famous for its independent DIY pull baskets. It is a company integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales of decorative hardware such as kitchens, bathrooms, and pull baskets.

The company has a modern factory area with an area of more than 100,000 square meters. The products have involved nine series and more than 500 varieties in three categories: kitchen, bathroom, living room hanger, pull basket, commercial equipment and food machinery. They are exported to Europe, America and Australia. , Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, and has obtained more than 30 patents.


Cupboard basket brand three: Kowloon

Ningbo Jiulong Hardware Co., Ltd., an influential brand of hardware products, is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production, manufacturing and sales of kitchen hardware, storage racks, supermarket shelves, mechanical rigging and other series products. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture and owns Zhejiang Jinlong Machinery Rigging Co., Ltd. and Ninghai Denghuang Forging Co., Ltd.


Cabinet pull basket brand four: Shishang ITI

Shanghai Shishang Hardware Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of kitchen baskets and hardware accessories.

The company has nearly 20 years of export experience, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and has long-term cooperative agents in Europe.


Cupboard pull basket brand five: Case Bauma

Caspoma Hardware Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., started in 1954, is a well-known high-end brand in the kitchen and bathroom hardware industry. Its flying butterfly corner cabinet has won the European Red Dot Design Award, and it is synonymous with design, function and quality in the field of kitchen and bathroom hardware.

German KESSEBOHMER company specializes in the production of kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories. It uses high-quality steel as materials and combines wood, plastic and metal components to form perfect kitchen and bathroom hardware products, including lockers, base cabinets, and corner cabinets. , top cabinets, aisle parts, multi-functional columns, bathroom hardware and other ten series.


Cabinet pull basket brand six: Nomi

Guangzhou Nomi Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of pull baskets, is a very competitive brand in the industry. It is a modern enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of kitchen pull baskets, wardrobe pendants and other decorative hardware.

Founded in 2003, Nomi has been committed to the development, production and sales of decorative hardware such as kitchen baskets and wardrobe pendants. At present, the company has formed a scale, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions. The domestic market also occupies a large Fenquan is one of the famous brand enterprises in the same industry.


Cabinet pull basket brand seven: Higold

Higold Group, Foshan Shunde Higold Hardware Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is a leading professional manufacturer of kitchen functional hardware and accessories, and a comprehensive enterprise group mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of home building materials.

Higold Group is a comprehensive enterprise group mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of home building materials. In 2000, Higold officially entered the kitchen hardware industry. Higold brand has been successfully registered in more than 100 countries.


Cupboard pull basket brand eight: Weidi

Zhongshan Xinyueli Household Products Co., Ltd., started in 1998, is a medium-sized modern goods enterprise specializing in the production of kitchen pull baskets, hanging racks, sanitary ware and other products.

The company has superb technical personnel and international standards to produce all kinds of high-quality, environmentally friendly kitchen pull baskets, hangers and sanitary ware. .


Cupboard basket brand nine: Maple Leaf

Foshan Liweisi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cabinet and wardrobe hardware.

Livis is dedicated to the design, research and development, production, sales and service of aluminum alloy products such as handles, kitchen baskets, wardrobe racks, and furniture legs.


Cabinet pull basket brand ten: Shuangwan

Founded in 1970 AD, Shuangwan Company has specialized in the production of stainless steel and iron functional accessories for kitchens and bathrooms for more than 30 years, second only to Case BMW in Germany.

The company has the world's most advanced production equipment and a large number of high-tech talents. It has developed thousands of products in the past 30 years since its establishment, and has been marketed in more than 40 countries around the world. It is deeply recognized and appreciated by domestic and foreign manufacturers and consumers.


Tips for buying cabinet baskets

The choice of cabinet baskets requires not only brand protection, but also certain selection skills. In fact, it is as simple as "one question, two observations and three selections". Below, the editor will take you to see the specific selection skills!


1. "Ask" - ask about materials

Rust is easy to rust, so most of us buy stainless steel, but there are many kinds of stainless steel, among which the Chinese standard 304 stainless steel pull basket is better, but due to the cost and difficulty of processing technology, most factories use 201 The material is made of stainless steel pull basket. When you choose, don't believe the lies of the merchants.

2. "Second look" - look at the appearance, gloss and solder joints

First of all, look at the appearance. The appearance should be neat and not messy. The four corners have been chamfered. The basket should be placed horizontally on the ground in a balanced manner.

Secondly, it depends on the gloss. If electroplating is used, it should be bright and full, and the appearance should be exquisite. If electropolishing is used for surface treatment, the surface should show the original color of stainless steel, and there should be no obvious scratches or scratches.

Finally, it depends on the solder joints. The solder joints should not be too large. They are too large and unsightly, and most of them are virtual welds, which are not firm. They should be slightly smaller than the size of the two materials to be welded. Welding, generally no weld scars.


3. "Second choice" - choose configuration

The so-called configuration, first look at the slide rail, the slide rail has a certain load-bearing capacity, you must choose a slide rail with thicker material, high smoothness, high bite, and low noise; then look at the fasteners, the fasteners should be made of stainless steel. The iron sheet is easy to rust and affects the aesthetics and sanitation of the inside of the door panel.

Through the detailed introduction of the editor, everyone should know about the dunk dunk of the cabinet now! If you buy the cabinet at home and choose the dunk dunk of these brands introduced by the editor, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Of course, the editor will tell you The brands introduced are just part of Dunk. If you want to know about other brands, there will be opportunities in the future. We also know that the current social competition is very fierce, and new products will be born in a short period of time.

How to install the cabinet basket guide rail

It is not fixed, the brand and model of the pull basket used are different, there will be some changes, and the installation height of the top and bottom is generally adjusted a lot, generally start to install from the bottom pull basket, first measure the slide rail and hang it on the pull basket How much is the distance to the bottom, and then the installation position should be 1-2CM higher, so that after installation, the distance between the bottom of the basket and the cabinet is more than 1CM. Then install the basket on the top, if you want to use a large space, you can put it on the bottom installed, at least 2cm away from the top of the door panel below

How to disassemble the basket cabinet pull basket slide rail removal

Now many people will use cabinet pull baskets in the kitchen. The cabinet pull basket is a more practical and convenient tool that is easier to move. This tool can be used to load vegetables or some fruits. It is a relatively common kitchen Utensils. The cabinet pull basket can be disassembled. Do you know how to disassemble the cabinet pull basket? Many people will not disassemble the cabinet pull basket when they want to clean the cabinet pull basket. The following editor will introduce the cabinet pull basket for you How to disassemble and wash the basket, friends who don't know how to disassemble the cabinet pull basket can learn about it.


1. How to disassemble

1. If you just want to lower the tray, pull the basket to the widest position, pull the tray inward and it will come out.

2. If you want to lower the basket, pull the basket to the maximum and see a small plastic clip in the middle of the track, lift it up, press down on the other side, and then pull the basket out.


2. Introduction

According to the material, the pull basket can be divided into stainless steel pull basket, iron chrome plated pull basket, iron paint pull basket, aluminum alloy pull basket, board type pull basket, etc. The pull basket can provide a large storage space, and can make reasonable use of the inside of the cabinet According to different purposes, the pull basket can be divided into multi-functional seasoning pull basket, stove pull basket, large-scale function pull basket (high-deep pull basket, linkage basket and corner pull basket), etc. Adding a basket in the cabinet is a good way to expand the efficiency of the cabinet. The owner can put kitchen utensils and tableware in the basket on the stove according to his own habits, and cook seasoning bottles, jars, boxes, cutting boards, knives, oil pots, etc. Put items into the multi-functional basket, which is hygienic and clear at a glance. Large-scale functional hardware is mainly used to store some daily necessities in case of emergency. Here is the corner basket, which can make the corner of the kitchen Get good use, no need to stretch your arms, just turn it gently, even the innermost items can be presented in front of the owner immediately.


3. Series classification

1. Stainless steel electroplating wire basket;

2. Iron electroplating wire basket;

3. Aluminum alloy plate pull basket series;

4. Stainless steel plate pull basket series;

5. Iron paint basket series;

6. Other pull basket series such as plastic, bamboo and wood.

The above is the introduction of the disassembly method of the cabinet pull basket. Do you know how to disassemble the cabinet pull basket now? The disassembly method of the cabinet pull basket is very simple. Most of the cabinet pull baskets have clips in the middle. We can directly remove them. The cabinet pull basket can be removed by removing the plastic clip. There are many classifications of the cabinet pull basket, and the disassembly methods of different types of cabinet pull baskets are different. When we use the cabinet pull basket, we must use it reasonably. space, because the cabinet pull basket is mainly used to hold various kitchen utensils.

The reason why the cupboard basket slide rail falls off

The reason why the sliding rails of the cupboard pull basket fell off is that the outer track of the sliding rails is too low.

You can screw the front legs of the cabinet with a pull basket higher, and the cabinet legs are adjustable. You can also raise the outer end of the slideway. You can carefully observe that the outer end will be fixed with self-tapping screws, and adjust the self-tapping Wire height is fine.

Or replace the slideway again, because the damping of your hinge may be broken, just replace it with a damping hinge, the slideway is broken, buy a new one.

What to do if the track of the cabinet basket is rusted

What you are talking about should be a three-section rail, and there are two rows of balls in the upper and lower rows. It is because the slideway is rusty. There is a buckle on the front side of the slideway. Use force from the upper left and lower right, and then pull forward, and the slideway will be out of joint. Yes, clean the rusty place with sandpaper, apply butter (used for repairing bicycles), and install the slideway back.

How to adjust the sliding rail of the cabinet basket, which cannot be automatically retracted after installation


It may be caused by your installation error, or the quality of the product itself

Consultation Record · Answered on 2021-09-26

The sliding rails of the cabinet baskets cannot be retracted automatically after installation, how to adjust?

It may be caused by your installation error, or the quality of the product itself

I dont know what kind of pull basket you have, the aluminum alloy and white steel vertical pull basket slides are at the bottom, take out the drain pan, there are screws on the bottom, just use a screwdriver. There is also a stove top pull basket, the slide is at the bottom On both sides, there are fixing screws, which can be settled with a screwdriver.

Cabinet basket guide rail installation and precautions introduction

There are a lot of things in the kitchen. Most of the pots, pans, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, etc. are placed on the countertop, but where should some bowls and basins be placed? Everyone knows the cabinets, and most people always give I installed and designed cabinets in my home kitchen to display these things. Today I want to introduce you to the cabinet pull basket. The pull basket guide rail is an indispensable part of the cabinet installation. I dont know how much you know about the pull basket, so Please listen carefully to my introduction below.


Introduction to the installation method of cabinet basket guide rail

Choose the right drill bit

Generally, manufacturers will not come to install the basket slide rails. Therefore, the decorator must learn to install them by themselves. The first step in the installation of the basket slide rails is to choose a suitable drill bit. Because the screws need to be fixed, a screw is required. hole. Different cabinet materials and screw sizes require different drill bits. If your cabinet material is relatively hard, then the editor does not recommend that you choose cheap glass drill bits, but you should choose durable marble drill bits. And the decorator should be based on The size of the cabinet basket screw punches a moderately sized screw hole on both the cabinet and the wall.


Mounting screws

After creating a suitable drilling hole in a suitable position, you need to install the screw. For the pull basket of the cabinet, some expansion plugs are also required during installation, so as to ensure that the screw is fixed more firmly and more durable. Of course The plug needs to leave a part outside, so that it is convenient to place the pull basket.


matching guide rail

The installation of the basket slide rail starts with the basket rail. Firstly, the size of the basket slide rail is matched. After the basket rail is installed, the basket slide rail can be installed.


Precautions for installation of cabinet basket rails

The installation of the sliding rails of the basket is actually not much different from the installation of the cabinet, that is, after the sliding rails are installed, the basket can be installed. Here, attention should be paid to the horizontality of the basket. Do not install drawers and bowls twice. When pulling the basket of the cabinet, it should be installed as far as possible, so that more things can be loaded and the space can be fully utilized, and the handle should be installed in the middle as much as possible. If the handle is installed high, it will be difficult to pull it. It is best to use the panel of the cupboard pull basket The small bolt is blocked, because it is difficult to pull the basket and the panel back and forth, and it is easy to pull the screws off after a long time.

The above is the installation of the cabinet basket guide rail introduced by the editor. There are three steps in the installation. If you follow these three steps and be more serious, you can complete it. Finally, the editor will tell you that the installation of the basket guide rail Good or bad directly affects the later use. Finally, I want to introduce to you the precautions for the installation of cabinet pull basket guide rails. I believe that as long as you pay attention to these small details, you can complete the cabinet installation.

What is the least practical reason for a kitchen basket

1. Troublesome cleaning work

The pull basket is basically a curved structure. Although this can keep the plate dry, drain the water on the plate, and classify all kinds of tableware, this design also has some shortcomings. We just clean it It will be very laborious. If liquids such as oil are accidentally poured into the cabinet basket, the cleaning work will be very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and will bring us a lot of trouble.

2. Easy to get stuck

It is precisely because of the slide rails that the pull basket is more convenient to use and can be pushed and pulled smoothly. But if the quality of the slide rails and other accessories you choose is low, it will be easy to pull the basket after a long time of use. There are stuck and unsmooth phenomena. Especially when we are cooking, we cant open the basket completely, which will not only reduce our cooking efficiency, but also give us a bad experience.

3. Easy to rust

Due to its high frequency of use, we seldom dry them with a rag after cleaning the bowls, but put them directly in the basket, so that the basket is prone to rust after being used for a long time The phenomenon will directly affect the aesthetics of the cabinet. And in this closed space, if the water on the tableware is not drained, it is easy to breed harmful substances such as bacteria and mold.

4. Not suitable for small kitchens

Generally speaking, the pull basket is designed on the upper and lower layers. Although this can make full use of the cabinet space, it will occupy a lot of space due to its large gap and small capacity. Therefore, the pull basket is used in cabinets with small space. Not very applicable. For many small-sized users, this is particularly fatal. The house is relatively small, the kitchen is generally not large, and the cabinets are naturally not large. Most people do not choose to pull it because of this reason. basket.

5. Maintenance trouble

In order to avoid the growth of mold inside the cabinet, the basket should be wiped clean with a dry cloth every time it is used. This will take us a lot of time and energy, and it is troublesome to maintain. And the basket also needs to be used frequently. If it has not been used for a long time It is also easy to get stuck, which will reduce its service life. You should choose rationally whether to install the pull basket according to the actual situation of your kitchen, so that it is more convenient for us to use.

What are the basket slides?

The following content is answered by Kaiwei Home Hardware Accessories:

1. Three hidden basket slides (with buffer)

This slide rail is installed at the bottom of the drawer, also known as the hidden basket slide rail. It is generally used for the installation of stainless steel pull baskets, trouser racks, and aluminum alloy pull baskets. It has a wide range of uses. During the process, it is softer and quieter.

2. Three-section steel ball basket slide rail (common and buffer):

The steel ball basket slide rail is the earliest slide rail used in the design of the pull basket. This slide rail is sold on the market, and it is generally without buffer configuration. At the same time, the slide rail is installed on both sides of the pull basket, so it is When you use it, you can see the slide rails, which are not used by many basket factories.

3. Riding basket slide rail (with buffer):

The horse-riding basket slide is a newly developed ultra-quiet basket slide, which is more high-grade than the hidden buffer basket slide. The design is the same as that of high-grade horse riding pumping slides.

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