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Our company is a professional hardware manufacturer and joint venture with over 20 years of hinge production history. We have extensive experience in hinge production, offering a wide range of hinge types and specifications. Hinges are commonly referred to as joint ventures. Through years of research and practice, we have developed excellent production technology, and our products are internationally renowned for their high quality.

With strong development capabilities and technical force, we have a large workforce of professionally trained employees. They possess a tenacious spirit of hard work and professionalism, allowing our enterprise to gradually develop and grow. Presently, we hold three national patents, showcasing our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of industry trends.

Driven by China's entry into the WTO, we are actively undergoing transformation and development, setting higher goals for ourselves. We are dedicated to serving clients both domestically and internationally. Our main product is welded hinges, with a nearly 20-year export history. These hinges are widely used in various industries such as shipbuilding, machinery, containers, and doors and windows. They are known for their high precision, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. Our hinges are made from stainless steel, aluminum alloy, low carbon steel, and low carbon steel copper shaft materials, suitable for corrosion-resistant applications.

Choose Tallsen hinge, go further hand in hand_Company news_Tallsen

Tallsen focuses on continuous improvement of product quality, conducting thorough research and development before production. We integrate the design, production, sales, and service aspects of our business, aiming to offer exquisite products and the best customer service. Hinges play a crucial role in industrial production, especially in the cutting and deep processing of various metal tubes. With advanced welding, cutting, and polishing technologies and a dedicated team, Tallsen ensures flawless product quality and provides considerate service to customers.

Our industry-leading research and development level is the result of extensive research, technological development, and the creativity of our designers. We prioritize product quality excellence, utilizing advanced weaving technology and eco-friendly printing and dyeing techniques. Our focus on natural, pure, safe, and reliable products ensures good breathability, absorption, and wear resistance. Our products are comfortable and eco-friendly.

Over the past years, Tallsen has successfully overcome various challenges in the industry, establishing a unique production model. We have emerged as the leader in the industry. In the rare case of a return due to product quality issues or our mistake, we guarantee a 100% refund for the customer's satisfaction.

In summary, our company is a renowned hardware manufacturer and joint venture with a rich history in hinge production. We prioritize innovation, product quality, and customer satisfaction. With our commitment to continuous improvement and customer service, we aim to remain at the forefront of the industry.

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