Fire box hidden door hinge (how to install the hidden hinge of the fire door)

Expanding the Article on How to Install the Hidden Hinge of a Fire Door

The hinge is a small but crucial part that is often hidden between the door leaf and frame in the installation of a fire door. It plays a vital role in enabling the opening and closing of the door, ensuring its functionality. Therefore, it is essential to install high-quality hinges accurately to ensure optimal performance. There are various types of hinges available, including ordinary hinges, pipe hinges, and door hinges, which are used for different components in the installation process. In this article, we will share the steps and precautions for installing hinges on wooden doors.

1. Preparing for Hinge Installation

Fire box hidden door hinge (how to install the hidden hinge of the fire door)

Before installing the hinges, it is necessary to ensure that the height, width, and thickness of the hinge match the wooden door. Using a hinge that does not match these measurements may lead to the hinge not meeting the requirements, affecting the door's functionality. Additionally, check if the necessary screws and other fastening accessories are properly matched and that you have enough quantity.

2. Determining the Number and Height of Hinges

The number of hinges required depends on the base material of the door. For lighter doors such as PVC or paint-free doors, usually, two hinges are sufficient. However, for heavier doors like solid wood composite doors or solid wood doors, it is advisable to install three hinges. This additional hinge helps bear the weight of the door, preventing deformation and damage over time. Consider installing the third hinge approximately 30 cm below the upper hinge for better load distribution.

3. Selecting the Appropriate Hinge Connection Method

Depending on the material, choose the suitable hinge connection method. For wooden doors, use screws to connect the hinges securely.

Fire box hidden door hinge (how to install the hidden hinge of the fire door)

4. Wooden Door Hinge Installation

a. Grooving: Determine the location for hinge installation and make a groove on the door's edge for the hinge. The groove's depth should match the thickness of the hinge leaf. After grooving, place the hinge leaf into the groove and ensure it is flush with the door's edge.

b. Fastening the Hinges: Securely fasten the hinges using the provided screws. The screws should be perpendicular to the door's surface and the door frame. Avoid angling the screws to prevent any interference or damage when closing the door.

5. Installing Mother and Child Hinges (Optional)

Mother and child hinges have a different structure compared to ordinary hinges. They consist of a large mother leaf and a smaller child leaf, resembling a hollowed out part of the mother leaf. These hinges are thinner and not suitable for heavier wooden doors. However, if you decide to use them, ensure that you install three hinges to provide better load-bearing capacity.

6. The Importance of Fire Hinges

Fire doors are designed to meet specific requirements like fire resistance stability, integrity, and heat insulation. To ensure their functionality, fire doors require special hinges. Fireproof hinges are made from materials with higher melting points (around 1500 degrees) like steel, and their structure enables easy removal in case of fire. Normal hinges may deform when exposed to high temperatures, hindering firefighters' efforts to remove the door. Fire hinges must be certified by the fire department testing center, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness.

7. Installing Dry-Hanging Fire Door Shaft

To install a dry-hanging fire door shaft, determine the contact position of the two parts and start by installing the fixed position. Next, install the movable position. For a double-axis fire hydrant hidden door, mount one axis on the metal skeleton of the wall and the other axis on the metal pendant of the tile. Connect the two axes using a hinge. Concealed hinge fire hydrant hidden doors are connected to the tiles through the hinge, enabling easy switching. It is important to note that this installation method is suitable only for doors made of lighter materials.

In summary, installing hinges correctly is crucial for the functionality and longevity of a fire door. By following the proper steps and precautions, you can ensure that the hinges match the door dimensions, are securely fastened, and provide the necessary load-bearing capacity. Additionally, selecting the appropriate type of hinge, such as fire hinges for fire doors, is essential to meet safety regulations.

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