Frequent problems with hinges, is it really the hinges that are not durable? _Company News_Tallsen

Hinges are a commonly used item in our everyday lives, especially in cabinets and wardrobes. However, many people often face problems with their cabinet doors, such as not closing tightly or hinges suddenly breaking, causing the cabinet door to fall. This can be extremely annoying and frustrating. Many people wonder if hinges are just not durable enough, as they have replaced them numerous times, yet the issues persist. However, the problem often lies in the fact that people have not purchased high-quality hinges to begin with.

Inferior hinges can cause these problems, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The nature of kitchen cabinets, the arrangement of kitchen doors, and the weight of the doors themselves make it difficult for domestic hinges to meet the necessary quality requirements. Many cabinet companies use poor-quality hinges, as their main objective is to reduce manufacturing costs and compete based on lower prices. This wide gap in hinge prices can be attributed to four main factors.

Firstly, the production process of hinges plays a crucial role in their quality. Some manufacturers opt for fully automatic production, where every aspect of the hinge is carefully crafted. However, this machinery is expensive, and not all manufacturers can afford it. As a result, some manufacturers only create a basic hinge shape, assemble it, and sell it without proper quality inspection, leading to shoddy products.

Frequent problems with hinges, is it really the hinges that are not durable? _Company News_Tallsen

Secondly, the surface treatment of hinges is important in ensuring their durability. The ideal treatment involves copper plating followed by nickel plating. However, some manufacturers use lower-quality electroplating materials, resulting in an inferior finish. This can lead to rusting of hinges even before they are opened.

The third factor is the heat treatment of hinge accessories like rods, screws, etc. Heat treatment is pivotal in determining hinge quality. Manufacturers who prioritize heat treatment and master the process well produce higher-quality hinges compared to those who overlook this step.

Lastly, the materials used in hinge production significantly impact their overall quality. Automatic production hinges typically use Q195 materials, which undergo strict quality control. On the other hand, some manufacturers use leftover materials like galvanized sheets or even repurposed items like oil drum materials, all of which are cheaper but may compromise the performance and durability of the hinge.

Recognizing the importance of producing high-quality hinges, Tallsen focuses on continuous improvement and actively conducts research and development before production. As a reputable brand in the industry, Tallsen has gained a good reputation and attracts customers from all over the world. Their dedication to producing the finest hinges and providing professional service sets them apart.

Hinges have a wide range of applications in the footwear industry, being used in the production of various types of shoes. Tallsen employs advanced welding, cutting, and polishing techniques to ensure flawless products and provide top-notch service to customers.

Frequent problems with hinges, is it really the hinges that are not durable? _Company News_Tallsen

Innovation is a priority for Tallsen, as they understand that developing new production technologies and products is crucial in a competitive market. Their investment in both hardware and software reflects their commitment to staying ahead in the industry.

Established years ago, Tallsen has accumulated rich experience in textile manufacturing and continuously improves their manufacturing technology. While they strive for excellence in their processes, they also prioritize meeting consumers' aesthetic standards for modern yet classic styles. This has resulted in their products being well-received by customers.

It's important to note that Tallsen does not accept merchandise returns unless they are defective. In such cases, they offer replacements (subject to availability) or refunds at the buyer's discretion.

In conclusion, the durability and quality of hinges can vary significantly depending on factors such as manufacturing processes, surface treatment, heat treatment, and production materials. Investing in high-quality hinges from reputable brands like Tallsen can help avoid the common problems associated with inferior hinges. By choosing reliable hinges, customers can ensure that their cabinet doors close tightly and remain secure for years to come.

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