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To expand the article on "How to install the glass hinge? What are the specifications of the glass door hinge?", we can provide additional information on choosing the right glass hinge, the importance of proper installation, and recommended brands for glass door hinges.

When selecting a glass hinge, it is important to consider several factors. Firstly, check if the dimensions of the hinge match the glass door. This includes checking if the hinge groove on the glass door matches the height, width, and thickness of the hinge. Additionally, ensure that the hinge is compatible with the screws and fasteners used for installation. It is also crucial to identify which leaf of the hinge should be connected to the fan, glass door, and shaft for asymmetrical hinges. Lastly, check if the hinge axes of the same glass door are on the same vertical line to prevent the glass door from bouncing.

For the specifications of glass door hinges, there are various sizes commonly used such as 50.8*30*1, 100*60*1, 63*35*1, 101.6*76.2*2, and 88.9*88.9*3. These dimensions differ based on the specific requirements of the glass door. It is important to choose a hinge with fine and smooth surface plating, polished edges on the spring piece, and a relatively light weight for easy rotation.

When it comes to brands, there are several reputable manufacturers in the market. These include Yajie, Mingmen, Huitailong, Blum, Oriton, DTC, GTO, Dinggu, Hfele, Hettich, among others. These manufacturers have a better market reputation and offer hinges of reliable quality.

In conclusion, the installation of glass hinges requires careful consideration of matching dimensions, proper identification of hinge leaves, and ensuring the hinge axes are aligned. The specifications of glass door hinges vary, and it is important to choose one with suitable dimensions, fine surface plating, and light weight. Reputable brands such as Yajie, Mingmen, and Blum are recommended for their quality hinges.

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