Hinge installation method (hinge installation method hinge installation method hinge how to install)2

Hinge installation is an essential step when it comes to connecting cabinet doors and cabinets. Cabinet door hinges are commonly used in cabinets and undergo frequent opening and closing, which puts a significant amount of pressure on the hinges. However, many people struggle with the installation process. In this article, we will discuss various methods and techniques for installing cabinet door hinges.

Firstly, let's start with the introduction to the installation method of cabinet door hinges. There are different types of installation methods and techniques depending on the desired door coverage and position.

1. Full cover: This installation method involves the door completely covering the side panel of the cabinet. It requires a certain gap between the door and the side panel to ensure safe opening.

Hinge installation method (hinge installation method hinge installation method hinge how to install)2 1

2. Half cover: In this method, two doors share a cabinet side panel, and there is a minimum required gap between them. Each door's coverage distance is reduced, so a hinge with a bending hinge arm is necessary. The middle bend should be around 9.5mm.

3. Inside: In this installation method, the door is located inside the cabinet, beside the side panel of the cabinet. It also requires a gap to facilitate safe opening. A hinge with a highly curved hinge arm is needed, with a bend of around 16mm.

Now, let's proceed to the step-by-step installation process of cabinet door hinges:

1. Hinge Cup Installation:

To install the hinge cup, you can use screws to secure it. Opt for flat countersunk head chipboard self-tapping screws. Alternatively, you can choose a tool-free installation method. Some hinge cups come with eccentric expansion plugs. Use your hands to press the plug into the pre-drilled hole on the entry panel. Then pull the decorative cover to secure the hinge cup. The same process applies when uninstalling.

Hinge installation method (hinge installation method hinge installation method hinge how to install)2 2

2. Hinge Seat Installation:

When installing the hinge seat, you have the option to use screws or a press-fit method. If using screws, opt for particleboard screws or European-style special screws. Alternatively, you can use pre-installed special expansion plugs. If using the press-fit method, use a special machine to expand the hinge seat expansion plug and then press it in directly.

3. Cabinet Door Hinge Installation:

If you don't have installation tools, it is recommended to use a tool-free installation method for cabinet door hinges. This method allows for quick installation without the need for any tools. Start by connecting the hinge base and the hinge arm at the lower left position. Then buckle down the tail of the hinge arm and gently press the hinge arm to complete the installation. To open the door, simply press lightly on the left empty space to release the hinge arm.

Over time, cabinet door hinges may experience rust or become loose, leading to improper closure. It is advisable to replace them with new hinges to ensure proper functionality and peace of mind.

To summarize the process, here are the steps to install cabinet door hinges:

1. Determine the minimum door margin based on the hinge type and door thickness.

2. Select the appropriate number of hinges based on the width, height, and weight of the door panel.

3. Choose hinges that are suitable for the shape and opening angle of the cabinet.

4. Decide on the installation method based on the desired door coverage and position.

5. Install the hinge cup using screws or a tool-free method.

6. Install the hinge seat using screws or a press-fit method.

7. Install the cabinet door hinges using a tool-free installation method or traditional installation with tools.

8. Regularly check the hinges for rust or looseness and replace them if needed.

In conclusion, the installation of cabinet door hinges is essential for the proper functioning of cabinets. By following the appropriate installation methods and techniques, you can ensure a secure and reliable connection between cabinet doors and cabinets.

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