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The Hinge Installation Method and How to Install Cabinet Door Hinges

Another name for cabinet door hinges is simply hinges. These are commonly used to connect our cabinets and cabinet doors, and they are a popular hardware accessory. Cabinet door hinges are subjected to a significant amount of pressure as we open and close our cabinets multiple times a day. Installing cabinet door hinges correctly is crucial for their proper functioning and longevity. In this article, I will provide an overview of the installation method for cabinet door hinges.

First and foremost, we need to install the hinge cup. This can be done by using screws that are specifically designed for this purpose. It is essential to choose flat countersunk head chipboard self-tapping screws to fix the hinge cup securely. Alternatively, some hinge cups come with an eccentric expansion plug, allowing for tool-free installation. To install the hinge cup using this method, simply use your hands to press it into the pre-drilled hole in the cabinet panel. Then, pull the decorative cover to attach the hinge cup. The process for uninstalling the hinge cup is the same.

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Once the hinge cup is installed, we need to proceed with installing the hinge plate. This can also be done using screws. It is recommended to use particleboard screws or European-style special screws for this purpose. Another option is to use pre-installed special expansion plugs. The hinge plate can be fixed and installed securely using any of these methods. Another way to install the hinge plate is by using a press-fitting method. This involves using a special machine to expand the hinge plate's plug, and then pressing it directly into place. This method is particularly convenient.

Finally, we need to install the cabinet door hinges themselves. If you do not have any installation tools, I recommend using the tool-free installation method for cabinet door hinges. This method is ideal for quickly installing cabinet door hinges without the need for any tools. Start by connecting the hinge base and hinge arm at the lower left position. Then, fold down the tail of the hinge arm and gently press it until it locks into place. To open the door, simply apply gentle pressure on the empty space on the left side to release the hinge arm.

Over time, cabinet door hinges can become rusty, leading to improper door closure. If your cabinet door hinges are not closing tightly, it is advisable to replace them with new ones for added peace of mind and functionality.

In summary, the installation method for cabinet door hinges involves installing the hinge cup, hinge plate, and the hinges themselves. It is important to follow the correct installation procedure to ensure the proper functioning of your cabinet doors. The tool-free installation method is recommended for quick installation without the need for tools. If you are unsure about the installation process, it is best to seek professional assistance to avoid any potential issues in the future.

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