How much do you know about hinges? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

The full cover and half cover of a hinge refer to how much of the vertical plate of the cabinet body is visible when the cabinet door is closed. In full cover hinges, the vertical plate is completely hidden, whereas in half cover hinges, the door panel only covers half of the vertical plate, running parallel to the inside and outside of the cabinet.

When it comes to the top ten hinge brands in China, some reputable options include Blum, Oriton, DTC, GTO, Dinggu, Yajie, Mingmen, Huitailong, Hfele, and Tallsen.

To adjust a hinge, you need to focus on the screws inside and outside the cabinet. The outer screws help in adjusting the distance between the two doors, while the inner screws mainly play a fixed role. Gently screw the inner screws without tightening them too much. Then, close the two doors and check if they appear straight. If the upper end of the left door seems tilted inward, loosen the inner screws and simultaneously tighten the outer screws until the door is straight.

How much do you know about hinges? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

When it comes to the type of hinge that is better, hydraulic hinges are recommended. These hinges come with a buffer function and a spring inside, allowing the door to open normally and close slowly. They also reduce noise and protect doors and cabinets. However, hydraulic hinges tend to be slightly more expensive.

The middle bend, straight bend, and large bend are different classifications of furniture hinges. The medium bend covers the cabinet door frame by around 8mm, the straight bend covers it by approximately 16mm, and the large bend doesn't cover the door frame, usually being installed inside the cabinet door frame.

The terms "self-unloading" and "no self-unloading" refer to the ease of dismantling a door from the hinge. Quick-release hinges allow the door to be removed with one hand, while non-quick-release hinges require the removal of screws. It is advisable not to choose self-unloading hinges as they are more prone to breakage. Some workers may suggest buying self-unloading hinges to save trouble, but they are not as durable in the long run.

In summary, the full cover and half cover of a hinge determine the visibility of the cabinet body's vertical plate when the door is closed. China's top ten hinge brands include Blum, Oriton, DTC, GTO, Dinggu, Yajie, Mingmen, Huitailong, Hfele, and Tallsen. Adjusting hinges involves manipulating the inner and outer screws to ensure straight door alignment. Hydraulic hinges are preferred for their buffer function, noise reduction, and protection of doors and cabinets. Furniture hinges are categorized as medium bend, straight bend, or large bend. Self-unloading hinges allow for easy dismantling, but they tend to be less durable than those requiring screw removal.

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