How to Choose a Bathroom Cabinet Hinge_Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

In the process of frequent opening and closing of bathroom cabinet doors, the hinges of the bathroom cabinets undergo significant testing. Besides considering the accurate arrangement of the bathroom cabinets and the weight of the cabinet doors themselves, choosing the right hinges is crucial. Unfortunately, many users tend to overlook this aspect. This article aims to address this blind spot by elaborating on the selection method of bathroom cabinet door hinges from three key aspects.

1. Material and Quality:

The material and quality of hinges are vital considerations. While there are various hinge types available, the buffer hydraulic hinge is currently among the best options. It offers smooth and soft opening and closing motions. To judge the quality of a hinge, there are some points to consider. Firstly, examine the lines and surface treatment of the hinge. Only reliable and powerful manufacturers can meticulously accomplish this. Additionally, pay attention to the closing speed of the hinge and determine if it is consistent and devoid of any jamming sensations. Lastly, it is recommended to test the hinge's anti-rust ability through a salt spray test.

How to Choose a Bathroom Cabinet Hinge_Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

2. Card Position:

When it comes to the hinge's card position, there are generally two-point and three-point hinges. Three-point hinges are preferable as they allow the door to stay at any angle when open, preventing the need for excessive effort to open or abrupt closures. This feature is particularly crucial for lift-up wall cabinet doors, ensuring their safe use.

3. Opening Angle:

Hinge opening angles can range from 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 180 degrees, to 270 degrees. The choice of opening angle depends on the specific requirements of the cabinet assembly. Hinges are categorized into full cover (straight plate), half cover (small bend), and no cover (large bend or embedded) based on their design. It is crucial to understand the characteristics of these hinges when making a selection to avoid purchasing hinges that are incompatible or unsuitable for the intended purpose.

By taking these three aspects into account when selecting bathroom cabinet door hinges, users can ensure optimal functionality and longevity of their cabinets. The material and quality of the hinges play a significant role in determining their durability and smooth operation. Additionally, the card position and opening angle of the hinges contribute to ease of use and overall safety. Therefore, it is essential not to overlook the importance of choosing the right hinges for bathroom cabinets.

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