How to choose buffer hydraulic hinge? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

The buffer hydraulic hinge is a type of hinge that utilizes the buffer performance of liquid, resulting in an ideal buffer effect. Its soft and silent closing function, as well as its ability to prevent pinching accidents, has gained a large number of users since its introduction to the market. However, there have been reports from some users stating that the hydraulic function of the hinge is lost after prolonged usage. This has led many customers to decide against purchasing this type of hinge in the future.

The question arises: is the technology of cushioning hydraulic hinges not perfect? Or, are some manufacturers producing inferior products intentionally to confuse customers? Numerous experiments have shown that a qualified buffer hydraulic hinge does not exhibit the issues mentioned by customers. It seems that the problem lies with either the technology or the manufacturing process.

To address this issue, Tallsen mechanical hinge manufacturer is here to introduce how to choose and buy buffer hydraulic hinges correctly. Firstly, it is important to consider the anti-rust ability of the hinge. This can be assessed through a salt spray test, where the hinge should show minimal signs of rust after 48 hours. This ensures the longevity of the hinge and its smooth functioning over time.

How to choose buffer hydraulic hinge? _Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

Another factor to consider is the speed of closing the door. A qualified buffer hydraulic hinge should provide a consistent and even closing speed. This ensures that the door closes smoothly without any sudden jerks or noise.

Furthermore, the appearance of the hinge should be taken into account. Manufacturers with mature technology tend to pay more attention to the overall appearance of their products. The lines and surfaces should be handled well, and there should be no visible deep digging marks or excessive scratches. This quality control demonstrates the technical advantages of powerful manufacturers.

Tallsen, as one of the leading manufacturers, upholds the goal of providing high-quality buffer hydraulic hinges. This visit provides a great opportunity for Tallsen to showcase both its hard and soft power, serving as strong evidence of its comprehensive capabilities. Tallsen has been a leader in the industry for years and is highly recognized by customers for passing several certifications at home and abroad.

In conclusion, when choosing buffer hydraulic hinges, it is crucial to consider their anti-rust ability, the evenness of the door closure speed, and the overall appearance. By selecting hinges from reputable manufacturers like Tallsen, customers can ensure that they receive high-quality products without experiencing any issues with the hydraulic function over time.

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