How to choose the cabinet door hinge? what hinges for cabinet doors 1

When it comes to choosing cabinet door hinges, it's important to consider several factors before making a decision. While cost is often a consideration, it's important not to choose cheap hinges that may be of poor quality. Cabinet door hinges are usually categorized as positioning hinges or hydraulic hinges, and they come in various materials such as stainless steel and semi-stainless steel. It's recommended to opt for retail hinges that don't exceed ten yuan each for the best quality.

There are different types of cabinet door hinges available, including large bend, medium bend, and straight hinges. The difference between full cover and semi-shrouded hinges lies in the coverage of the door panels over the side panels of the cabinet. For a full cover hinge, the door panels fully cover the side panels, leaving a gap between the two to allow for smooth opening. In contrast, a semi-shrouded hinge is used when two doors share a side panel, and there is a minimum required gap between them, resulting in a reduced distance covered by each door. This requires the use of hinges with bent arms.

Adjusting cabinet door hinges is also an important aspect to consider. There are several adjustment methods available. Firstly, you can adjust the door coverage distance by turning the screw to the right to decrease the coverage distance or to the left to increase it. Secondly, the depth can be adjusted directly and continuously using an eccentric screw. The height can be adjusted precisely through a height-adjustable hinge base. Finally, the spring force can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the door. This is particularly important when dealing with tall and heavy doors or narrow doors and glass doors.

How to choose the cabinet door hinge? what hinges for cabinet doors
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When it comes to installing cabinet door hinges, there are several steps to follow. First, you need to determine the minimum door margin, which depends on the type of hinge, hinge cup margin, and the thickness of the door panel. The number of hinges used should be determined based on the width, height, and weight of the door panel. It's also important to select hinges that are suitable for the shape of the cabinet, taking into consideration the opening angle and convenience of accessing items. The installation method can be full cover, half cover, or embedded, depending on the position of the door side and the side panel.

The installation process involves hinge cup installation, hinge seat installation, and cabinet door hinge installation. To adjust the door panel, you can slide the hinge arm position back and forth by loosening the fixing screws on the hinge base or hinge seat. There is usually an adjustment range of 2.8mm. For quick-mounted hinge seats, there may be an eccentric cam that can be rotated to achieve adjustment without loosening other parts' fixing screws.

In conclusion, choosing the right cabinet door hinges is crucial for the functionality and durability of your cabinets. It's important to consider factors such as material quality, smoothness of operation, and the specific needs of your cabinets. By following the proper installation and adjustment methods, you can ensure that your cabinet doors function properly and meet your requirements.

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