How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges 1

The Types of Furniture Hinges

1. Detachable Type and Fixed Type:

Hinges can be classified into detachable type and fixed type based on their base type. Detachable hinges can be easily removed, making it convenient to disassemble or replace furniture parts. Fixed hinges, on the other hand, are permanently attached to the furniture.

How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges
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2. Slide-In Type and Snap-In Type:

The arm body of hinges can be categorized into slide-in type and snap-in type. Slide-in hinges have arms that slide into the base, while snap-in hinges have arms that snap into place. Both types provide secure and stable support for doors or panels.

3. Full Cover, Half Cover, and Built-In Position:

Hinges are also classified based on the cover position of the door panel. Full cover hinges completely cover the side panels of the furniture, providing a seamless appearance. Half cover hinges partially cover the side panels, leaving a small gap for smooth door opening. Built-in hinges hide inside the furniture, with the doors and side panels parallel to each other.

4. One-Stage Force Hinge, Two-Stage Force Hinge, and Hydraulic Buffer Hinge:

How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges
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Hinges can be categorized according to their development stage. One-stage force hinges provide a consistent force throughout the opening and closing motion. Two-stage force hinges have different force levels for the initial opening and final closing. Hydraulic buffer hinges contain internal mechanisms that slow down and dampen the closing motion, providing a soft and silent closing experience.

5. Opening Angle:

Hinges can differ based on their opening angle. The standard opening angle for hinges is around 95-110 degrees, but there are also special angles available, such as 45 degrees, 135 degrees, and 175 degrees. The opening angle of the hinge should be chosen based on the specific requirements of the furniture.

6. Types of Hinges:

There are various types of hinges available, including ordinary one-stage and two-stage force hinges, short arm hinges, 26-cup miniature hinges, marble hinges, aluminum frame door hinges, special angle hinges, glass hinges, rebound hinges, American hinges, damping hinges, and more. Each type of hinge is designed for specific furniture applications and offers different features and functions.

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