How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges

Types of furniture hinges

1. According to the base type, it is divided into two types: detachable type and fixed type. Detachable hinges allow for easy removal and installation of doors or panels, while fixed hinges are permanently attached.

2. According to the type of arm body, it is divided into two types: slide-in type and snap-in type. Slide-in hinges are inserted into pre-drilled holes and slide into place, while snap-in hinges snap into position without the need for screws or fasteners.

How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges

3. According to the cover position of the door panel, it is divided into full cover, half cover, and built-in hinges. Full cover hinges fully cover the side panels of the cabinet, providing a seamless look. Half cover hinges partially cover the side panels, leaving a small gap. Built-in hinges are concealed within the cabinet, hiding the door panel completely when closed.

4. According to the development stage of the hinge, it is divided into one-stage force hinge, two-stage force hinge, and hydraulic buffer hinge. One-stage force hinges provide basic functionality, two-stage force hinges offer additional strength, and hydraulic buffer hinges provide soft closing and opening functions.

5. According to the opening angle of the hinge, hinges can have different opening angles ranging from 45 degrees to 175 degrees. The most common opening angles are 95-110 degrees.

6. According to the type of hinge, there are various types including ordinary one-stage and two-stage force hinges, short arm hinges, 26-cup miniature hinges, marble hinges, aluminum frame door hinges, special angle hinges, glass hinges, rebound hinges, American hinges, damping hinges, etc. These hinges serve specific purposes and are designed for different types of furniture.

7. According to different places of use, hinges can be divided into general hinges, spring hinges, door hinges, and other specialized hinges. General hinges are used for cabinet doors, windows, and doors. Spring hinges are mainly used for cabinet doors and wardrobe doors. Door hinges are specifically designed for doors. Other specialized hinges include countertop hinges, flap hinges, and glass hinges.

How to distinguish several hinges (types of furniture hinges

In conclusion, there are various types of furniture hinges available, each serving a specific purpose and having different features. When choosing a hinge, it is important to consider

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