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The installation of hinges may seem like a small and inconspicuous project, but it plays a crucial role in the overall production of cabinets or doors. Unfortunately, it is often ignored, resulting in inaccurate hinge positions, uneven groove sizes and depths, untidy edges, and frequent issues with driving in wood screws. This can directly affect the comfort and usability of the final product.

To ensure a proper hinge installation, it is important to follow a few key steps. Firstly, the hinge device should be marked according to the hinge model used. This will ensure that the size and depth of the hinge groove are consistent. The hinge position should be approximately 1/10th of the height of the upper and lower ends of the door or window, or at a distance twice the length of the hinge from the two ends of the panel.

When installing the hinges, it is essential to have a square and neat edge for the hinge device. Additionally, when driving in wood screws, they should only be inserted halfway using a hammer, and then fully screwed in. This will prevent any damage or instability caused by over-tightened screws.

How to install hinges correctly_Company News_Tallsen

In this article, we will focus on the installation method of lower hinges for both steel and wood doors and cabinet doors.

For steel and wood doors, there are generally two types of hinges used – flat hinges and letter hinges. Flat hinges are more widely used and are subjected to greater stress. It is recommended to use ball bearing hinges (with a knot in the middle of the shaft) to reduce friction at the joint, ensuring smooth and noiseless opening and closing. It is not advisable to use mother-in-law hinges on steel and wood doors as they are not as strong and are designed for lighter doors such as PVC ones, which do not require the process of opening grooves on the door to install hinges.

Hinges come in various specifications, denoted by their length, width, and thickness when opened. The most common length is 4" or 100mm, with the width and thickness determined by the door's dimensions and weight. For lightweight hollow doors, a 2.5mm thick hinge is sufficient, while solid and heavy doors require a 3mm thick hinge. It is important to ensure that the hinges used are of the appropriate thickness and high quality.

When it comes to cabinet door hinge installation, the process differs slightly. First, mark the position for drilling using an installation measuring board or carpenter's pencil, usually with a 5mm edge distance. Then, use a pistol drill or woodworking hole opener to drill a 35mm hinge cup installation hole on the door panel. The drilling depth should be around 12mm.

Next, insert the hinge into the hinge cup hole on the door panel and secure it with self-tapping screws. Once the hinge is embedded in the cup hole, open it and align the side panel, fixing the base with screws. Finally, test the opening and closing of the cabinet door. Most hinges can be adjusted in six directions, ensuring that the doors are properly aligned and the gaps are consistent. The ideal gap after installation and closing is generally around 2mm.

Tallsen's hinges are highly regarded in the industry due to their multiple types, excellent workmanship, superior quality, and affordable price. Their commitment to production management and quality control has earned them a good reputation in the industry.

In conclusion, the installation of hinges should not be overlooked during cabinet or door production. Accurate hinge positioning, consistent groove sizes and depths, neat edges, and proper screw driving are essential for user comfort and satisfaction. By following the correct installation methods and using high-quality hinges like Tallsen's, manufacturers can ensure the durability and functionality of their products.

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