How to repair the broken hinge of the cabinet door (how to repair the broken hinge of the wardrobe d1

There are various ways to repair a broken wardrobe door hinge. One common method is to simply replace the hinge with a new one. However, instead of reinstalling the new hinge in the original position, it is recommended to make some adjustments to ensure that it is firm and does not fall off. Here's how you can go about repairing the hinge:

1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the screws on the hinge.

2. Assess the problem: If the hinge is causing the door to close loosely, it means that it is not installed properly. In this case, you can use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust it.

How to repair the broken hinge of the cabinet door (how to repair the broken hinge of the wardrobe d1 1

3. Adjust the bottom screw: Use the screwdriver to turn the screw at the bottom of the hinge clockwise to push the kitchen door forward. This adjustment is suitable for situations where the door is dented after closing.

4. Adjust the right screw: Turn the screw on the right side of the hinge clockwise to make the lower end of the door tilt inward. This adjustment is suitable for situations where there is a gap in the upper part of the door after closing.

5. Adjust the first screw: The first screw on the hinge is used to make the door protrude outward. Turn the screw clockwise to achieve this adjustment. The screw on the left is used to fix it in place.

It's important to note that the above method is for repairing a wardrobe door hinge. If the connection between the cabinet door and the hinge is completely broken, you may need to consider replacing the entire hinge assembly.

When selecting a cabinet hinge, there are a few key points to consider:

How to repair the broken hinge of the cabinet door (how to repair the broken hinge of the wardrobe d1 2

1. Material: Look for hinges made of cold-rolled steel, which have a thick feel, smooth surface, and are resistant to rust. These hinges are durable and have a strong load-bearing capacity, ensuring that the door stretches freely and closes tightly. Avoid hinges made of thin iron sheets that are welded, as they tend to lose their elasticity over time and can lead to loose or cracked cabinet doors.

2. Hand feel: Different hinges have different hand feels. High-quality hinges have a soft force when opening the cabinet door and provide a uniform rebound force when closed. They should be easy to use and durable, ensuring that the door stays securely closed.

In addition to wardrobe door hinges, there may be instances where other door hinges in your home break or require maintenance. Here are some additional tips for repairing various types of door hinges:

- Bathroom door hinge: If the hinge on the bathroom door is broken, you can start by opening the door and hugging it while lifting it up. This may require some effort, but once the door is lifted, you can remove it from the hinges. Clean any rust on the hinge, apply anti-rust oil and lubricating oil, and then screw the new hinge directly into place.

- Hydraulic hinge: Repairing a broken hydraulic hinge follows a similar process to other hinges. Open the door, lift it up, remove the old hinge, clean any rust, apply anti-rust oil and lubricating oil, and then install the new hinge.

It's worth noting that if you are not confident in repairing or replacing hinges yourself, it's always helpful to consult a professional or seek assistance from a specialized hardware store. They can provide guidance and ensure that the repair is done correctly.

In conclusion, repairing a broken wardrobe door hinge involves adjusting the existing hinge or replacing it with a new one. Selecting high-quality hinges made of durable materials is essential to ensure longevity and proper functioning.

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