How to take out the slide rail drawer (how to take out the push-pull drawer

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Drawers are an essential piece of furniture in our homes, and it's important to not only clean the surface but also maintain the inside to keep it in good condition. Cleaning the drawers regularly is essential for the longevity of the furniture and the items stored inside.

To remove and reinstall the drawers, start by emptying out all the contents of the drawer. Once the drawer is empty, pull it out to its full extent. On the side of the drawer, you will find a small wrench or lever. These mechanisms may differ slightly depending on the drawer, but the basic principle remains the same.

How to take out the slide rail drawer (how to take out the push-pull drawer

To remove the drawer, locate the wrench and remove it by either pushing upwards or downwards. Use both hands to gently pull out the wrench from the top and bottom simultaneously. Once the wrench is detached, the drawer can be easily taken out.

To reinstall the drawer, simply align the drawer with the slide rails and push it back into place. Make sure it slides in smoothly without any resistance. Once in place, give it a gentle push to ensure it is securely installed.

Regular maintenance of the drawers is crucial to keep them in good condition. Start by cleaning the drawer regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface and remove any debris or dust. Be careful not to leave any moisture behind as it can lead to corrosion of the drawer and damage the items stored inside. After wiping the drawer, dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth before placing the items back inside.

It is also important to avoid exposing the drawer to corrosive gases or liquids. This is especially true if the drawer is made of iron, wood, or plastic. Contact with corrosive substances can lead to damage and rot. Be cautious and avoid placing corrosive objects near the drawers to prevent any damage.

Now let's discuss the process of removing the drawer slides. There are different types of slide rails, such as three-section tracks or sheet metal slide rails. To remove the drawer slides, follow these steps:

How to take out the slide rail drawer (how to take out the push-pull drawer

1. First, determine the type of slide rail used in your drawer. In the case of a three-section track, gently pull out the cabinet. Be cautious and check for any sharp objects protruding from the sides of the cabinet, commonly known as plastic bullet cards. Press down on the plastic bullet cards to release the cabinet. You will hear a distinct sound indicating that it has been unlocked. Once unlocked, the cabinet can be easily taken out. Make sure to keep the cabinet level and avoid using excessive force to prevent damage to the tracks on both sides. Adjust the position of the cabinet as needed before reinstalling it.

2. If you have sheet metal slide rails, start by pulling out the cabinet carefully while keeping it stable. Look for any pointed buttons and try pressing them down with your hands. If you feel a click, it means the button has been released. Gently take out the cabinet, keeping it flat to avoid causing damage to the track. Check the drawer's track slide for any deformations or issues. If there are any deformations, adjust the position and fix them before reinstalling the drawer using the original method.

In conclusion, maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of drawers is crucial for the overall maintenance of furniture. By regularly cleaning the drawers and being cautious about potential damage from corrosive substances, we can prolong the lifespan of our furniture and keep our homes organized.

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