Pictures of invisible door locks

The invisible door closes automatically, what kind of hinge can be fixed when it is opened

Pictures of invisible door locks

Hello, generally speaking, the invisible door is used on the door next to the TV background wall, and it needs to be normally closed to achieve the invisible effect. However, the invisible door cannot have a handle from the outside, so a hinge that will automatically close is required .For example, the door closer hinge is a hinge with the effect of a door closer. It has a buffer and a door stopper. When the door is opened to 90 degrees, it can stop there and achieve better ventilation.

Hinge, hidden door to solve the problem of no handle, first of all, the handle is used to pull the door, there is no way to close the door without a handle, so there must be a device that can automatically close the door to replace the automatic door lock handle You can not wear it.

2. The door, the door needs to be installed on the wall. First of all, there are various doors with different patterns and shapes. The only one is installed on the door frame. When the door is closed, it must Once the wall is flat, the only way is to move the door forward, keep the wall in a horizontal position, and then after installation, make various patterns on the door that are the same as the wall to hide the existence of the door.

3. Door locks, door locks are also very critical. When the bathroom is hidden, a lock must be installed inside to avoid embarrassment. The hidden lock must have nothing on the outside. There can be knobs and handles on the inside. There is nothing on the outside. There is no way to lock the door. Some netizens said that there is no handle and keyhole outside, so there is no way to lock the door. Will it be blown open by the wind? This problem is very serious. If you want not to blow the door open, see the detailed explanation below.

4. If you want to make a hidden door, the most critical, most important, and most difficult part is to solve the automatic closing device, that is the hinge. There are many kinds of automatic closing hinges, including spring hinges and ordinary hinges. Hinges, but they cant be used. The spring hinges have no cushioning function. It is easy to close the door and damage it, and it is easy to pinch the childs hand. Do not use it.

What brand of invisible remote lock locks the door well?

The invisible door lock is the door lock used on the invisible door.

Door lock selection skills

1. Look at the materials

Lock materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and no discoloration, and is the best lock-making material; copper is more versatile, has superior mechanical properties, and is relatively expensive; high-quality zinc alloy Strong and wear-resistant, strong corrosion resistance, and easy to form, mostly used for mid-range locks.

When people buy locks, they are generally worried that the locks are not durable or the surface will rust or oxidize after a short time. This problem is related to the materials and surface treatment of the locks.

From the perspective of lock durability, the best material should be stainless steel, especially as a surface material, the more it is used, the brighter it is. It has good strength, strong corrosion resistance, and unchanged color. However, there are many kinds of stainless steel, which can be mainly divided into Ferritic and austenitic. Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic, commonly known as stainless iron. It will rust after a long time and the environment is not good. Only austenitic stainless steel will not rust. The identification method is very simple. Use a magnet Try to identify it.

Copper locks are one of the most widely used lock materials. They have good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and processing performance, and bright colors, especially copper forged lock handles and other lock decorations. The surface is smooth, the density is good, and there is no Pores, trachoma. It is strong and anti-rust. It can be used for various surface treatments such as 24K gold or placer gold. Copper locks look magnificent, noble and generous, adding a lot of color to people's homes.

The strength and rust resistance of zinc alloy material locks are much worse, but its advantage is that it is easy to make parts with complex patterns, especially pressure casting. The locks with more complex patterns seen on the market are likely to be made of zinc alloy Yes, consumers should carefully identify.

Second, look at the surface treatment

Surface treatment is roughly divided into three types: electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through surface treatment, a dense protective film is formed on the surface of the product, which plays the role of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, making the product more beautiful and durable. It is also a standard for measuring product quality, quality Good locks are mostly electroplated, the coating is fine and smooth, uniform and moderate, bright in color, without bubbles, rust and oxidation signs.

3. Look at the implementation standards

Foreign countries have very strict standards for hardware locks, so the quality of imported products is relatively higher. At present, the Ministry of Light Industry has used some foreign standards to revise the original GB to the current higher requirements of QB. Manufacturers with brands The QB standard is already being implemented, and small manufacturers are still implementing the original GB standard. When purchasing, it is necessary to find out the implementation standard of the product.

Fourth, look at the feel

You can feel the quality of the lock with your hands. Generally speaking, the thicker the lock, the heavier the material used for the lock cylinder is, the thicker it is, wear-resistant, and the quality is relatively higher. On the contrary, the material is thin and easy to damage.; the lock body cannot If the tip is exposed, it is easy to hurt people, especially pay attention to the three positions of the end of the lock handle, the lock tongue and the four corners of the lock body; the lock with a good lock spring is flexible to open, high in sensitivity, and has a long service life.

Five, look at the surface

Look at the surface finish of the lock, whether it is delicate and smooth, without spots.

6. Trial

Open it repeatedly to see the sensitivity of the lock cylinder spring.

Seven, choose the brand

Try to buy locks with high brand awareness to ensure quality and durability. There are so many brands of interior door locks on the market, good brand locks are good in quality and after-sales, and the most important thing is peace of mind.

8. Look at the deadbolt

When you buy a lock, you will find that the lock tongue has several different shapes. What impact does this have on the installation and use of the lock? According to experts, each lock tongue has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that you buy the lock tongue according to Locks produced according to national standards. The larger the lock tongue, the better the anti-theft performance, and the larger the opening, it will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also cause greater damage to the door. In addition, the service life of the two-way indented lock tongue is longer than that of the one-way indented The life of the lock tongue is short, but the safety is relatively high. You can choose according to the actual needs. The lock tongue mainly depends on the manufacturer's workmanship. If there is no obvious gap between the lock tongue and the lock tongue mouth, it means that the workmanship is good; There is a large gap in the lock tongue opening, and even obvious looseness, indicating that the manufacturer's workmanship is not meticulous, and its quality is average.

Nine, look at the metal lock piece

In addition, please note that there is an inconspicuous metal unlocking piece in the new lock you bought. Dont underestimate it. If the key is lost or the lock is faulty, the lock can be easily removed and replaced with the locking piece. Remove the keyless end of the unlocking piece, remove the handle, then pull out the other end with the key, and install a new lock without damaging other parts.

How to install invisible door locks for home improvement

first introduce

invisible door


invisible door

There are roughly two types of methods. One is to make a sliding door and connect it with a storage room. It is often used to hide corridors, bathrooms, etc. If you use a sliding door, you may not need to install a lock, so there will be no Requirements for door locks. The other is open and close doors, which are often made to match the wall, or pasted with the same wallpaper as the surrounding walls. The following are the common ones I collected

invisible door


How to install the lock of the open and close invisible door?

Pictures of invisible door locks

Open and close invisible door lock installation method one

There is nothing on the side to achieve the invisible effect, and the invisible effect is the best. If you want to achieve such an effect, that is to say, the door must be pushed inward, and you must push it directly with your hands, then you must consider how the door is pushed in. After the room, how to close the room. There are two methods that can be used: first, install a door closer on the back of the door (as shown in the figure). The function of the closer is that when you push in, the hand Release it, and the closer will close the door slowly. You dont need to pull it. That is to say, the door is always closed. But some TX families hope that the door can be opened sometimes for ventilation. At this time You need to buy a positioning type closer, that is, when the door is pushed to 90 degrees or above, it can be automatically positioned and kept open. And it is best to install a door stopper. It is said that this is better for the closer. It saves effort. .In this way, the situation when the door is pushed from the outside to the inside is solved. Then, in the case of opening the sliding door from the inside, it is necessary to install a handle on the non-invisible side. There is a special door handle, pay attention, and the general cabinet The handles are different. Those cabinet handles have to pierce through the door panels and are fixed inside, while our door has nothing on the side facing the outside, so you should pay attention when choosing. But if the inside of the door is a bedroom , we must consider a privacy issue, because if you dont install a door lock, you cant lock it, so remember to install a hidden bolt inside. Of course, you can also install an exposed bolt, but it doesnt look good. Hidden bolts It is similar to the insurance of a general lock. Once you turn it, the door will be closed. It cannot be opened from the outside. It may cause children or the elderly to accidentally lock themselves inside. Generally speaking, it is not a big problem. This kind of hidden bolt is called "invisible door lock".

To sum up, if you want to make a door that is completely invisible from the outside, you can install a hidden bolt, a door closer, and a handle on the back (if you think it is okay to use the hidden bolt as a handle to open the door, you dont need to buy a handle) and a Door stopper (this can also be omitted). The advantage of this is that no lock can be seen from the outside of the door, but the door cannot be locked from the outside, only the door can be locked from the inside. It is more suitable for invisible doors that hide bedrooms. The price of a good closer may be Its a bit more expensive, but for things like hardware, you get what you pay for. I havent compared it, so its hard to publish it. I went to a physical store and saw that there are door hinges with closures, but the price is seven or eight hundred. I'm not very willing. If you buy this kind of hinge with closing function, then you don't need a closer and it's more beautiful.

Open and close invisible door lock installation method two

Install a handle on the front of the hidden door. It can be a small one. It is not very obvious. In this case, there is no problem with pushing the door in and closing it from the outside. It is not necessary to install a closer. The back of the door is the same, it can be It can be installed with a latch and a door stopper. But the problem is that after the door is closed, it may not be able to fix it. It is very likely that a gust of wind will blow the door open, and naturally the invisible effect will not be achieved. At this time, you can consider buying a bumper. Beads, installed in the position of the door lock, can achieve the effect of closing the door.

Open and close invisible door lock installation method three

Install a lock on the invisible door. It is better to install the lock as usual. In this case, the invisible effect may not be obvious. There are several options for this lock. One is the most common lock, and the other is the so-called invisible lock. There is a one-sided lock, also known as a dead head lock. The hidden side has only a round hole, and the other side is a door turn similar to a deadbolt.

I conclude: about

invisible door

After reading the article, you have a certain understanding of the installation method of the door lock.

invisible door

needs, we must communicate more with the designer, and finally determine an optimal plan, so that the home

invisible door

Present the best effect. I believe most people still want to pretend

invisible door

Dont have anything on the front, so that the concealment is better. This is the first method I mentioned in the most detail. I hope it can be of some help to everyone.

May I ask how to install the invisible door lock?

In today's interior decoration, almost every household does not see the old-fashioned locks. New locks such as automatic door locks, electronic door locks, fingerprint door locks, etc. have become the mainstream of the lock market. Among them, the Automatic door locks are the most popular among consumers. Automatic door locks have strong security, and more importantly, automatic door locks can automatically sense the opening and closing status of the facade, and automatically lock when the door is closed. For urbanites, it saves the step of deliberately locking the door and the trouble of forgetting to lock the door when going out. It has become the first choice for more and more families. If you want to change to an automatic door lock at home, then you should How to install it?

Preparations before installation

To install automatic door locks, you must first understand some knowledge about automatic door locks: automatic door locks require that the depth of the door cavity should not be less than 110mm, the total thickness of the door body should not be less than 40mm, the width of the slotted hole of the lock body should not be less than 30mm, and the side of the door leaf should not be less than 110mm. The gap with the lock surface of the door frame should not be greater than 6mm. At the same time, check whether the sky and earth lock on the door frame and the side lock body can move up and down flexibly, and the sky and earth rod should not be bent.


Preparation of installation tools

Secondly, to start the preparation of the installation tools, you need 1 wire pliers, 1 needle-nose pliers, 1 180 angle grinder, 1 electric drill, 1 half-round file, 1 flashlight, 1 measuring tape, and 1 electric socket. , 3 twist drill bits, 2 hole saws, 1 hand punch, 1 multimeter, 1 roll of electrical tape, and some accessories for automatic door locks.


Difference between left unlocking and right unlocking

Before installing the automatic door lock, it is also necessary to determine whether it is left-handed or right-handed. The specific method of determination is as follows: a person stands outside the door, facing the door, the door is fixed on the left, the handle outside the lock faces to the left, and there is no In the case of control, if the outer handle is pressed and the bolt is not retracted, it is unlocked from the left; similarly, if a person stands outside the door and faces the door, the door is fixed on the right, and the outer handle of the lock faces to the right. In the absence of any control, if the lock tongue of the outer handle is pressed and does not retract, it is unlocked from the right.


Diagram of installation steps

(The above illustrations are for reference only, please refer to the specific lock manual)

Since different automatic door locks have different structures, this article cannot list them one by one, but the general principles are the same. It should be noted that if it is a new door, it is necessary to install the lock after the paint is dry, because some paint It will corrode and oxidize the surface of the lock; remember to determine the opening and closing direction of the door before installing the automatic door lock; there are many accessories for automatic door locks, and many of them are similar, so you need to carefully follow the instructions when installing. , installation, so as to avoid confusion and affect subsequent installation and use. After the automatic door lock is installed, you can use a soft cloth dampened with clean water and wring it out, then gently wipe the door lock, and you can use the bright and clean automatic door lock with confidence.

What is a bathroom invisible door

The bathroom invisible door is a door without a door frame, without a lock, and without a handle on the outside. After closing, it is not easy to directly observe the shape, size, and style of the door.

In terms of objective visual experience, the invisible door can be integrated with the wall, making the overall design of the wall more complete. When others look at it, it gives others an illusion that it is not a door.

Under normal circumstances, if the door of the bathroom is directly facing the living room or dining room, which makes people feel uncomfortable, an invisible door will be installed to avoid embarrassing scenes.

Extended information

Precautions for installing invisible doors

1. Use an automatic door closer to solve the problem of opening and closing the door;

2. Use single-sided door locks (for invisible doors);

3. Don't be greedy for cheap, the quality of the hinge must be good to ensure the service life of the invisible door;

4. Generally, the effect of dark color will be better than the invisible effect of light color;

5. It is best to have a drawing seam to cover the door seam to achieve a better effect;

6. Be sure to hire a carpenter with good technology and experience in making invisible doors.

What is an invisible door lock

1. The invisible door lock is the door lock used on the invisible door.

2. The invisible door is a door that does not need a door frame, no lock, and no handle on the outside. After closing, it is not easy to directly observe the shape, size, and style of the door. The invisible door can be closed by itself with a reset device.

3. The invisible door is to hide the door. When others see it, it will give others an illusion that it is not a door. Of course, the most important part of the invisible door is to hide it. I saw many netizens. The hidden door is very good. Beautiful, the only downside is the door handles.

Extended information:

Tips for choosing smart invisible door locks every day:

1. Conciseness and practicality are the most important. Smart door locks are household durable products and are used on various doors. The first principle of selection is simplicity and practicality.

2. Paying attention to safety is the essence. The essence of the door lock is safety. When choosing a smart door lock, you should choose a product with a sound system and a password that is not easy to be cracked.

3. Can cope with complex environments. Smart door locks will be affected by the environment, such as wireless signal docking, signal interference, signal shielding, etc. Therefore, when choosing a smart door lock, it is necessary to check whether the door lock can provide a safe and stable use environment.

4. After strict inspection by the national authority. For electronic products, the reliability and safety of the quality are very important. When choosing a smart door lock, you should choose a product that has passed the inspection of the national authority.

How to install the invisible door lock

To make a door, it is essential to consider the door lock

You can install a closer on the back of the door. When you push it in and release your hand, the closer will slowly close the door. You don't need to pull it. That is to say, the door is always closed.


Sometimes the door can be opened for ventilation. At this time, you need to buy a positioning type closer, that is, when the door is pushed to 90 degrees or above, it can automatically position and keep it open. And it is best to install a door stopper. It is said that this is the case It is also better for door closers and saves effort.


Install a special door handle on the non-invisible side. Note that it is different from ordinary cabinet handles. Those cabinet handles have to penetrate the door panel and be fixed inside, while the side of our door facing outwards keeps nothing No, so pay attention when choosing, it is stated that it is a special door handle. But if the door is generally a bedroom, you have to consider a privacy issue, because if the door lock is not installed, the door cannot be locked. So generally Install a blind bolt inside.

To sum up, to make a door that is completely invisible from the outside, you can install a hidden bolt, a closer, a handle, and a door stopper on the back. The above are the invisible door locks provided by X Group Decoration Network for you

, hope to help you.

Handling of invisible door locks

I hope your door can be changed to push inward, so that there is no need to install a handle on the door. If you open the door outward, you must install a handle to open the door. If you install the handle, you can see that it is an invisible door. It didn't work out,

http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db2-c3b95c5dca16a71df15daa0e3a3b2989.htm There are a lot of pictures of hidden doors in it, which can definitely solve your problem.

Invisible door hinges are generally required to make invisible doors. "Invisible hinges now have Zhima brand hydraulic hinges imported from Korea, which are of better quality." Invisible door locks are also required.

First; the door should be level with the wall, and the door should always be closed. The solution is "You need to buy a hidden door hinge. Now there is a new product, the Korean Zhima hydraulic hinge. It is a type that can be closed automatically and can At 90 degrees, it is equivalent to the function of the door stopper. It can be positioned and the door can be closed slowly. When it is almost completely closed, it has a buffer function. The door will close slowly without pinching hands or children. You can take a look at www.632m.com and ask for advice》

Second: The solution to the hidden door lock. In the same family, resting in the bedroom, it is not good if a child breaks in accidentally. It is also necessary to install a lock. "There is a kind of lock that is only installed inside, and there is nothing outside No handle either,)

Third: After the door is installed, you can paste the installation materials on the entire wall, which can effectively hide the two doors. When guests come to your house, you cant find the door if you dont look carefully. Your decorating was a success! ! ! Video Effect http://6.cn/watch/4699999.html ;

Reference: http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail-0db2-c3b95c5dca16a71df15daa0e3a3b2989.htm

What brand of invisible remote control door lock is good on the market now?

When buying an invisible lock, you must consider various factors such as safety, practicality, price, appearance, brand, etc. But the most important thing is to be able to prevent theft.

The emerging invisible locks are installed indoors and cannot be seen from the outside, so thieves have no way to start.

If you are interested, you can send a private message to send pictures of the home decoration for you to see.

Or go directly to a certain treasure to search for the invisible lock of the lock armor.

Hope it helps you.

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