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Hinges are essential hardware accessories used for various purposes, including fire doors and hidden doors. A hinge, also known as a hinge, is a mechanical device that connects two solids and allows rotation between them. It is often composed of two folds, which connect two parts of an object and enable it to move. Hinges are commonly used for cabinet doors, windows, and other applications, and they are made from materials such as iron, copper, and stainless steel.

When it comes to fire doors as hidden doors, particular types of hinges are used. These hinges are typically concealed, meaning they are not visible from the outside and do not disrupt the aesthetics of the door. Concealed hinges are commonly used for furniture and can be divided into several types, such as hydraulic, quick-fit, frame doors, and ordinary concealed hinges.

In addition to concealed hinges, there are various other hardware accessories used for hidden doors. Some of these accessories include glass hinges, corner hinges, bearing hinges (made of copper or steel), pipe hinges, tracks (such as drawer tracks, sliding door tracks, hanging tracks, and glass sliding tracks), latches (available in both bright and dark finishes), door stoppers, ground stoppers, floor springs, door clips, door closers, plate pins, door mirrors, anti-theft buckles, layering materials (such as copper, aluminum, and PVC), bumper beads, magnetic bumper beads, and more.

Secret door hinge
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When it comes to home decoration, there are also small hardware accessories that can be used. These include universal plugs, cabinet legs, door noses, air ducts, stainless steel barrels, metal hangers, plugs, curtain rods (made of copper or wood), curtain rod rings (made of plastic or steel), sealing strips, lift drying racks, clothes hooks, clothes hangers, and more.

The difference between hidden door hinges and hidden hinges lies in their application and functionality. Hidden door hinges are commonly used on most doors and do not have resilience. They are typically used for doors and can be hydraulic, quick-fit, frame doors, or ordinary hinges. On the other hand, hidden hinges are mostly used for furniture and can be concealed within the furniture for a seamless look.

In terms of durability and performance, hidden hinges are generally more suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as fire doors. They provide better fire performance compared to traditional exposed hinges. The stability of hidden hinges is ensured through precise processing and high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.

When choosing hinges for invisible doors in home decoration, it is essential to consider the type of hinge and its quality. Good hinges are typically made of brass or stainless steel. Brass hinges with a yellower color indicate a high copper content and better quality. The thickness of the hinge plate is also important, with good hinges usually having a thickness of about 3 mm. It is recommended to choose a 4mm thick stainless steel hinge for durability.

When installing hidden hinges for doors that open inward, it is crucial to follow the correct installation process. This involves aligning the hinge with the door leaf and drawing the slotting line, paying attention to the slotting depth and keeping the hinge and door surface level. The upper hinge should be fixed first, followed by the lower hinge. After installation, the hinge function can be activated and adjusted if necessary.

Secret door hinge
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In summary, hinges play a crucial role in various applications, including fire doors and hidden doors. Hidden hinges are commonly used for furniture, while hidden door hinges are used on most doors. The choice between concealed and exposed hinges depends on the specific application and aesthetic requirements. Considerations such as material quality, durability, and installation precision are important when selecting and installing hinges for maximum performance and longevity.

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