Self-closing door spring hinge (the practice of KFC bathroom self-closing door) 1

Expanding upon the topic of the practice of self-closing doors in KFC bathrooms and discussing various methods of invisible door installation:

The practice of having self-closing doors in KFC bathrooms has become a standard feature in many establishments. This ensures that bathroom doors are not left open, improving privacy and maintaining cleanliness. After the renovation process is complete, there are several different methods for installing invisible doors that can be considered. Let's explore these options in more detail.

Firstly, regarding the materials used to hide the door, there are a few choices available. One common method is to paste the door with wallpaper, which can seamlessly blend in with the surrounding walls and make the door less noticeable. Another option is to use plasterboard, which can be painted or textured to match the surrounding décor. Alternatively, wood veneer can be applied to the door, giving it a natural and elegant look.

Self-closing door spring hinge (the practice of KFC bathroom self-closing door)
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When it comes to the way the door closes, there are several mechanisms that can be utilized. One popular choice is a door closer, which is a hydraulic device that controls the door's closing speed and ensures that it self-closes after being opened. Another option is a hydraulic hinge, which provides a smoother closing motion and reduces the risk of slamming. Additionally, a touch bead can be used, which is a small, discreet magnetic device that allows the door to close silently and automatically.

In terms of installation methods, there are various options to consider. One possibility is a horizontal opening door, which swings open like a traditional hinged door. Another choice is a sliding door, which can be concealed within the wall or operated on a track system. Lastly, a revolving door can also be used, which adds a stylish and efficient touch to the bathroom entrance.

Moving on to the topic of cabinet doors, there may be instances where the cabinet door closes automatically after being opened, even when the hinge is installed obliquely. This can be attributed to a few reasons. Firstly, if the cabinet body is not perfectly vertical and has a slight inclination towards the direction of closing the door, gravity will naturally cause the door to slowly close. Secondly, the use of self-closing door hinges with buffer damping contributes to the automatic closing effect. These hinges have an elastic force that keeps the door closing slowly when it reaches a certain angle. This feature not only prevents damage to the door from forceful closing but also ensures the safety of individuals by avoiding accidents caused by fast-closing doors. Additionally, the inward closing force provided by these hinges helps maintain the door's stability and prevents it from opening and closing freely.

In mechanics, the principle of moment of force about the axis can be applied to explain the automatic closing of cabinet doors. When the cabinet door is opened, there is a certain force acting on the door hinge axis, creating a moment of force. This moment of force, along with the influence of gravity and the elasticity of the self-closing door hinge, results in the automatic closing of the door.

In conclusion, there are numerous methods available for installing invisible doors in KFC bathrooms. From the materials used to hide the door to the mechanisms for closing it, and the various installation methods, there are several options to consider based on individual preferences and requirements. Additionally, the automatic closing of cabinet doors can be explained using the principle of moment of force about the axis in mechanics. By understanding these concepts, one can make informed decisions when it comes to the design and installation of invisible doors.

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