Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge

In order to meet the high demand for hinges in the automotive industry, our company has designed a hinge curling die on the basis of the bending die structure. This mold is specifically used for hemming hinges with a plate thickness of 8mm and is compatible with the JB21-100t press.

The die and universal mold base used in this mold have a diameter of φ150mm. The punch and die are made of T8 material and have undergone heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 58-60HRC. The block is made of 45 steel and is fastened to the die using 2-M10 bolts. The block also undergoes heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 45-50HRC.

To prevent damage to the lower plane of the die groove during the working process, a backing plate is added to the groove. When working, the pre-bent hinge is placed between the cushion block and the die, and the punch continues to punch down to complete the curling process.

Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge 1

However, due to the long-term mass production and the friction between the blank and the cavity surface of the punch, the cavity of the punch has experienced wear and scratches. This affects the quality and size requirements of the hinges produced.

To address this problem and increase the mold's service life while reducing production costs, we have made several process improvements. The mold was sent to the heat treatment workshop for annealing treatment. After this treatment, the cavity size was determined to be φ29.7mm, which meets the actual requirement of φ290.1mm.

In addition, rotating needles were added to the cavity of the upper mold to meet the size requirements. There are a total of 4 rotating needles, evenly distributed, and they fit with the clearance of the needle holes. The rotating needles are made of Cr12 material with good wear resistance and undergo heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 58-62HRC. When the mold wears out again, the needles can be easily replaced, prolonging the mold's usability.

To ensure safety during the operation of the rotating needles, a baffle made of δ5/Q235A material was added to the side of the punch. It is fastened using bolts and punches, preventing the punch from unscrewing and causing injury.

The improvements made to the mold have proved to be successful, effectively solving the problem of poor product quality caused by mold wear. The mold's utilization rate has significantly increased, leading to reduced production costs and meeting the production requirements. The Tallsen team's expertise and professionalism in designing user-friendly and reliable molds have been highly recognized by our clients.

Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge 2

In conclusion, the expanded article provides a comprehensive understanding of the mold structure, existing problems, and the solutions implemented to overcome these challenges. The improved mold's effectiveness in improving product quality and reducing production costs showcases the expertise and dedication of the Tallsen team.

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