Structural exploded view of the anti-theft door (ask Panpan how the hinge of the anti-theft door is

The hinge of the Panpan anti-theft door plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and stability of the door. The hinge is the component that allows the door to rotate or swing open and closed. In the case of the anti-theft door, the hinge must be designed in a way that prevents unauthorized access and tampering.

There are two basic structures of hinges used in anti-theft doors: light hinges and dark hinges. The light hinges are exposed and can be easily accessed from the outside, making them vulnerable to destruction or tampering. On the other hand, the dark hinges are concealed and cannot be touched from the outside. This adds an extra layer of security as it prevents intruders from gaining access to the hinge and attempting to manipulate it.

However, concealed hinges have a drawback. Due to their design, the door can only be opened up to a maximum of 90 degrees. Opening the door further than that can damage the hinge. This limitation is a trade-off for enhanced security. On the other hand, open hinges allow for a full 180-degree opening, providing more convenience but compromising on security.

Structural exploded view of the anti-theft door (ask Panpan how the hinge of the anti-theft door is  1

The choice of hinge structure for an anti-theft door depends on the security level required. High-end anti-theft doors, classified as Class A, typically use open hinges. However, measures are taken to ensure that even if the hinge is broken, the door cannot be opened. This could involve additional locks, reinforced frames, or other security features.

In most cases, residential anti-theft doors use hidden hinges, which offer a balance between security and convenience. The hidden hinge provides a clean and streamlined appearance while maintaining a high level of protection against unauthorized access.

Overall, the hinge structure of an anti-theft door is a crucial component in ensuring the security and functionality of the door. It determines the level of access and convenience while also safeguarding against tampering and break-ins. By selecting the appropriate hinge structure, homeowners can enhance the security of their premises and protect their property.

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