Structural exploded view of the anti-theft door (ask Panpan how the hinge of the anti-theft door is 3

The hinge of Panpan anti-theft door is a crucial component in its overall structure and plays a significant role in ensuring the security and functionality of the door. The hinge allows the door to swing open and closed smoothly while providing stability and support.

There are two basic structures of hinges used in anti-theft doors: light hinges and dark hinges. Light hinges are exposed and can be directly accessed from the outside, making them vulnerable to tampering and destruction. On the other hand, dark hinges are concealed and cannot be touched from the outside, enhancing the security of the door.

Dark hinges are commonly used in class C and D anti-theft doors, which are usually meant for civilian use. These hinges are protected from external interference, making them resistant to forced entry attempts. However, a major drawback of concealed hinges is that the door can only be opened at an angle of more than 90 degrees. Opening the door further could result in damage to the hinge.

Structural exploded view of the anti-theft door (ask Panpan how the hinge of the anti-theft door is 3 1

In contrast, open hinges are used in high-end anti-theft doors, particularly class A doors. Open hinges allow the door to open up to 180 degrees, providing a wider angle of access. However, measures are taken to ensure that even if the hinge is broken, the door cannot be opened. This additional safety feature makes these doors suitable for high-security applications.

The choice of hinge structure is closely related to the level of the anti-theft door. Residential anti-theft doors typically use concealed hinges, while high-end doors prioritize functionality and opt for open hinges.

It is important to note that the hinge is just one component of the overall anti-theft door structure. The door also consists of other essential parts such as the door lock, door frame, and door leaf. All these components work together to provide the required level of security and safety.

In conclusion, the hinge structure of Panpan anti-theft doors varies depending on the desired level of security and functionality. Concealed hinges are commonly used in civilian doors, while open hinges are chosen for high-end doors. The hinge, along with other components, contributes to the overall effectiveness and performance of the anti-theft door.

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