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Hinge1. Hidden hinges are the key to every piece of furniture. The quality of a hinge greatly influences the performance of your furniture as hinges are opened and closed more than 10 times a day on average. Therefore, it is crucial to pay great attention to choosing the hinge hardware in your home. In order to assess the quality of a hinge, there are several aspects that can be considered.

1. Look at the hinge screws: A hinge typically comes with two adjustment screws – up and down adjustment screws and front and rear adjustment screws. Some advanced hinges also offer left and right adjustment screws, known as three-dimensional adjustment hinges. To evaluate the quality of the hinge screws, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the screws several times and then check for any damage. The hinge arm is usually made of iron, which is not as hard as the screw, making it susceptible to wear and tear. It is important to ensure that the screws are not slipping or becoming loose, as this can affect the functionality of the hinge.

2. Look at the hinge switch performance: The primary function of a hinge is to act as a switch for opening and closing doors. This makes the hinge switch performance a crucial factor to consider. The performance is determined by the outer spring, inner spring, and the assembly of rivets. The outer spring is made of a spring sheet, while the inner spring is a spring bar. It is important to check the heat treatment of these springs, as they should not be too hard (as they may break easily) or too soft (as they may lack the required strength to close the door properly). Cheap springs or accessories may cause issues such as doors not closing properly or springs breaking. When buying hinges (except hydraulic hinges), you can manually close the hinge and listen to the sound it produces. A crisp closing sound indicates a strong spring, while a dull sound can be an indication of a weak spring. Additionally, check for any looseness, as loose rivets can lead to hinges falling off. Lastly, close the hinge several times and observe if there are any noticeable indentations in the cup. If a clear indentation is present, it indicates a problem with the thickness of the cup material, commonly referred to as "pop cup."

3. Look at the surface of the hinge: It is essential to examine the surface material of the hinge for quality. Scratches and deformations indicate the use of waste materials in production, giving the hinge an unattractive and low-quality appearance. Most hinges undergo nickel-plated surface treatment. However, some manufacturers may cut costs by applying a very thin layer of nickel. An authentic hinge should have a layer of acid copper on top of the nickel layer to provide excellent rust prevention. To determine if there is copper plating, you can use a knife to scratch the surface and check if there is a visible yellow copper layer. Additionally, examining the inside of the hinge cup can also provide insights. If the cup appears black or iron-colored, it indicates a thin electroplating layer without copper plating. On the other hand, if the color and brightness of the cup match other parts of the hinge, then the electroplating is of good quality.

In conclusion, when selecting hinges for your furniture, it is important to consider various factors that contribute to the overall quality of the hinge. These factors include the screws, switch performance, and surface treatment. By paying attention to these aspects, you can ensure that your furniture is equipped with high-quality hinges that guarantee durability and functionality. Tallsen is a trusted provider of fashionable and reliable hinges, offering a wide range of options that are highly favored by customers due to their novel designs, affordable prices, and dependable quality.

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