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Hinges play a crucial role in the functionality and durability of furniture. They are opened and closed multiple times a day, making the quality of hinges directly impact the overall performance of furniture. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the hinge hardware for your home. In order to evaluate the quality of hinges, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, the hinge screws are an important aspect to look at. Most hinges come with two adjustment screws, the up and down adjustment screws, and the front and rear adjustment screws. Some advanced hinges also have left and right adjustment screws, providing three-dimensional adjustment capabilities. To test the quality of the screws, it is recommended to use a screwdriver to adjust the screws multiple times and check for any damage. Hinge arms are typically made of iron, which is softer than screws and can easily wear out. If the accuracy of the hinge is not sufficient, the screws may slip or become difficult to screw in. Therefore, examining the screws for any damage or wear is important.

Secondly, the switch performance of the hinge is crucial. The hinge acts as a switch when opening and closing doors, making this aspect significant. The switch performance relies on the outer spring, inner spring, and assembly of rivets within the hinge. The outer spring consists of a spring sheet, while the inner spring is a spring bar. Both should be properly heat-treated to ensure longevity. If the spring is too hard, it may break easily and if it is too soft, the door may not close with enough force. Additionally, some manufacturers may use low-quality spring accessories which can result in doors not closing properly or springs breaking. When buying hinges, except for hydraulic hinges, it is advisable to manually close them and listen to the sound. A crisp closing sound indicates a strong spring, while a dull sound suggests a weaker spring. Looseness in the hinge indicates that the rivets are not tightly riveted and may result in hinges falling off. The indentation in the cup, where the hinge is installed, should also be checked. If the indentation is obvious, there may be an issue with the thickness of the cup material.

Finally, the surface of the hinge needs to be examined. It is important to check for any scratches or deformations, as they may indicate the use of low-quality materials during production. Hinges typically undergo nickel-plating as a surface treatment. However, some manufacturers may skimp on cost and only provide a thin layer of nickel. A high-quality hinge should have a layer of acid copper on top of the nickel layer to prevent rust effectively. To check if copper plating is present, a simple method is to use a knife to scratch the surface. If a yellow copper layer is visible, then copper plating is present. Additionally, examining the inside of the hinge cup can also provide insights. If the inside appears black or iron-colored, it suggests a thin electroplating layer without copper plating. On the other hand, if the color and brightness of the cup are similar to other parts of the hinge, the electroplating is likely satisfactory.

In conclusion, the quality of hinges plays a significant role in the performance and durability of furniture. When selecting hinges, it is crucial to pay attention to the hinge screws, switch performance, and surface quality. By considering these factors, one can ensure the selection of high-quality hinges that will enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of their furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to choose hinges that are quality-reliable and price-affordable, such as those offered by Tallsen. Their hinges are manufactured with fine workmanship and feature a sleek design with wear-resistant and anti-slip soles. By opting for such hinges, one can experience the long-lasting and reliable performance they desire.

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