What are the custom furniture hardware (what are the main wardrobe hardware and 3 tips for purchasin

What are the main wardrobe hardware? 3 tips for choosing wardrobe hardware

What are the custom furniture hardware (what are the main wardrobe hardware and 3 tips for purchasin 1

The wardrobe is a must-have piece of furniture for each of our families. It plays a big role in the beauty and tidiness of our entire bedroom. When we choose the wardrobe, we pay attention to its quality, and a good wardrobe is very large. To a certain extent, it depends on the wardrobe hardware, because details determine success or failure. Good hardware is fine in workmanship and easy to use, while bad hardware accessories will bring various problems and troubles to our use. So how should we choose wardrobe hardware? Alright, let's follow the editor to find out.


What are the main wardrobe hardware

First, the pulley The pulley and the guide rail are the core technical parts of the sliding door. They should be inspected on site to see if the sliding is easy, smooth, flexible and quiet.

Second, the hinge is used to connect the cabinet door and the cabinet body. In the use of the door-closing wardrobe, the hinge is the most tested one. Therefore, the hinge is one of the most important hardware parts of the door-closing wardrobe.

What are the custom furniture hardware (what are the main wardrobe hardware and 3 tips for purchasin 2

Third, drawers. Some owners hope to make full use of the classified storage function of custom wardrobes, and will consider adding drawers to the wardrobe. This mainly considers the size of the wardrobe, so as to determine whether to add drawers.

Fourth, the hangers with rubber strips on the clothes rail can have the effect of noise reduction, and some regular manufacturers have specially added reinforcement strips inside, which not only strengthens the load-bearing capacity, but also highlights the humanization of mature wardrobe brands.

Fifth, there are many styles of handles. From the material point of view, all-copper and all-stainless steel are better, alloys and electroplating are poor, and plastics are on the verge of being eliminated. Generally, there are two fixing methods for handles: screws and glue, and screws are generally used. The fixed one is strong, but the glue-year one is not practical. The appearance of the full stainless steel handle is similar to that of the high-strength stainless steel handle, and it can be tested with a magnet.


3 Tips for Buying Wardrobe Hardware

Tip 1: Hinge hardware The main varieties of hinge hardware are divided into three types: door hinge, drawer guide rail, and cabinet door hinge. In order to open the hinge easily and without noise, you should choose the hinge with ball bearings in the center shaft. good.

Drawer guide rails are divided into two-section rails and three-section rails. When choosing, the brightness of the surface paint and electroplating, the gap and strength of the load-bearing wheels determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and the wear-resistant and uniformly rotating load-bearing wheels should be selected. .

There are two types of cabinet door hinges: detachable and non-detachable. When selecting a hinge, in addition to visual inspection and hand feeling that the surface of the hinge is flat and slippery, attention should be paid to the reset performance of the hinge spring. The hinge can be opened 95 degrees, and the two sides of the hinge are pressed firmly by hand. , observe that the supporting spring piece is not deformed or broken, and it is a qualified product if it is very strong.

Tip 2: Locks such as handles and handle locks

Handle materials include zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, etc. In order to match various styles of furniture, the shape and color of the handle are rich and colorful. Handles that have been electroplated and electrostatically sprayed , has wear-resistant and anti-corrosion effects. When choosing, in addition to matching the decoration style of the room, it should also be able to withstand a large pulling force. Generally, the handle should be able to withstand a pulling force of more than 6 kg.

Tip 3: Check whether the seams of veneer furniture are tight

Whether it is pasting wood veneer, PVC or pasting pre-painted paper, you must pay attention to whether the leather is pasted smoothly, whether there are bulges, blisters, and lax joints. When checking, you must look at the light, and you will not see it if you do not touch the light. Particleboard veneer furniture, the ground part must be edge-sealed, otherwise the board will absorb moisture, swell and be damaged. Generally, the corners of veneer furniture are easy to warp. Get up, indicating that there is a problem with the glue.

The above editors have compiled and summarized the content, and introduced wardrobe hardware and purchasing tips for you. I believe that through the above content, you have a better understanding of wardrobe hardware. When you buy, in addition to his design, We should also pay attention to his hardware accessories, so that our use will be more convenient. Of course, we should also pay attention to maintenance during daily use, so as to prolong its service life. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone.

How to choose the whole house customized hardware

In the whole house customization, hardware can be divided into two types, namely basic hardware and functional hardware.

Basic hardware: the hardware that can assemble the cabinet door panels, including hinges, drawer slides, screws, hanging codes, etc.

1. Hinge

Hinge: that is, "hinge", which plays the role of connecting the cabinet body and the cabinet door, and is the core component of the basic hardware. When selecting hinges, give priority to stainless steel, preferably nickel-plated surface, corrosion resistance, strength High; It is best to match the damper, which can prevent shock and shock absorption, and is safe and quiet.

The hinge with damping is divided into one-stage force and two-stage force. One-stage force is buffered, but it will shake unstoppably when opening and closing at a large angle. Opening and closing at a small angle will also cause the phenomenon of flapping. The second-stage force opens a certain angle. It can be stopped at will without shaking. It can also extend the life of the hinge.

When installing the hinge, pay attention to check that at least three screws for the four-hole door hinge must be filled, and the two-hole door hinge must be fully screwed.

2. Drawer slides

It is generally used on drawers or mobile cabinet doors, which determines whether the drawers and cabinet doors can be pushed and pulled normally. In general, most cabinets inside the wardrobe use side slide rails. If the load-bearing requirements are high, bottom rails can be used.

It is best to choose a slide rail with damping, which is not only silent, but also can buffer the force of opening and closing the door. If you can choose three sections, you can choose two sections instead.

Slide rails are also a very important part of basic hardware. Slide rails, also known as slideways, are generally used in drawers. Common drawer slide rails mainly include side slide rails (two/three-section rails), bottom rails, and horseback drawers. .Wardrobe drawers can use side-sliding three-section rails. Blum does not have three-section rails, and Hettich can be used. The price of domestic side slide rails is within 50, and imported ones are 50-100.

3. handle

The handle is often installed on the cabinet door for easy opening and closing. According to the shape, it can be divided into single-hole round type, double-head type, single-strip type, hidden type, etc.

In terms of material, copper and stainless steel handles are better, followed by alloy and electroplating handles. In addition, dont buy viscose handles, which are not strong. It is better to choose screw-fixed handles.

4. Gas support

Air support, used to turn the cabinet door on the hanging cabinet, or there are many tatami mats. It can be matched with a hinge without damping. It is recommended to choose a hinge that can be stopped at will. It can be stopped at any height at will.

5. Straightener

Recently, the "one door to the top" cabinet is very popular. For this type of cabinet, a straightener is essential. Its function is to straighten and prevent the deformation of the door panel. It is used in wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases and shoe cabinets above can be used.

6. Bouncer

Rebound, many people will use rebound for cabinets without handles. In fact, it is not recommended, and it will be easily damaged after a few years. If you want to have no handles, you can actually make invisible handles. Cabinets can be made of L-shaped metal profiles. Hanging cabinets can be used as the lower cover of the cabinet door .The anti-deformation on the cabinet door of the straightener. Domestic particle boards over 2.4 meters must be added. Imported particle boards do not need to be added.

Functional hardware: As the name suggests, it is hardware with special functions, including handles, clothes hangers, straighteners, rebounders, pull baskets, trouser racks, storage racks, etc.

1. Yitong

That is to say, the clothes hanger, the aluminum alloy material is the best choice, with strong load-bearing capacity, high hardness and more wear-resistant. It is recommended to use silent anti-slip rubber strips on the hanger, and the hanger will slide smoothly on it without abnormal noise.

2. Pull the basket

In cabinet customization, in order to better store kitchen supplies and make good use of space, you will choose to customize corner baskets or seasoning baskets. Good baskets generally have no weld marks, and the material is best stainless steel.

However, in custom cabinets, the price of the pull basket will be more expensive, so whether to install it or not depends on the demand.

How to choose a brand?

The hardware brand is basically what you pay for, so the easiest way to buy is to choose the right brand.

Domestic: DTC (Dongtai), Goodyear, Higold, Tiannu, etc. are all excellent hardware brands in China, durable and cost-effective.

Import: Hettich/Blum, a professional hardware brand, creative and individual, and also the representative of the highest level of craftsmanship in Europe, the price is slightly higher but the service life is long.

Summary: Customized furniture is a long-term investment. When choosing hardware, you must choose high-quality hardware so that it can withstand the ravages of time.

What hardware should be used in custom wardrobe

1. The hardware used in customizing the wardrobe includes: tracks, handles, hinges for outward opening doors, aluminum square feet, buffers for sliding doors, top and bottom wheels for sliding doors, screws for connecting cabinets, screws for connecting cabinets.

2. Wardrobe is a cabinet furniture for storing clothes. It is generally divided into single door, double door, embedded, etc. It is one of the commonly used furniture in the family.

3. Components: The wardrobe consists of a cabinet body, door panels (sliding doors or swing doors), hardware (tie clips, drawers, pull baskets, clothes rails, laminate buckles, trouser racks, mirrors, hinges, etc.). General wardrobe cabinets The body is made of 18mm thick material (particle board, density board, solid wood board, composite multi-layer board, finger joint board); and the door panel (sliding door is made of 9mm wooden material "UV board, double veneer board, wave board, louver board, painted version" or 5mm glass sliding doors; swing doors are generally made of 16mm or 18mm materials); in general, hardware is a complete set for wardrobe manufacturers, and they do not produce it themselves. There are also a few businesses that produce wardrobes by themselves. hardware.

4. Generally speaking, the push-pull wardrobe gives people a simple and bright feeling. It is generally suitable for relatively small families, mainly in modern Chinese style. More and more people in modern home decoration will choose push-pull wardrobe doors. It is light and handy, easy to use, high in space utilization, and the customization process is relatively simple. Since it entered the market, it has been favored by decoration owners and has a tendency to replace traditional swing doors.

5. The swing door wardrobe is a traditional opening method that relies on the pipe hinge to link the door panel and the cabinet body. The grade is mainly based on the material of the door panel and the quality of the hardware. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe. The disadvantage is that Compare the occupied space.

What are the commonly used hardware for custom wardrobes?

Whether the quality of the hardware is good or not is directly related to the quality of the wardrobe. The hardware commonly used in the wardrobe is as follows:

Three-in-one: The main connector of the cabinet board, commonly known as three-in-one, can be applied to 18mm or 25mm boards.

Living layer particles: used for placement and support of living layer boards. Backboard nails: used to fix the 9mm backboard on the cabinet.

Double connecting rod: used for connecting the left and right side panels on the same horizontal line, only applicable to 18mm laminates.

Iron wildebeest: used for reinforcement between two boards. Connecting cabinet screws: the connection between the cabinet body and the cabinet body to achieve a stable effect.

Self-tapping screws: used to fix the top line reinforcement plate and other plate parts.

In-wall screws: used to fix the wall cabinet and the wall.

2. Sliding door pulley accessories

Sliding door top and bottom wheels: the upper and lower sliding parts of the sliding door.

Sliding door buffer: including the buffer positioning part and the top wheel with buffer, the former is installed on the upper track for positioning, and the latter has a buffer effect.

Accessories: Including anti-collision strips and dust-proof strips, the former is installed on the side of the mullion for anti-collision function, and the latter is installed at the slot on the back of the mullion.

3. Door hinge

There are three types of door hinges: stay, half cover, and full cover. The so-called "stay" means that the door does not cover the side panel, "half cover" means that the door covers half of the side panel, and "full cover" means Full door cover side panels.

Four, handle

5. Drawer rails

6. Other hardware accessories Drawer lock: suitable for ordinary drawers.

Aluminum square feet: used for floor cabinets and TV cabinets for support. Metal feet: used for computer table support.

Gas strut: also known as hydraulic rod, with a maximum load of 10KG. Universal wheels: used for movable small cabinets, with movable wheels.

New air support: standard air support for the top panel of the tatami cabinet.

Wire box: used for wiring on the desk table.

Wine glass rack: used for hanging goblets in wine cabinets.

Breathable mesh plug: used for tatami elevator function cabinet.

Stainless steel tube: for placing wine bottles.

Copper touch beads: installed on the back of the door frame, used to fix the door on the side panel or laminate.

What hardware is needed for a custom wardrobe and how can I choose good quality hardware?

Hardware accessories play a vital role in furniture. Generally speaking, the hardware included in furniture mainly includes door hinges for opening doors, slide rails for pulling out drawer cabinets, and door handles for door handles. Push-pull mirrors for changing clothes. Generally speaking, there are two functions of hardware. One is functional. It is used to open, pull out, and fix furniture. There is also a decorative art, and some hardware will be exposed. , At this time, it also has decorative arts. What are the matters that should be paid attention to when choosing hardware? You need to pay attention to the instructions for use, and you must see how many times it can be opened and closed. Nowadays, most of the doors are hinged, and the drawers can do 20,000 times.

Choose according to your needs, such as glass sliding doors, you must choose buffer hinges. Generally, there is no buffer effect when the door hinges are closed. The sliding doors of the wardrobe and the slide rails of the drawer cabinet are grooves or ridges made of metal or other materials, which can bear, fix, guide the sliding door of the wardrobe correctly and reduce its friction. .

There are several kinds of door handles. The traditional door handles are mostly seen in new Chinese furniture. In reality, there are also various styles and materials are not the same. The key task, in the hardware hinges used in daily wardrobes, is the hinge that has been tested the most. Therefore, it is one of the most important hardware for kitchen cabinets. Which brand of wardrobe custom hardware is good first depends on the wardrobe. Raw materials, the raw materials used by professional manufacturers are all energy-saving panels that meet the national inspection standards. Some manufacturers often use some materials that have not passed the inspection report first. This kind of material has a great threat to health. Association,

Therefore, when choosing the overall wardrobe, it is necessary to recognize whether the store has the material inspection report and relevant inspection certificates from the authoritative inspection unit in my country. Pay attention to the edge-wrapping effect of the board. Generally, professional manufacturers will use high-precision cutting Laser cut the board with the raw material, so that there is no edge explosion around the board. After wrapping around the board, it can reasonably prevent the moisture in the air from entering the board. Some manufacturers do not have professional equipment, which causes laser cutting. If it is smooth, there will be obvious bursting around the edge, which will obviously cause the wardrobe to deform and affect the service life of the used wardrobe.

What is the whole house custom hardware

The value of custom-made hardware in the whole house accounts for about 5% of the furniture, but it needs to carry 85% of the operating comfort: 5% of the price is exchanged for 85% of the use value. It is very cost-effective to choose good hardware .

It can be roughly classified as follows: basic hardware (used in every household) and functional hardware (mainly for storage functions). First of all, common brands: DTC (the domestic brand is called Dongtai), Hettich, BLUM, higold high

basic hardware

Slide rails/hinges, the two core elements of basic hardware, are used in every household. The most common ones in shopping malls are DTC, Blum and Hettich, and they are not cheap. Ask for the actual price and suggest that you take a look at Taobao.

Commonly used hardware brands in the market

Domestic hardware: higoldan excellent domestic brand, meeting basic needs, strong and cheap

Imported hardware: Hettich/Blum the highest level of craftsmanship in Europe: creativity, individuality, durability, and focus on solving design problems

Functional hardware

It mainly includes cabinet hardware, wardrobe hardware, bathroom hardware and other household customized matching hardware, mainly meeting storage needs. Representative brands include: Nomi, Higold.

What are the commonly used wardrobe hardware accessories

  • Sliding door pulley: The pulley of the wardrobe is divided into an upper wheel and a lower wheel. The upper wheel mainly allows the sliding door to move smoothly, while the lower wheel is more for bearing weight.

  • Hinge: Mainly used in door-opening wardrobes, its structure is divided into hinge arm, hinge seat and hinge cup, etc. According to the opening and closing angle, it can be divided into full cover, half cover, 25 degree half cover, 45 degree, 180 degree, etc. High hinge, all steel structure, arbitrary positioning, smooth opening and closing without noise, and the number of opening and closing can reach 100,000 times!

  • Yitong: Yitong, also known as a clothes hanging pole, is divided into a clothes hanging seat and a clothes hanging rod. Generally, it is made of aluminum alloy material, which has high hardness and strong bearing capacity. Adding craft lines to the surface of the clothes hanging can not only have a decorative effect, It also acts as an anti-slip.

  • Rotating clothes hanger: It can meet the hanging storage of a large number of clothes, which is three times the storage capacity of a single clothes hanger. It can be rotated and is convenient to use. Of course, the cost is more expensive, and it is not recommended for ordinary families.

  • Guide rail: It is mainly used in drawers, trouser racks, Duobaoge, full-length mirrors, etc. Its working principle is to realize expansion and contraction through the rolling of balls (or rollers) between the rails.

were deeply impressed by favorable working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and diligent staff.

 Tallsen's are manufactured in accordance with national quality standards. Besides, the products are strictly tested to ensure the high quality of the products before being launched on the market.


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