What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe) 3

When it comes to hinges for wardrobe doors, Jufan brand hinges are highly recommended for their durability and quality. There are various types of hinges available, but spring hinges are commonly used for cabinet and wardrobe doors. These hinges require a plate thickness of 18-20mm and can be made from galvanized iron or zinc alloy. They can also be categorized into two types based on their performance: those that require drilling holes and those that don't.

One type of hinge that doesn't require drilling holes is called a bridge hinge. It is named so because it resembles a bridge in shape. The bridge hinge offers the advantage of not needing to drill holes in the door panel, allowing for more flexibility in door styles. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

On the other hand, there are spring hinges that do require drilling holes. These are the most commonly used hinges for cabinet doors. They provide stability to the door and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. They can be installed with various touch spiders to enhance their functionality.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe)
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Wardrobe hinges can be further categorized based on different criteria. They can be divided into detachable or fixed types based on the type of base. The arm body of the hinge can be either slide-in or snap-in. The position of the cover on the door panel can be full cover, half cover, or built-in. Additionally, hinges can be classified based on their opening angle, with 95-110 degrees being the most common.

When it comes to the brand of hinges for wardrobes, it is important to choose reliable and reputable brands. Two well-known brands in the market are Higold and Zhima Hardware. Higold offers high-quality and durable hardware products, including hinges, which have been tested for over two years without any issues. Zhima Hardware, a German brand, specializes in intelligent door control and produces multifunctional hydraulic hinges that are widely used in various establishments.

Hydraulic hinges have become popular for their door closer function. Some reputable brands in this category include Zhima Hardware and Huaguang Enterprise. Zhima Hardware offers a range of hydraulic hinges with diverse designs and affordable prices. On the other hand, Huaguang Enterprise, a core enterprise of the Qiangqiang Group, specializes in door control and security products. They provide high-quality hydraulically adjustable door hinges and other related products.

While hydraulic hinges have several advantages, including adjustable closing speed, the ability to stop at a certain angle, and good cushioning effect, they also have some disadvantages. The size of hydraulic hinges is generally larger than traditional hinges, and they may be prone to oil leakage. The door-closing force may decay over time, and under low temperatures, it might be difficult to close the door due to the increased viscosity of the hydraulic oil.

When it comes to wardrobe hardware, some reliable brands include Hettich, Dongtai DTC, and German Kaiwei Hardware. These brands offer high-quality hardware accessories for wardrobes, ensuring durability and functionality.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe)
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In summary, when choosing hinges for wardrobes, it is important to consider the specific requirements such as plate thickness, drilling holes, and door style. Jufan brand hinges are known for their durability, and there are various types to choose from. Hydraulic hinges from brands like Zhima Hardware and Huaguang Enterprise offer additional functionalities but have their own pros and cons. Finally, renowned brands like Hettich, Dongtai DTC, and German Kaiwei Hardware provide quality wardrobe hardware accessories.

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