What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe 1

When it comes to choosing a brand of hinges for your wardrobe, Jufan brand hinges are highly recommended for their durability and quality. They are known for their long-lasting performance and are specifically designed for cabinet doors and wardrobe doors.

Spring hinges are commonly used for these types of doors and typically require a plate thickness of 18-20mm. They come in different materials such as galvanized iron and zinc alloy. In terms of performance, they can be divided into two types: those that require drilling holes and those that don't.

A bridge hinge is a type of hinge that doesn't require drilling holes in the door panel and is not limited by the style. It gets its name because it looks like a bridge. On the other hand, spring hinges that require drilling holes are commonly used on cabinet doors. With this type of hinge, the door panel must be drilled, and the style of the door is limited by the hinge. It ensures that the door doesn't get blown away by the wind and doesn't require additional touch spiders for installation.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe
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When it comes to wardrobe hardware hinges, there are several categories to consider:

1. Detachable vs. Fixed Base: Hinges can be classified based on the type of base they have. Some hinges allow for easy detachment, while others are fixed in place.

2. Slide-in vs. Snap-in Arm Body: Hinges can have either a slide-in or snap-in arm body, depending on how they are attached to the door.

3. Full Cover vs. Half Cover vs. Built-in: Hinges can have different cover positions on the door panel. Full cover hinges have a general cover of 18%, half cover hinges have a cover of 9%, and built-in hinges have their door panels hidden inside.

4. Stage and Type of Force: Hinges can be classified based on the stage of force they provide. This includes one-stage force hinges, two-stage force hinges, hydraulic buffer hinges, touch self-opening hinges, and more.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good (what brand of hinge is good for the wardrobe
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5. Opening Angle: Hinges come in various opening angles ranging from 95-110 degrees. Special angles like 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, and 180 degrees are also available.

In terms of hydraulic hinges, a few brands stand out:

1. German Zhima: Zhima Hardware (Germany) Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development, and production of intelligent door control products. Their hydraulic hinges, known as "Itema Multifunctional Hydraulic Apparatus", have internationally leading performance, diverse designs, and affordable prices. They are widely used in various establishments.

2. Huaguang Enterprise: Huaguang Enterprise, a part of Qiangqiang Group, is known for manufacturing door control and security products. They produce hydraulically adjustable door hinges, among other hardware accessories. Huaguang Enterprise has advanced technology, equipment, and management practices and holds over 40 product intellectual property rights.

When it comes to plastic chains used for wardrobe hinges, it is important to note that hinges are primarily made of metal and not plastic. Plastic chains are not typically used in hinge construction.

In terms of wardrobe hardware in general, there are several reputable brands to consider:

1. Hettich Tallsen: Tallsen is the world's largest furniture hardware manufacturer, offering a wide range of high-quality wardrobe hardware accessories. They are known for their reliability and durability.

2. Dongtai DTC: DTC is a well-known brand specializing in the manufacture of home hardware accessories. They provide high-quality products that lead the market with their excellent technology.

3. German Kaiwei Hardware: This brand has a long history and offers a wide range of slide rail hinges and other hardware accessories. They have partnerships with international giants like Tallsen, Hfele, and FGV.

In conclusion, Jufan brand hinges are highly recommended for wardrobe doors due to their durability and performance. When choosing wardrobe hardware, consider factors such as detachability, arm body type, cover position, force type, and opening angle. Some reputable brands to consider include Hettich Tallsen, Dongtai DTC, and German Kaiwei Hardware. Remember that plastic chains are not commonly used in hinge construction.

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