What does the hinge do? What is a hinge 2

A hinge is a hardware device that is used to connect doors, windows, and cabinets in order to provide support for their rotation. It is composed of two pieces of metal that are joined together, typically made of materials like iron, copper, or stainless steel. Hinges are commonly installed on doors, windows, boxes, and cabinets.

The installation process of a hinge involves marking the position on the door panel, drilling a hinge cup installation hole, and fixing the hinge cup with self-tapping screws. The hinge is then inserted into the cup hole and the side panel is aligned and fixed with screws. Once installed, the hinge allows for the smooth opening and closing of the door. The gap between the installed door when closed is generally around 2mm.

There are two types of hinges: hidden hinges and open hinges. Hidden hinges, also known as invisible hinges, cannot be seen from the outside and are more aesthetically pleasing. They have a 90-degree opening angle. Open hinges, on the other hand, are exposed outside the door and have a 180-degree opening angle.

What does the hinge do? What is a hinge
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When it comes to the difference between hinges and hinges, there are a few distinctions. In terms of appearance, hinges are a structure with a rotating shaft, while hinges are a rod structure that allows for translation and rotation. Hinges are used for intelligent rotation, while hinges can rotate and move in parallel. While hinges can replace hinges in many cases, it is important to note that hinges are typically used for inverted windows and large casement windows that require additional support.

The choice between hidden hinges and exposed hinges depends on factors such as the location of the door opening and the available space. However, in most cases, hidden hinges are preferred due to their aesthetic appeal. Both types of hinges have similar performance and do not affect the security or functionality of the door.

When it comes to wardrobe hinges, there are various types available, including ordinary hinges, spring hinges, hydraulic hinges, and door hinges. These hinges are suitable for different applications, such as cabinet doors, windows, partition doors, and gates. The choice of hinge depends on the specific requirements of the wardrobe, such as the thickness of the door and the desired degree of flexibility.

During the installation of wardrobe hinges, it is important to ensure that the hinges match the door and window frames and leaves. The connection method of the hinge should be suitable for the material of the frame and leaf. In addition, the axes of the hinges on the same leaf should be aligned to prevent any issues with the opening and closing of the door.

In summary, hinges are essential hardware that provide support for the rotation of doors, windows, and cabinets. They come in different types and designs, offering flexibility in terms of installation and functionality. The choice of hinge depends on the specific requirements of the application and the desired aesthetic appeal. Careful installation and alignment of hinges are important to ensure smooth operation and longevity of the doors and windows. Different brands offer hinges of varying quality, so it is important to do research and choose a reputable brand for reliable and durable hinges.

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