What should you pay attention to when choosing the hardware on the cabinet? Top ten wardrobe hardwar

What should be paid attention to when choosing the hardware on the cabinet

What should you pay attention to when choosing the hardware on the cabinet? Top ten wardrobe hardwar 1

Many people choose custom cabinets for kitchen decoration. This design is convenient for storage and organization. Custom cabinets must not only have good appearance, good boards, fine workmanship, but also hardware accessories, which directly affect the service life of the cabinets. Xiaomi asked about home furnishing A master who has been customizing for ten years, he summed up the strategy of choosing hardware accessories for me.

The main categories of cabinet hardware are: hinges, slide rails, pull baskets, handles, and struts. The selection of these accessories is mainly based on materials, specifications, brands, etc.

Hinge: also called hinge, is the most used and one of the most common accessories in cabinet hardware. It is used to connect the cabinet door and cabinet body, mainly for fixing and opening and closing. The quality of the hinge directly affects the normal use of the door panel.

When selecting, test the hinge to see the smoothness of opening and closing of the cabinet door and the quietness. Common hinges have two-point positioning and three-point positioning, which are detachable and are divided into buckle and base parts.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the hardware on the cabinet? Top ten wardrobe hardwar 2

Material: There are cold-rolled steel/stainless steel/alloy materials. Cold-rolled steel is common in the market. It is not easy to rust, durable, and has a strong load-bearing capacity. It is recommended to install a damper to help buffer the decompression and prolong the service life.

Slide rails: not only used in cabinets, but also a large number of furniture hardware accessories need slide rails. The quality of slide rails is related to the smoothness of drawer stretching, and even whether there is a danger of "derailment".

When selecting, choose guide rails with good performance, high precision, and not easy to deform. The slide rails are mainly divided into side slide rails, bottom rails, and horse riding pumps. Strong, the overall use of the riding pump is smooth and stable, and the load-bearing capacity is also better, but the price is relatively high.

Material: Alloy/cold-rolled steel material, the surface of this kind of accessories is smooth, the pull drawer feels smooth and soft, the sound is small, and the service life is long.

Basket: It is mainly used to place some pots and pans. It is necessary to choose materials with high waterproof performance. According to different purposes, it is divided into corner baskets, drawer baskets, high-deep baskets, etc. The size can be customized according to the depth of the cabinet.

When selecting, pay attention to the choice of corrosion resistance and good load-bearing capacity. Stainless steel is the best choice. The pull basket made of chrome-plated/painted material may rust in subsequent use. It is generally not recommended. In addition, the surface treatment of the welded part of the pull basket must be Smooth, no burr, avoid scratching people.

Handles: There are many styles of handles available in the market. According to the installation method, they are divided into three types: plug-in type, built-in type, and hidden type. There are various styles. When choosing, you can choose according to the overall design style.

Material: iron, metal ceramic, alloy, stainless steel and other materials, the handle is directly installed on the outside, so the problem of oil fume needs to be considered, it is recommended to choose a handle with a simple style and easy to clean.

Struts: Mainly used for upturned wall cabinets. Upturned wall cabinets have translation doors and oblique doors. The fixing method of oblique doors is more suitable for use. It can be fixed at will, and there is no limit to the height of the user.

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Top ten wardrobe hardware brands

Top ten wardrobe hardware brands:

Dilang, Yading, Laier Shidan, Yinjing, Huayida, Moen, Tianlang, Kohler, Huitailong, Yazhijie.

1. Dilang

Dilang Delong is one of the top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises in China, a leading brand in the hardware and bathroom industry, one of the top ten bathroom hardware brands, and Dilang Sanitary Ware Guangzhou Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Minbao Group.

2. Yading

Yatin is a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province, a high-tech enterprise, a famous brand in the industry, one of the top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises in China, and Zhejiang Yatin Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

3. Laier Shidan

Lair Shidan LARSD China sanitary ware famous brand products, top ten brands of sanitary hardware, Chinese green faucet, famous brand in the industry, Heshan City, Guangdong Province Andre Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

4. Silver crystal

One of the top ten brands of Yinjing bathroom hardware, a national standard-setting enterprise for decorative mirrors, is committed to providing consumers with cost-effective and high-quality products, Zhejiang Risheng Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

5. Huayida

Huayida HAVA is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, one of the top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises in China, engaged in the production and processing of clocks, crafts and other alloy products, Shenzhen Huayida Industrial Co., Ltd.

6. Moen

Moen began in the United States in 1937, one of the world's leading professional manufacturers of high-end faucets, kitchen sinks, and bathroom hardware accessories, Moen China Co., Ltd.

7. Tianlang

Tianlong Sino-Italian joint venture, one of the world's largest manufacturers of bathroom products, an enterprise dedicated to the design and production of bathroom and kitchen products, Zhejiang Tianlong Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

8. Kohler

Kohler was founded in 1873, a large multinational company, one of the oldest/largest family businesses in the United States, with a history of 100 years, the United States Kohler China Investment Co., Ltd.

9. Huitailong

Huitailong is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a famous trademark in Guangzhou, an excellent enterprise in the national building decoration materials industry, an influential brand in the industry, Huitailong Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

10. Yazhijie

Yazhijie ATGET bathroom hardware top ten brands, a famous brand, a professional company that develops, produces and sells hardware bathroom products, Guangzhou Yazhijie Decoration Hardware Co., Ltd.

What brand of wardrobe hardware is good? How to choose wardrobe hardware?

1. Which brand of wardrobe hardware is good: Blum, Hettich, KLC, HAFELE, GRASS, Dongtai DTC

2. Look at the weight of the material. The quality of the hinges is poor. After a long time, the cabinet door is easy to lean forward and close, loose and sag. Almost all the cabinet hardware of big brands use cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time. It feels thick and smooth. Moreover, due to the surface The coating is thick, so it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has a strong load-bearing capacity. Inferior hinges are generally welded by thin iron sheets, which have almost no resilience. After a long time, they will lose their elasticity, resulting in the door not being closed tightly. cracking.

3. Look: the front cover and the base of the good quality hinge are very thick, and the forging is fine, smooth and burr-free, and the strength is high. The poor hinge is forged rough, the forging surface is thin, and the strength is poor. Weigh: products of the same specification, if the quality It is relatively heavy, indicating that the product density is high, the material selected by the producer is relatively hard, and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

4. Check whether the brand is well-known. When choosing hardware, you must pay attention to distinguishing the brand. Dont easily believe that "German brand", "Italian brand", "American brand" and other guises made in foreign countries. High-quality hardware accessories are often sold at the factory. Before the product performance, we will do damage test, load-bearing test, switch test, etc.

5. Look at the details. The details can tell whether the product is good or not, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. The hardware used in high-quality wardrobe hardware feels thick and smooth, and even achieves a mute effect in design. Inferior hardware generally uses thin iron sheets It is made of cheap metal, and the cabinet door stretches jerky, and even has a harsh sound.

6. Experience the feel. Hinges with different advantages and disadvantages feel different when used. The hinges with excellent quality are softer when opening the cabinet door, and they will automatically rebound when they are closed to 15 degrees. The rebound force is very uniform. Open and close the cabinet door more to experience the hand feeling.

What brand of wardrobe hardware is good

The following brands of wardrobe hardware accessories are of better quality

1 Hettich (founded in Germany in 1888, the world's largest furniture hardware manufacturer, a world-renowned diversified group mainly in the furniture industry, Hettich Hardware Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

2 Dongtai DTC (Guangdong Famous Trademark, High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand, Provider of High-quality Home Hardware Accessories Leading the Market with Excellent Technology, Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group)

3 German Kaiwei Hardware was established in 1981. During its heyday in 2000, with strong production and perfect supporting services for thousands of ordinary and special slide rail hinges, it cooperated with international giants Hettich, Hfele, FGV, etc. OEM production and well-known in the industry, exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world

I want to make a wardrobe, but I dont know which brand of wardrobe hardware is good. Do you have any recommendations?

My home is also a new home decoration, and I am studying soft decoration. I went to a hypermarket for custom wardrobes last week. I saw a lot of brand stores, and I felt that the craftsmanship was not very good. I went to more than a dozen custom wardrobe stores, and finally decided on Higold. Higolds design details are better, it will not be bulky and ugly, and the craftsmanship is also very particular. How can I put it, the texture is different when you touch it. The price is a little higher, but it is apportioned to use I think it's a good deal for a few years or ten years

Which wardrobe hardware brands are better

1. Yajie Hardware (China Famous Trademark, Top Ten Bathroom Hardware Brands, Home Decoration Hardware) 2. Huitailong Hardware (China Famous Trademark, Top Ten Home Decoration Hardware Brands, Engineering Hardware, Sanitary Ware) 3. Bangpai Hardware (China Famous Brand Trademark, Top Ten Brands of Cabinet Hardware, Top Ten Brands of Wardrobe Hardware, King of Handles, Home Decoration Hardware) 4. Dinggu Hardware (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brands of Chinese Hardware Accessories, Furniture Hardware) 5. Tiannu Hardware (China Famous Brand Brand, Wardrobe Hardware Top Ten Brands, Engineering Hardware) 6. Yazhijie Hardware (Top Ten Brands of Bathroom Hardware, First-line Brands, Famous Chinese Bathroom Brands, Famous Brands in the Industry 7. Mingmen Hardware (Famous Chinese Brands, Famous Bathroom Hardware Accessories, Decoration Hardware) 8. Paramount Hardware (Chinese famous brand, top ten famous hardware accessories brands, hardware, bathroom) 9. Slico (Chinese famous brand, top ten hardware brands, hardware decoration) 10. Modern Hardware (Chinese famous brand , top ten brands of hardware, furniture hardware)

What brand is good for the hardware accessories on the sliding door of the large wardrobe

This year I finally put buying and selling on the agenda. When clients who bought a house came to me to view the house, they all praised my Sophia wardrobe that has been in my home for 10 years: "It is also very well maintained, especially the door hinges, clothing, etc. The guide rails of the sliding door and sliding door are still strong and smooth after so many years of use. The clothes in my wardrobe have been used for less than 5 years, and they have been deformed. Every time I hang clothes, I am afraid that they will loosen and fall off, and I dare not hang too heavy clothes. ."

When it comes to hardware, my best friends closet is similar to this customers. It became loose and deformed in less than three years. I dare not hang up the clothes. The clothes can only be stacked, which is very inconvenient to take. My best friend is already unable to complain. up.

appalling home

Wardrobe hardware is really important. When customizing, don't just focus on the environmental protection and appearance design of the board. How to choose door hinges and clothing? Which hardware brands are worth recommending? Choose after reading this article in detail, the wardrobe can be used for another 30 years!

Sophia Custom Products

1. Analysis of hardware brands

The hardware brands on the market are mainly divided into imported and domestic, and we will analyze how to choose for you.

Imported hardware: Hettich from Germany, Blum from Austria, Casebaumer from Germany (focusing on functional hardware for cabinets), Hfele from Germany (complete product line), etc. Among them, Hettich and Blum are like Oupai and Shangpin. There are more cooperations with large customized brands, but the price is also more expensive.

Domestic hardware: Sophia SOGAL, Higold, Dongtai, Dinggu, Diyunfu, Tiannu, Modern, etc. Compared with imported hardware, the price of domestic hardware is lower, but good and bad are mixed, so you need to choose carefully.

Sophia Hardware Products

It is recommended that you choose the Sofia SOGAL hardware brand. In addition to custom-made plates, it even produces its own hardware. The reason why it is recommended is that its hardware is cost-effective, and it has been exported to Europe for 15 years. It has always been strict in export standards Production and better quality. When I ordered the wardrobe, SOGAL was engraved on every piece of hardware. The experience is good.

Let's use its wardrobe door hinges, clothes hangers, guide rails and other hardware to give you an example of how to choose and buy.

Two, wardrobe selection points

1. Key points for door hinge selection

Sofia door hinge

Key points: Is it with damping? Is the surface smooth? Glitch free? Is it electroplated nickel coating? Is there a strict switch times test? You cant go wrong when choosing door hinges based on these points. For example, SOGALs door hinges are made of SPCC cold-rolled steel, and the surface is nickel-plated. It is smooth and thick. OK, great.

2. Key points for purchasing Yitong

Sophia Yitong

There are many kinds of materials for the jacket on the market: stainless steel jacket, aluminum alloy jacket, space aluminum jacket, solid wood jacket, etc. It is recommended to choose aluminum alloy jacket, the material is low in weight, and the load-bearing wall is best equipped with anti-slip and silent rubber strips. Like SOGAL The Yitong is made of high-hardness high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has high hardness and good wear resistance. It is not easy to deform after long-term use. 1 meter of Yitong can bear 80 catties for an hour and resist bending. It is really powerful. And Yitong It is also equipped with a silent anti-slip rubber strip, and sliding the hanger is also very smooth without harsh noise.

Sophia Yitong


The load-bearing capacity of Yitong is also related to the nail-holding force of the board. It is recommended to choose a board with good nail-holding strength. The nails and Yitong brackets on Yitong are not easy to fall off, and they are very stable and durable.

3. Key points for purchasing other hardware of the wardrobe

Other hardware, such as drawer guides and sliding door guides are also important.

Sophia drawer guides

Key points for choosing drawer rails: Is it smooth to push and pull? Is the track material, thickness and weight smooth and shiny? Has it been tested for push and pull times?

Sophia sliding door guide

Sliding door guide rail selection points:

Is the track muted? Is the push and pull smooth without wobbling? Has it been tested for push and pull times?

When purchasing, focus on these points. SOGALs drawer guide rails are made of carbon steel, and the sliding door guide rails are made of aluminum alloy. The surface is smooth and delicate, and it has good corrosion resistance. More than 10,000 times. The key is that all hardware is guaranteed for 5 years and life-long maintenance. It is really a conscientious enterprise.

Without certain hard power, how can Sophia Slogan hardware export to Europe for 15 years? It must be superior in product quality, cost performance, and process design. The home is being decorated, and the hardware is from the Slogan brand. My family uses this brand of wardrobe.

Want to buy cabinet hardware, do you have any recommendations?

Introduction: Everyone needs to buy furniture after decoration, so when you want to buy cabinet hardware, do you have any recommendations? Next follow me to find out.

1. Cabinet hardware

In normal times, people are more formal about the choice of furniture, so when choosing cabinet hardware, you also need to pay attention to the matching of hardware accessories and some decoration styles of your cabinets. At this time, its quality also needs to be considered. So we determine its quantity according to the frequency of use, so we have to choose quality, cost-effectiveness, and color. When we choose hardware, we first need to look at some of its configurations, so we can choose Opies cabinets, which are also very good, and it The hardware has some detailed introductions, and some of the functions in it are also relatively large. We know that there are drawers and cabinets in the cabinet, and some details in it are not noticed by people, so we have to choose good quality and use time. It is longer and the color is better, which requires people to prepare.

Second, choose the appropriate

First of all, let's look at the hardware. We can choose the color that matches the kitchen. The second is to look at the material, so it is generally better to choose solid wood or some better materials, and then we choose Some workmanship, when the workmanship is relatively fine, we'd better choose some simple and generous ones, which will look better, so at this time you can see how their service quality is, when they come to the door or have other services and after-sales , to ensure that we can buy such hardware with better quality. The next thing we need to know is its brand. We know that many big-name cabinets are better now, and Dongfangbang and Taixinya are better. Brands such as Pai Haier are relatively good, and they are big brands worth guaranteeing. Through these brands, we can choose one by one, and we can always choose some cabinet hardware that suits our home.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good Wardrobe hinge selection matters

Hinges are widely used in cabinets, but they play a very important role in wardrobes. They provide a buffer function when the wardrobe doors are closed, reducing noise and friction. However, the hinges of the wardrobe should also pay attention to the brand, because if the brand of the wardrobe hinge is not good , then the wardrobe hinges we choose are not good. So what brand of wardrobe hinges is good, and what about wardrobe hinges? If large

Hinges are widely used in cabinets, but they play a very important role in wardrobes. They provide a buffer function when the wardrobe doors are closed, reducing noise and friction. However, the hinges of the wardrobe should also pay attention to the brand, because if the brand of the wardrobe hinge is not good , then the wardrobe hinge we purchased is not good. So what brand of wardrobe hinge is good, and what are the wardrobe hinge purchase items? If you are interested, lets take a look at the details.

What brand of wardrobe hinge is good:

1. Blum

Blum Furniture Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the top 10 brands of hardware accessories, started in Austria in 1952. It is one of the world-renowned manufacturers of furniture hardware accessories, a leading brand of cabinet furniture hardware accessories, and has great influence in the hardware accessories industry. One of the well-known brands of strength and competitive strength. Blum China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Austrian Unisys Blum Co., Ltd. The parent company provides high-quality hardware accessories for domestic high-quality furniture production. Blum China is mainly responsible for Propagate and promote the concept of Blum Company in China, establish and expand the sales of Blum products. Blum China Headquarters and its logistics base are located in Shanghai, China's economic and financial base, and in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenyang , Ningbo and Qingdao respectively set up branch offices.

2. Hettich

Hettich was founded in 1888 in the Black Forest of Germany. The founder was Karl Hettich. It started out as a small company producing cuckoo clock parts. A new company was established in the east of Westphalia, the base of cabinet industry manufacturing. Since 1966, the company headquarters has been moved to Kirchlengern. Until today, Hettich is still a family company. As the largest furniture in the world One of the hardware manufacturers, more than 6,000 Hettich employees are making unremitting efforts to challenge faster and smarter furniture accessories technology every day. This is the birthplace of our furniture accessories, and continues to influence and shape Future furniture hardware skills.

3. Dongtai DTC

Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group is a company that integrates R&D and manufacturing, specializing in providing door hinges, powder spraying slide rails, ball bearings for kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, overall custom wardrobe furniture, office furniture and real estate developers. A modern group company of slide rails, hidden slide rails, luxury drawer systems and disassembly equipment. Dongtai company has strong advantages in patent technology, manufacturing strength, quality management, brand promotion and sales channels, etc.: the company has a professional Dongtais research and development team, Dongtais technology management base was awarded the title of furniture hardware engineering technology research and development base by the government Youjia. Every year, it independently develops a large number of products with novel functions and patent protection, which has won the recognition and support of partners. At the same time, The company has become a national high-tech company and a winner of the Government Quality Award for Professional Excellence.


Hfele was established in Nagold, Germany in 1923. Under the management of its original owners, Hfele and Serger, it has developed from a local hardware franchise company to an internationally renowned multinational company. Now , the Hfele Hardware Group is managed by three generations of the Hfele and Serge families.


Grenaise (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., top 10 hinge brands, top 10 hardware brands, started in Austria in 1947, the world's leading professional manufacturer of furniture movement systems, and one of the world's largest high-quality hardware suppliers , to provide high-quality products such as creative and high-tech art to customers around the world.

Wardrobe hinge selection matters:

1. Look at the weight of the material

The quality of the hinges is poor, and the cabinet door is easy to lean forward and backward after being used for a long time, loose and sagging. Almost all the cabinet hardware of big brands are made of cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time. , strong and durable, with strong load-bearing ability, and defective hinges are usually welded by thin iron sheets, which have almost no resilience, and will lose their expansion and contraction after a long time of use, resulting in the door not closing tightly, or even cracking.

2. Look at the details

The details can tell whether the product is very good, and then confirm whether the quality is top-notch. The hardware used in good wardrobe hardware feels solid, smooth in appearance, and even achieves a quiet effect in design. Inferior hardware usually uses thin iron sheets It is made of cheap metal, and the cabinet door is stretched jerky, and there is even a sharp sound.

3. Experience the feel

Hinges with different quality have different hand feeling when used. High-quality hinges are softer when the cabinet door is opened, and will automatically rebound when it is closed to 15 degrees, and the rebound force is very uniform. Consumers can switch cabinets more when purchasing. The door, experience the feel.

About what brand of wardrobe hinge is good and the specific situation of wardrobe hinge purchase, I will tell you here today. Here, I still want to remind you that wardrobe is an indispensable storage thing in daily life. When purchasing a wardrobe, the hardware inside is very important, including hinges, which are the brackets of the wardrobe, supporting the switches of the entire wardrobe, so that the hinges of the wardrobe are relatively complete.

Tallsen always sticks to our tenet of "quality comes first" by focusing on the quality control, service improvement, and fast response.

Tallsen is a key player in the domestic industry with main products like . It has built its good image in the world.Our cooperate tenet is .

Wardrobe Storage Hardware

is a quality-reliable and affordable product with good sealing and corrosion resistance. It is widely applicable to residential buildings and commercial buildings, such as luxury villas, residential areas, tourist resorts, parks, hotels, stadiums, museums, and other places.

At Tallsen, it is our skilled workers, advanced technology, and systematic management system that contribute to sustainable growth.

Leading R&D level: Our industry-leading R&D level has been achieved through continuous research and technological development, as well as by unleashing the creativity of our designers.

Our are equipped with new generations of spare parts, and is processed with latest technology. Based on this, the performance and function of our products can be enhanced to obtain more customers' love.

For over years, we have been conducting the business of so that we have gathered rich customer cases and can offer various design services to satisfy customers' needs.

If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, you will be guaranteed to get 100% refund.

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