Why is it hard to find aluminum frame hinges in the market? _Industry dynamics_Tallsen

In recent years, many customers have reported difficulties in purchasing aluminum frame hinges from the market. The main reason behind this issue is the rapid rise in the price of alloy materials since 2005. The cost has increased from more than 10,000 yuan to over 30,000 yuan. This significant price hike has raised concerns among manufacturers who fear potential losses if the price of raw materials declines after the production of aluminum frame hinges.

Currently, although the material cost of aluminum frame hinges is relatively stable, the price remains high. Furthermore, the demand for these hinges isn't very large, which leads many manufacturers to opt out of producing them. However, despite the challenges faced by manufacturers, aluminum frame hinges offer several impressive characteristics that make them highly desirable for customers.

Firstly, these hinges come equipped with a self-closing system and built-in damper, ensuring that cabinet doors can be closed silently. The inclusion of this feature not only protects the furniture but also enhances its lifespan. Additionally, the hinge cup is a fully automatic one-time stamping and forming hinge accessory. This means that both the appearance and functionality of the hinge are satisfactory. The use of a six-piece spring chain rod and a hinge body material thickness of 1.1MM further strengthen the hinge's performance. Even when burdened with a 20 kg load-bearing cabinet door, the hinge operates effortlessly, eliminating the risk of easy falls and damages that are commonly associated with general hinges.

Why is it hard to find aluminum frame hinges in the market? _Industry dynamics_Tallsen

Another noteworthy characteristic of these hinges is the perfect hydraulic damping system with which they are equipped. This system creates resistance when the cabinet door is being closed, allowing it to be tightly sealed by spring tension. As a result, the cabinet door no longer makes the annoying ping-pong sound when closing, but instead smoothly and silently adds to the harmony of the living space. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals living in noisy environments, as it helps create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in their homes.

At our company, we have always emphasized offering exquisite and superior customer service. This commitment to exceptional service has significantly contributed to our improving position in the market, as evidenced by the growing number of international orders we receive. Tallsen is dedicated to integrating the design, production, sales, and service of high-quality hinges. We ensure that our customers have a highly satisfactory experience by delivering products that have undergone numerous certifications, guaranteeing their reliability and performance.

In conclusion, the difficulty in obtaining aluminum frame hinges stems from the rise in the price of alloy materials, which has led many manufacturers to avoid their production. However, these hinges possess several advantageous characteristics, such as self-closing systems, built-in dampers, and hydraulic damping systems, making them highly desirable for customers. Despite the challenges faced by manufacturers, our company remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and certification.

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