Why is there no external damping hinge on the market now_Industry News_Tallsen

In the hardware market, it has become increasingly challenging to find external damping hinges. This phenomenon can be attributed to various factors and customer preferences. Let us delve into a customer's purchasing experience to understand the underlying reasons behind this shift.

Mary Ma, a hardware supplier, recalls that approximately 12 years ago, they used to ship external damping hinges to American customers. These hinges were designed to imitate the popular Blum style. However, due to unstable quality, they had to meticulously select each batch of hinges, leading to numerous defective items. This created a hassle for both the supplier and the customers. As a result, Mary Ma decided to explore alternative options.

In 2012, she discovered built-in damping hinges from different manufacturers. After conducting thorough sample testing, she found that these hinges provided the desired stability and performance. Starting from 2013, Mary Ma's company switched entirely to using built-in damping hinges, eliminating the worries associated with external hinges. This experience is not unique to Mary Ma, as many others in the industry have also turned to built-in damping hinges.

Why is there no external damping hinge on the market now_Industry News_Tallsen

The preference for built-in damping hinges stems from several reasons. Firstly, external hinges do not have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They can look bulky and disrupt the overall design of furniture or cabinets. In contrast, built-in damping hinges are hidden within the structure, maintaining a sleek and seamless look.

Secondly, the structural limitations of external hinges prevent them from providing built-in softness or dampening capabilities. On the other hand, built-in damping hinges are purposely designed to offer smooth and controlled movement, enhancing the usability and user experience.

Within the category of built-in damping hinges, there are two types: those with damping built into the hinge cup and those with damping built into the hinge arm. Mipla and Salice were the first prominent manufacturers to introduce built-in damping in the hinge cup. However, their market presence in China is relatively limited due to marketing and pricing issues.

The Chinese market witnessed the influx of a plethora of built-in hydraulic hinges in the hinge arm category. This flood of options prompted even Blum, a renowned hinge manufacturer, to develop a new generation of cup built-in dampers. Blum's hinges not only incorporated damping technology but also introduced a control button, allowing users to choose between damped and non-damped options. This multiplicity of functions, combined with effective brand promotion, enticed high-end Chinese furniture and cabinet manufacturers to adopt Blum's new style, thus revolutionizing the Chinese furniture hinge industry.

The competition between hinges with damping in the cup and damping in the arm hinges is characterized by factors like performance, price, novelty, and time. Which type of hinge will ultimately prevail depends on the evolution of these factors and the changing preferences of customers.

Why is there no external damping hinge on the market now_Industry News_Tallsen

Tallsen, a reputable hardware company, adheres to the principle of "quality comes first." They prioritize stringent quality control, service improvement, and prompt response to customer needs. With their ongoing product line expansion and continuous improvement, Tallsen has successfully captured the attention of international customers and is expanding its presence in the global market.

Tallsen's success can be attributed to its skilled workforce, advanced technology, and systematic management system, which contribute to its sustainable growth. The company boasts an industry-leading research and development capability achieved through continuous innovation and the creative contributions of their designers.

Tallsen's lighting products are meticulously crafted using pressing, burnishing, and polishing techniques. The lamp bodies exhibit exquisite and smooth finishes, while the bulbs are robust and wear-resistant. These products have a long lifespan and find applications in various industries such as machine tools, marine vessels, automobiles, aerospace equipment, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, and construction machinery.

With years of experience in the research, development, and manufacture of medical equipment, Tallsen has established itself as an esteemed player in the industry. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation.

In terms of returns and exchanges, Tallsen has a policy in place. They only accept merchandise for return if it is defective. In such cases, the defective items can be replaced, subject to availability, or refunded as per the buyer's discretion.

In conclusion, the hardware market's shift away from external damping hinges can be attributed to factors such as aesthetics, performance limitations, and advancements in built-in damping technology. Tallsen's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has propelled their growth in the market, enabling them to cater to a diverse range of industries.

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